the queen of cups.

Blair Williams née Von der Lusze
Blood Status
Pure Blood
Human, Witch
This character is roleplayed by SoA.

Blair Williams is a fashion designer and matriarch of the Williams family.



Blair Von der Lusze was born to a pureblood couple, who were renowned models in the wizarding world. Her first sign of magic was destroying a mannequin by accidentally setting it on fire. Blair was soon sent to Hogwarts where she was sorted in Slytherin house. She decided from a young age it would be her ambition to become a great fashion designer.

After graduation, she met a pure-blooded lawyer that went by the name Nicholas Collins. They met in court, with the latter as the former's lawyer when someone decided to sue the fashion designer for stealing their designs. Blair's side came victorious, and in the celebration of it, the pair informally met and a friendship began to flourish. Around the time David was born did Blair and Nicholas get married. About a year afterwards, their firstborn was born - Emiline Collins.

After two decades of marriage more or less, Aileen and Miles' marriage collapsed. It was sudden, and nobody expected it, but it happened. As for the Collins' marriage... it lasted almost as long as Miles and Aileen's did, though everyone could see and had fully expected it to fail. A few years in, Blair and Nicholas just... lost their connection, and it reflected in the way they acted around each other - distant, snappy, and always leading to arguments. The final blow to the marriage was when Blair decided to continue her line of work in London, England, where she believed her work would be more successful. It was during one of her visits to London, looking for a home, that she met Miles Williams.

Blair and Miles really hit it off, the pair flirting more often than not. One thing led to another, and they began to date. Shortly after, it came to light that it had led to Blair's first pregnancy since her youngest - Ruby - was born, almost a decade beforehand. Doing what was considered right, Miles waited a little before proposing to her. Their wedding happened just a few short months later and, after gaining the custody of his kids, dragged them into his new shared house with Blair, who in turn brought her own kids with her. It was here that the feud started, both sides of the family seeing how different they were to each other. While Aileen and Miles' kids were sportier, and didn't mind playing rough and dirty, Blair and Nicholas' kids did mind. They were much, much classier, which led to more clashing than getting along.

Blair is quite regal. She's very above-it-all, as she has always been handed whatever she wanted on a silver platter. Her kids take after her in that sort of blasé nature. She's excellent at convincing you to do things for her, or that she's correct. Blair can be extremely shrewd, and is known for being a cutthroat businesswoman. INTJ


friends, acquaintances and enemies



*Blair's Patronus is a Swan
  • Her model is Lana del Rey
  • Her wand is 12", Ebony, Phoenix Feather

Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Heterosexual
Relationship Status Married
Pets None yet
Favourite Songs Honeymoon by Lana del Rey
Donatella by Lady Gaga
Favourite Colours Scarlet
Favourite Sweet -
Most Treasured Possession -
Where to Find Them


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