Black Basement


Huge, bright, and warehouse-style, this basement is ideal for plenty of storage, completely uninterrupted work, and many an experiment....



Ferlen - Alistair Fitzgerald's Senior Undersecretary
Send Me an Owl! - 18:03, January 19, 2016 (UTC)
He'd walk down the stairs and look around. It had been years since he'd been down here...but now Rose was getting older and sooner or later she'd start exploring. Teresa had assured him anything dark had been destroyed...but being a careful parent meant checking. With the hold it had had over her, he suspected even if it wasn't here, some remnant of her work was...somewhere. He'd have to do a more through check later. For now he contented himself with checking through the boxes and books, looking for anything obvious. He'd find some of Teresa's journals and research notes, and pack them up into a separate box. He didn't have time to look through them now, but at some future point Rose might want to at least see what her mother wrote...get an idea of who she was. As long as they weren't tainted with her mother's darkness...Ferlen had no problem with that. After he'd checked everything thoroughly, he'd stack everything neatly and head back upstairs, locking the door and putting a spell on it so that the door would vanish behind an illusion. No reason to take chances until he'd had time to make sure everything was safe...and until we was ready for Rose to know.
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