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blær lýðursdóttir is an icelandic-korean pure-blood witch and hufflepuff alumni.

●● updates

moved to england
transferred to hogwarts in her fifth year
met freddie along the way
graduated from hogwarts
met someone new, made an embarrassment out of herself
dating him now, actually

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●● basic information

Full Name ||

Blær Elisabeth Lýðursdóttir
Song Yeoreum | 송여름

Meaning Behind Name ||

Blær — Her first name. Of Icelandic origins, it means light breeze.
Elisabeth — Her middle name. The Icelandic form of the English name Elizabeth, it means my God is an oath.
Lýðursdóttir — Her patronymic. Like every other Icelander, Blær does not have a surname, but a patronymic. Lýðursdóttir simply means Lýður's daughter - indicating that she is her father Lýður's daughter.
Song Yeoreum | 송여름 — Her Korean name, given to her by her mother. The surname Song (송) is of Sino-Korean origins, referring to China's Song Dynasty. The first name Yeoreum (여름) means summer. Although Blær was born in the winter, her mother remarked that her rosy cheeks and energy in her first days meant that 'she should've been born in the summer' - leading to the usage of Yeoreum as her Korean name.

Nicknames ||


Age ||


Birthday ||

20th of December, 2020

Assigned Sex ||


Gender Identity ||


Sexual Orientation ||


Romantic Orientation ||


Nationality ||


Ethnicity ||

Icelandic and Korean

Species ||

Human (Witch)

Birthplace ||

Egilsstaðir, Iceland

Hometown ||

Egilsstaðir, Iceland

Accent ||


Marital Status ||

●● physical info
To her, her best feature are her eyes.

Hair ||

Long and black

Eyes ||

Dark brown and double eyelids

Skin ||

Smooth, clear, and pale

Height ||

5'5 | 168 cm

Body Frame ||


Tattoos ||


Piercings ||

She has her ears pierced.

Dominant hand ||


Voice ||


Scent ||

Night-blooming Jasmine, Blue Violet, Sheer Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Soft Musk

Face Claim ||

Bae Su-ji [Suzy]

●● magical info

Blood Status ||


Magical Education ||

Durmstrang [1st-4th]
Hogwarts | Hufflepuff [5th-7th]

Year ||


Wand ||

Acacia and Unicorn feather, Nine Inches

Boggart ||


Patronus ||

Dog | Icelandic Sheepdog

Amortentia ||

Rain, Cashmere, and Old Books

Exotic? ||

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●● personality

Likes ||


Dislikes ||


Loves ||


Loathes ||


Passions ||


Blær is a quiet, unassuming person that prefers to keep to herself. She finds herself too awkward to nurture most relationships, so she makes the most of her quietness by observing others. Many have approached blær with snide marks, asking the annoying question of "why are you so quiet?" Blær cannot give a definite answer, and her comfortability in her status as the 'quiet one' far exceeds any taunting from ignorant peers.

Most of her time is spent looking upon others. Blær likes hearing about what others are doing. If interesting words find themselves beckoning at her ears, she cannot help but to listen in. She derives excitement and joy from hearing about another's recent trip to France or how well their first date went. Empathy and sadness derive too from experiences others have told in conversations she was never meant to be apart of. Her heart reaches out to those who struggle and those who cannot find it in them to be the best versions of themselves. Her memories are filled with long winding conversations and secrets that can destroy a reputation or two.

Blær doesn't think about all that. even with horror stories and ugly lies being heard throughout her everyday life, she prefers to keep herself out of trouble. Her head is kept perpetually down out of fear that they will only disrupt the harmonious social climate of today. Her heart also feels that everyone deserves their second chance. It is this kindly heart that has Blær helping out everyone in any small way that she could. She never says a word nor takes any credit, but blær is all too happy to see others flourish.

blær is also the owner of an imaginative mind from years of solitude and observation. her mind are filled with endless fantasies to lose herself in. she fantazies especially about relationships and exploring, about knowing another person inside out and seeing the great wide world around them. her mind is an endless web of wishes strung to their corresponding pretty pictures in blær's head. one day, she tell herself, one day. yet at the same time, blær feels that they are held back by her personality. fear and doubt are what keep blær in place for now.

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●● history

Lýður Eðvaldsson and Alice Song sealed the promise of a date between identical mugs of black coffee. Among the beautiful scenery of the northern lights, midnight conversations and the way Alice's hair blew in the wind had Lýður thinking that he wouldn't mind any more. They were laughing over the way that Alice wrote the letter þ when he told her that he'll help her if she stayed with him for a few more dates. Alice said yes with the happiest of smiles on her pretty face.

lýður thought it was so cute when alice rubbed her sleepy eyes and asked for a cuddle because the weather was too damn cold to sleep alone. alice thought it was so cute how lýður's place was riddled with notebooks everywhere because his active imagination would not let him rest for even one second. his sappy love notes and pretty poems aligned perfectly with the way she would gently hold his hand or snuggle into him from behind. they fit together so perfectly. her engagement ring shone brighter than any of the stars they had went out to gaze at. and fuck the stars, thought lýður. her promise was enough for him.

there was bright smiles on the day they got married. tears came out of lýður's eyes when he saw alice in her wedding hanbok. alice cried once she heard the beautiful poetry that was lýður's wedding vows. their wedding was the most spectacular of festivals, and under the cover of the night stars they danced and laughed until they could only smile at each other from happiness. their marriage home was to be a colorfully red farmhouse against the backdrop of the icelandic countryside. there, the pair started their quiet lives together.

lýður marked the twentieth of december in his journal as 'blær elisabeth lýðursdóttir / 4:23 - 7.2 oz'. she echoed of softness, and with her fluttering eyelids and small hands, her parents quickly fell in love. gentle touches embodied their behavior whenever they went to go feed or change her. lýður began another one of his journals to document every change. the first time she smiled, the first time she laughed, and her first steps on her first birthday. pictures captured other moments too. a hug from mamma, laughter with pabbi. the photos and journals painted together a perfect picture of familiar life. it was a happy one, and the three completed their farmhouse perfectly.

they thought it was a little sickness, that's all. alice had laughed while sneezing and had told everyone to prepare to wear face masks around her. sneezes and coughs turned into full on coughing fits and then alice couldn't get out of bed anymore. weeks turned into months with no end to the symptoms. her usual cheerful attitude and bright smiles didn't deter lýður from worrying. the magical hospital in reyjavik became her new home five months in. blær was delighted with the city. lýður hated every second of it. winter set in and with it alice's hands seemed to grow as cold as a landscape she had made her home. everyone knew. in early april, she passed away with a serene smile taking her away. blær was three.

the house stood still after that.

bryndís ísadórudóttir quietly tiptoed into their lives. soon, they added three half-siblings to blær's life: embla, sigurvin, and kristbjörg.

blær's later childhood was characterized by a certain streak of loneliness. her siblings were too young to play, and her parents were more focused on adult things to keep on giving her the attention she desired. she never held it against them. the girl had a huge imagination and a huge backyard to make it come alive. even when blær was shut up in the house for winter, she never lacked for anything to do. she was a good girl, helping with the dishes and to mind her younger siblings. there were plenty of crayon paintings to create and plenty of writing to do and plenty of books. she was always entertained. her school life was much less active.

her first magical experiences were as quiet as her. she was seven years old and unaware of what she was really doing. like most things, it slips past her.little flicks here and there that the normal eye would be able to ignore. the drawers of her dressers slightly opening. her velvet bunny levitating a bit. the curtains rushing together suddenly. the way the sole creaky step fell silent whenever blær sneaked off to the kitchen to swipe a cookie. although many of these moments went unnoticed, some were visible by the right kind of person. there would be small smiles and knowing glances by the other people in her household, and they quietly began to prepare for blær's eventual departure to durmstrang.

at the age of eleven, blær left iceland to begin her magical education in durmstrang. it was a faraway and scary place that seemed to make blær smaller than she already was. the school daunted her. it shut her away into herself, and for the first year she walked the hallways alone.

blær couldn't help but be surprised every time she went home. her siblings seem to grow more and more. she could swear that they were all babies and toddlers the last time that she saw them. and their mother didn't let this growth over the years go unnoticed. bryndís' school experiences at durmstrang were enough for her to declare that her children would never go there. over the years and vacations, blær got bits and pieces of conversations about new places and other schools. france, maybe? or would america be too faraway? canada seems nice too. as embla neared eleven, the conversations grew louder and with more frequency. during fifth year's winter break, bryndís and lýður announced that they were moving to england in the summer. the move was complicated and took several weeks, but they were settled in a quiet town in york by the end of july.

blær's fifth year passed very much like her years at durmstrang.

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