Black Estate

Ferlen's Room

Black Estate Ferlen's Room

The bedroom is sort of a wreck though it looks more like it was ransacked and everything looked through at one time more than like it was generally kept this way. Some of the clothes out on the floor are Hufflepuff robes in a style worn decades ago at Hogwarts. There's a Slytherin crest hung prominently on the wall but all around it posters of bands and quidditch teams popular forty years ago are hung. There's a large bookshelf stuffed with textbooks and other books used for school and research. There's also a small desk with tons of notes and research on a wide variety of magical topics most of which are very in depth or were innovative at the time. The wallpaper and decorations are clearly from another decade and despite the dark coloring the bright lights still make it feel comfortable somehow. Overall the room feels like somewhere someone lived and spent a lot of their time before having left quickly and it being completely overturned in the aftermath.



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