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Bituin Luna
The Heir of Luna
Age 16
Birthday June 31
Nationality Filipino
Ethnicity Unknown
Accent Filipino
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Sexuality Demi-Heterosexual
Roleplayer MerisaMist

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Bituin Luna
The Heir of Luna
Species Human/Witch
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Model Malia Tyler
Height 5'8
Weight "Excuse me?"

Credit to Emma for the base coding.

Bituin Luna
The Heir of Luna
House Hufflepuff
Year/Occupation Sixth
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Patronus Wolf
Boggart Being on Stage
Affiliation ARMP, Herself, House of Luna, Hogwarts

Credit to Emma for the base coding.



Bituin Luna. Heir of the House of Luna. The broken. The girl who is healing. The singer. All of this is true for the young ARMP noble.


Bituin: Means Star

Doesn't Have One

Luna: Means the moon


While the first sign of magic within the Filipino thousands of years ago hasn't been pinpointed quite yet, it is true that the Autonomous Region of Magical Philippines has risen together with the great Kingdom of Namayan. The ARMP had no name in the past since it was one with Namayan.

For years, the Magicals and the Muggles lived in harmony, no prejudice and no discrimination. Of course, there are some groups that wanted the Magicals to separate from the Muggles but they were scarce and were merely a small nuisance. The Magicals helped the Muggles in more difficult work and the Muggles gave the Magicals a sense of purpose. They all thought it would last forever and nothing could disrupt the peace. Until the Spaniards came.

The Spaniards didn't like the idea of people using magic and strove hard to separate the 'normal' from the 'abnormal'. People possessing magic or showing that they possessed magic were hunted down and were executed. Some were smart enough to hide their magical abilities while the others fled to remote areas and islands. The Muggles helped the ones who hid their abilities to hide and kept the location of the remote areas and islands from the Spaniards.

Years pass by, the Muggles slowly forgot about their friendship and alliance with the Magicals due to little to no contact. The newer generations were taught that Magic was evil and was abnormal which lead to the Magicals completely separating from the Muggles. While the Muggles were under Spain, the Magicals thrived and grew, watching helplessly as the Muggles were tortured colonial master after colonial master. As a way of coping with the loss of their friendship, the ARMP mirrored the cultural progression of Muggle Philippines, albeit with their own magical touches.

They still kept the monarchy intact. However, they had changed the surname to del Castillo and had turned into a patriarchy, which didn't please most of the citizens.

Several centuries and generations later, the ARMP has become an isolated region, its government keeping to itself and lying low as possible while making its economy flourish. It's been known to most of the Wizarding World as a very shady government and some trying to get some information on it but is rebuffed every single time. They don't join international events even if they are qualified and during wars, they stay neutral and keeps their citizens close.

Now, the ruling monarch is King Alejandro with his wife, Queen Marisol. The current heir to the throne is Prince Martin. Several of the Noble Houses has grown bigger while others have grown smaller or extinct. Some members of the Noble House of Iglesias has moved to the United Kingdom, still under the protection of the Crown.

Soon after, the House of Luna sent their daughter, Bituin, to the United Kingdom, to 'learn more about the worlds cultures'. In reality, they couldn't bare having their daughter hear their constant disagreements. After all, they're pretty close to getting a divorce.

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I, Bituin Luna, was born on June 31, 2010. My parents loved each other, at the time. I grew up with parents who clearly loved each other and an older brother named Vincent. Don't ask me what my parents were thinking. My first sign of magic was when I was angry. A glass shattered by itself. Anyways, we were happy. That was...until that fateful day.

My brother and father were having a fight. It was becoming a norm when I was eight years old. My brother stormed out of the house and never returned. Life moved on. I would sit fatefully by the window on my free time, waiting for him to return. He came back not the way I expected.

He crashed his car right outside our home. He died. That's just the beginning of my family's downward spiral. My parents slowly but surely started to fall out of love. Bringing me to the introduction of my family. Yes. I was sent to the UK just recently. Hopefully, everything will turn out alright.


Bituin is like an avenging angel. Ready with quips if anyone insults her or her family. She is actually very sweet though if you don't. She is the kind of person who smiles all of the time but 99.9% of the time it doesn't even reach her eyes. She's kind of broken but she's trying to glue herself back together. She is naturally a social person and will be the one throwing parties or balls. She loves seeing people smile.





Even though having a relationship would be nice, she doesn't exactly want one right now. After all the drama that's going on in her family...


Bituin is the spitting image of her mother.


She loves her parents a great deal. She just can't seem to get why they would suddenly hate each other. Why would they send her away?

Bituin was very close to her brother. So, it hurt her personally when he left. And then he had to go and die.


Animagus Not one.
Amortentia Mangoes, Lavender, and Chocolate
Mental Resistance High potential in Occlumency
Wandless Magic Pretty good

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