• SocialCasualty

    Poet's Post/Volume 1

    February 5, 2019 by SocialCasualty
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  • Notmyresident

    There isn't necessarily an issue with discipline at Hogwarts on the wiki that should be addressed in this blog, but we don't have any concrete outline on the wiki as to who can carry out which type of discipline. The below outline, which will be posted on the applicable category pages, is taken heavily from this page, with one major change made so that it flows more with the increase in responsibility from position to position - that being that the ability to give detentions has moved from prefects to non-professor employees of Hogwarts, such as healers and caretakers.

    The outline has been approved by Brocky, the headmaster.
    • Prefects can:
      • dock house points from every student except other prefects and head students
    • Head students can:
      • dock house po…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    So What'd I Miss?

    February 1, 2019 by Ckohrs0221

    Yes, I might be directly taking things from Hamilton. Sue me, I love the show.

    Anyway, maybe it was six months away... maybe it was six straight days of snow and cold in the midwest that left me without school and next to nothing to do... maybe it was missing out on so many RL and IC relationships that I'd cultivated over four and a half years... maybe it was having a creative itch that couldn't get scratched any other way.

    Whatever it was... I missed you guys, and the wiki and the unique creative outlet it presents. So I approached Bond and the two of us started RPing in my sandbox (if at this point you've stopped reading because you went directly to my old sandbox to read... promise me you'll come back and finish the blog? Cool.) We did so…

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  • IconicUsername

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  • TimeForTheTea


    January 11, 2019 by TimeForTheTea

    The councils are a group of half breeds that are an administrative council for the half breeds within the precinct and act as an intermediate between those inside and the Ministry of Magic. Essentially, their role is to carry out the Ministry polices and decrees within the precinct.

    However, they can raise funds for the different services in the precinct. Such as the makeshift hospital, the soup kitchens and any other services. To raise funds, they can approach the owners of a variety of businesses and organisations. For example, they can partner with St. Mungo's to set up a clinic within the precinct and be supplied with medicine. They can partner with restaurants to supply groceries.

    They can also give temporary permits to the inhabitants.…

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  • TheGoodDeath

    Potions Wars

    January 10, 2019 by TheGoodDeath

    Potions Wars features four potioneers in a three-round elimination competition. The contestants will face auctions in which they can bid on opportunities to sabotage each other. The potioneers will be given 6,000 galleons at the start of the show and the person remaining will get to keep the money they have not spent on auctions.

    At the beginning of each round, the potioneers will be assigned a potion, each round generally becoming more complex. After the potion is announced, the chefs have one minute to collect all of the ingredients they need from the apothecary in one trip. When the time runs out, the doors will be shut and Graves will confiscate one ingredient from any competitor who is still inside, before letting them leave.

    In each o…

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  • Carnarvan


    December 31, 2018 by Carnarvan
    res-pect: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

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  • TimeForTheTea

    In regards to the previous meeting on December 15th, it has been agreed upon that recently the lines between S&S and OOC have been blurred. This is no way people’s fault but this blog is simply to clear the air out for the general community on the jurisdiction that covers each of the departments.

    The first (and potentially only) change that will happen is the name of S&S. As of this moment, the words 'sorting' and 'stores' are rather limited umbrella terms to what the department actually covers. As accordance to the meeting, the name will be expanded to Characters and Location (C&L) instead. Under locations, anything from stores to organisations to rpable locations will be under the jurisdiction of C&L and there will be another forum where …

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  • Zany Knave

    Resolution from the DRCMC

    November 14, 2018 by Zany Knave
    • Whereas; The Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is seeking to adopt a specific policy, to address a situation which they feel impacts their department and society at large; and

    • Whereas, The Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures has a responsibility to make sure magical creatures are hidden; and

    • Whereas, The Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures also has a duty to oversee how these creatures are dealt with; and

    • Whereas, The Magical Law Enforcement Department has done its best to combat issues with Half Breeds while taking on their regular responsibilities ; and

    • Whereas, The Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures will be …

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  • Notmyresident

    We're looking for someone to fill the open Deputy Head Auror spot! Specifically, we're looking for someone with ideas for mini-expansions/missions for the auror office who will be willing to handle implementing those ideas.

    • User activity will be taken into account.
    • Half-breeds can apply, but unless they're unregistered and are noted as such, they won't get the job.
    • Muggleborns can apply, but unless they keep it under wraps, they won't get the job.
    • Gay characters can apply, but unless they keep it under wraps, they won't get the job.
    • New and existing characters are welcome to apply.
    • If you're creating a new character, they can have previous experience within the British Auror Office as long as it doesn't interfere with DARP history.
    • To apply, fill out an a…
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  • TimeForTheTea

    Human Resources

    October 28, 2018 by TimeForTheTea

    Human resources (HR) was built to promote better communication between users in the wiki, especially between the general user base and the administration team. HR is to support and mediate arguments in order to help reach a fair conclusion and to try and decrease any negative feelings from continuing into the future. The department's intention is to promote and encourage harmony across the wiki, especially between users, and to assist new users in joining the community.

    This department is built on trust from the community, thus whatever is said in the discussion is expected to be private between the member and the user (unless the user specifically states that they wish it to be discussed with the general community). However, the HR member …

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  • The Highlands Lady

    Alright, dearies! I'm Frost, a RB around here in AI if you don't already know, and I'm an active user. Upon seeing how many people have struggles with a whole host of things involving character design, including color design, personalities, histories, and face claims, I have decided to create this blog to try and provide the help that I feel like DARP's been lacking for so many years!

    Alright, girlies and guys, today, we're going into how to write a personality 101. Before we start, let's go over the minimum basics for each age in a forum, alright? Children aged 5-9 have the minimum of two seven-sentence paragraphs for personality and three seven-sentence paragraphs of history. Anyone older also has those requirements, but there's more to w…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hi everyone! Whilst the contents of this blog could easily be explained within Discord, on the page of the future location or as a notice in Community Corner (perhaps more so than other announcement blogs), the Crats and I feel as if a blog should be made so all the information is in one coherent place and is easy to reference.

    The ones who like to stalk amongst you might already know what this blog is about, even if the title didn't give it away, but for the sake of everyone else... this blog is concerned with the opening of Minerva Publishing House!

    For some context, Minerva Publishing House is owned by The Di Sena e Bonaparte Family and operated OOC wise by myself, Brocky and Vic. It was created largely due to the absence of such a busines…

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  • TimeForTheTea


    October 13, 2018 by TimeForTheTea

    In light of recent questions, I'm writing up a blog retaining answers and explanations for unregistered half breeds (and werewolves but to save time, if I refer to half breeds, I'm referring to werewolves too).

    • It is required by law that students tell Hogwarts that they are half breeds. Thus, if your student attends Hogwarts (or has attended) then the current ministry would have access to it, thus making it compulsory to register.
    • However, laws are broken. If they have kept it a secret from Hogwarts then they are able to not register. However, if they do not register as a half breed to the ministry then you lose the right to decide what happens to your character. If suspected to be a half breed, aurors and ministry workers reserve the right …

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  • TimeForTheTea


    October 10, 2018 by TimeForTheTea

    As you are aware and hopefully have been keeping up with if you do not have a character involved, there has been a meeting between the ministers and department heads regarding policies. As with the conclusion of the meeting, the process of implementing them are about to begin. Some of these policies will be more in place than others and thus will be stated.


    • Census
      • These characters will need to register with the ministry. This is to ensure all characters will be moved and none escaped.
      • You must have a reason for why your character does not register. For students, Hogwarts, or at least the headmistress/headmaster, will have records detailing their affliction and they will be required by the minister to make them public to ensure these stu…

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  • UniPacific16

    Long over due

    October 7, 2018 by UniPacific16

    Like this title says, this is long over due but hey, I’ve never been good with time limits as you guys saw.

    Anyway, as it may have been obvious 9 or so months, I’m not going to be around much or at all. This may change when I go to university and aren’t as stressed out by school as I am now being that the last two years are so important in high school for us aussies if we want to go to university.

    I probably left so many of you guys in the dark about what was happening with me and if I would ever come back, to which I’m so sorry about.

    So just to give you guys some background for why I left, I didn’t have a kid cause I’ve been gone for the time it would take (my still shitty humour is present), but it does involve family. Probably only a few …

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hello DARPians! I'm going to keep this blog short and to the point.

    Lil Bundles has, for a while now, been stagnant. It is perhaps most commonly used as a history development device, however many characters never seem to mention it or reference it again beyond their creation. Likewise, since I've head the owner of it, there's been a small number of adoptions which I could more than likely count on one hand.

    That's why this blog exists! The aim of it, quite simply, is to ask you guys what you want to see from it. I've got a few ideas of my own on what I'd love to see happen with Lil Bundles and I've seen some things thrown about, but I'd like to know the wider wiki's wants for it. Here, all the suggestions and desires can be kept orderly in …

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  • TimeForTheTea

    Administration Meeting

    September 29, 2018 by TimeForTheTea

    As a follow up from the meeting that occurred on the 29th of September, we will be holding a staff meeting again on October 14th (10pm UTC). If any of the staff members are unable to make it, please inform one of the b'crats as soon as possible.


    • Jurisdiction of departments
    • Policies
    • Exotics
    • Primary school

    (As well as any other issues or topics any of the staff members want to discuss)

    Previous meeting:

    During the meeting on the 29th/9, we discussed the following things:

    • A list is to be made detailing all the special abilities on:
      • the Exotics (different species)
      • Special Abilities
    • Addition of new exotics
      • Each department creates one species, those four species will be added to the exotics list
    • At the same time, our current exotics will be retouched…

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  • Carnarvan

    So as some of you noticed, this morning I put a poll up on my user page asking whether I should return. 6 of the 7 who voted said I should. So, based off that I'm going to make a return. I feel that I have reached a stable point in my life. I don't regret the break I took. I've done very well at Maine Maritime Academy because I took that break. Just yesterday, I ran my Navy Scholarship Candidate Fitness Test and I ran a mile in six minutes, 48 seconds. Soon, the worst of the military-like stuff is going to fade and I'm going to be having a more normal collegiate experience. So, I'm going to attempt to add DARP into the few minutes of free time that I have left. I'm going to start work on a new character ASAP and try to figure out what the…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    Hello, Darpians! Just posting a little blog as a reminder and hopefully something we can try to enforce from here-on out out of common courtesy for our amazing coders.

    There is a ton of different codes and templates kicking around darp such as profile templates, rp trackers, character displays and other things of the sort. While these require permission just like a wordbubble or character page, I encourage everyone from here on out to put in credit to the coder at the bottom of the work.

    People work so hard for their code and are often extremely proud of it so I think we should be extending them the coutesy of adding credit to everything but character pages and wordbubbles that we use!

    Thank you and have an amazing day. 🌈

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  • SocialCasualty

    People Change People

    September 22, 2018 by SocialCasualty


    "Just know you're not alone,

    Cause I'm gonna make this place 

    your home."


    For a while now, DARP’s community has become diluted with hurt feelings, buried conflicts, and a general air of toxicity. The once relief-filled pleasure of role-playing has become a mine field of inclusion. The once joyful chats have become depressing arguments that entice hostility. The once all-inclusive user base has become a select group of cliques. 

    Now, all of that sounds really crappy and like DARP can’t be saved. But in fact, this is the reason it needs to be saved. DARP at it’s core never changed and doesn’t need to; however, the community has become a more hostile environment. Users are feeling left out. Group chats are created to rant about other users.…

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  • AceOfAegi

    It's A Rainy Day

    September 21, 2018 by AceOfAegi

    {{Quote| touch them. Don't reuse, don't copy, don't use. If anyone messes with my code I will know and there will be hell to pay. So please just leave all my things untouched. Let them gather dust in the wiki's corner. Only the people I consistently talk to on Line (you all know who you are) are allowed to use.

    I will have to ask someone from the admin team to delete my sandbox, so if one of you won't mind, it'll be a great help to me.

    So, that's it. I'm gone. If there is any reply to this blog, I may read it, I may not, but I won't be replying. Thank you for the memories, thank you for the friends I've met, thank you for broadening my horizons and helping build up my world views. For everything negative I've said so far, DARP did help me u…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    Hello, fellow staff and curious members. I am posting the blog to inform the entire admin team that there has been a meeting scheduled for September 29th, which is Saturday at 8pm UTC. If for whatever reason you do not think you will be able to attend, please notify me so I can keep a note. I will list below the topics on the schedule for this meeting. If you would like to add something, please leave a comment on this blog.

    • The addition of the sub-department, HR.
    • Administration team professionalism + tools to become a better staff member.
    • Whether or not to implement a category/template to old pages vs. Ridding of old pages + implementation of a restoration request page. (Vote)
    • Classes!
    • Freeform roleplay pages.
    • Strategies to bump activity (potent…
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  • TimeForTheTea


    September 18, 2018 by TimeForTheTea

    Hello everyone, this is actually rather a boring blog but I'm just asking for everyone who has a child to comment down below. This is for those who has a child below the age of nine (including unborn babies). I will also ask that you provide both the dates (IC) of when the child turns five and when they turn nine. OOC is currently planning to implement a child tracker which will help keep track.

    Just so everyone is reminded of the rules in regards to children:

    -When the child turns five years old, you must complete a forum for them.

    -When the child turns nine years old, you must have a page done for them.

    If you have a child that doesn't have either (i.e. a six year old without a forum or a ten year old without a page), do it ASAP as the child…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Faded Pictures On The Wall

    September 7, 2018 by JayeMalik'
    as Mayor Her Royal Highness Regina Mills once said, I'm a fucking Queen

    Hi, guys! So I'm sure all of you have already realized that the team is holding elections for at least 1 new user per role - including Bureaucrat. I'm pretty sure you guys have figured it out by now, but for those of you that haven't, I've decided to step down from my position as Bureaucrat and Head of Sorting & Stores.

    There were a lot of factors I took into consideration before I made the ultimate decision to split from the team. Most of them were personal factors, and among them were:

    • I've begun the understandably dreaded (and extremely arduous) college application process. I've got a lot of pressure right now to pick the right major, make sure I'm making a career out of …

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  • Brocky292

    Hello everyone! I am back with yet another AI related blog. However, this one is not in regards to the ongoing Triwizard Tournament but is instead about information relating to the future expansion that can be found here.

    As I'm sure you can all guess by the title of this blog, I want to talk to you about the 2038 Minister of Magic elections that would have been taking place now. However, given that there are plans for this minister that I wasn't sure many would want to put one of their own character's through, I have thought of a solution.

    With the next minister, the owner of the character was going to need to work very closely with the AI department in order to carry out plans that we have. All of this will be revealed in due time but to k…

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  • Algamicagrat


    September 5, 2018 by Algamicagrat

    Can i just say: dayum. Thats all I want to say. Also its september 8, 2018. dayum

    Algamicagrat (Reply) 05:24, September 5, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Sonofapollo

    As you walk along the streets, you see the latest edition of the Daily Prophet. You look closer, and you recognise the people on the front cover - it's your classmates! You pay a couple of sickles, and read on...

    Please RP your chars reading the paper in the comments, and vote on the poll for who your money is on currently for the Tournament!

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys! So, Brocky, Vic and I were discussing when the next administrative meeting would be, and we came to the decision to hold it on the 26th of August at 4:00 PM AST. (It's the same time as the last meeting.) It'll be in the admin team's wiki, but once the meeting is completed, we will be releasing a blog updating the entire userbase on any important decisions made.
    Admins and rollbacks, when we're closer to the date, I'll be messaging you individually to remind you of the meeting. If for some reason, you will not be able to make it on time, please let either Vic, Brocky of myself know at least 24 hours prior to the meeting beginning. (Likewise, please comment below to ensure you've seen this blog!) This way, we'll be able to make any c…

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  • NotAHamster

    A Few Weeks Away

    August 6, 2018 by NotAHamster

    Evening All! Just came to inform you that from 07/08/18 to 22/08/18 I will be in Spain on holiday. While I do have my phone it is not very practical for RP, so I might do a brief bit of it if it's important, but more then likely I will not post from and between those dates. Thanks for reading.

    NotAHamster (talk) 16:13, August 6, 2018 (UTC)

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Hello DARPians! I’ve gaythered you all today to discuss the next chapter of AI’s expansion plans! Now you’re probably thinking another expansion? How? What? Yes! The tea is, is that this expansion is designed to run alongside the Triwizard Tournament expansion and lead into further expansions down the line! In this blog I’ll be detailing all the basics you need to know and give you all the chance to be involved!

    Well, first of all, it’s no secret that here on DARP we like our angsty storylines and expansions - there’s definitely a craving for it. In the past we’ve had our infection expansions to kill off our chars (another favourite pastime of DARP), an aspect I personally believe we’ve exhausted, and where can we go from there to create anothe…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    Wikia Updates

    July 26, 2018 by Queen of Anarchy

    Hello, my fellow Darpians! I'm here with some wikia and personal updates (ew).

    So as you may have noticed, I mentioned stepping down and created some confusion on that end. I am no longer planning on doing such a thing while the wikia is in dire need of three functioning bcrats. I'm very sorry for the confusion.

    soooo we've been discussing a lot of things in the last eternity and have figured some stuff out. I'm here to clear some air and bring some new, exciting updates.

    The staff seem to be dwindling, right? Wrong. Every year we have an activity issue. It's summer. School is about to start for some people. Times get hectic and we understand that. However, we need to know of any staff absences. Or really any member absences (in case you hold p…

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  • Brocky292

    Hello DARPians! Today I am here to deliver a FAQ blog on our upcoming Triwizard Cup expansion taking place this upcoming IC school year. In order to keep everyone in the loop, as the expansion progresses be sure to keep checking back here for updates on the tasks, the Yule Ball, and things of the sort.

    Updated On: 21:33, September 10, 2018 (UTC)

    The second task will be taking place at the Astronomy Tower. Champions must burn the jewel they received from the first task and reach high enough to see the stands and the platform.

    As this will be a duel, champions will take turns alternating between an attack and a defence. After each student has posted an attack and a defence, the GM will post. The cycle will go as followed;

    A-- attack. B-- defense…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    Hello, fellow Darpians.

    We are making this blog to officially inform you all that there has been some changes to the departments in regard to head positions.

    I, Victoria, am now head of the out of character department. Brocky is now head of Activity Implementation and Jaye is head of Sorting and Stores.

    These changes have not been made lightly but we all feel as though they will be better for the departments and the wikia as a whole. If you have any questions, please feel free to owl any of the bcrats.

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys!

    Recently, there's been a lot of chatter about wanting more events to keep users entertained. While the team and I tried to ease your worries, it's time for the big reveal! It is with great pleasure that I'm announcing the AI team's first stab at a big expansion! Some of you asked for it, and we're here to deliver.

    Hogwarts will be hosting the 2037-2038 Triwizard Tournament!

    Although canonically the tournament has been a friendly event among the three European schools of magic (i.e Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons), we've decided to mix it up a little. As the host school, Hogwarts will have automatic participation, while Ilvermorny School and Beauxbatons Academy will be traveling for the event!

    Any student that is a third year or…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    To Whom it May Concern,

    If you are currently using my character display for your profile than I am here to inform you that I have expanded the coding a little bit to make both the gifs and the words bigger and easier to read. With these changes, your gifs will currently look too small for the template. All you have to do is make the image size in your coding a little bit bigger! I used 150px but whatever you wanna use is entirely up to you. Just thought I'd inform everyone. :3

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  • SocialCasualty

    I'm Coming Home

    June 26, 2018 by SocialCasualty

    "I'm coming home,

    coming home

    Tell the world

    that I'm coming home.

    Let the rain

    wash away

    all the pain

    of yesterday.

    I know my Kingdom awaits

    and they've forgiven

    my mistakes.

    So I'm coming home,

    coming home

    Tell the world that I'm coming


    Well guys... I've stayed away for as long as my heart can bear it. I have missed you guys so much that I cannot even put it into words. I know I've come back and gone away once or twice, but this time I'm here for a good while. Like the lyrics said, this place is my home. But really it's not the place. It's not DARP. It's you. It's the people. Like the lyrics also say, I hope you've forgiven my mistakes, too. Whether it's leaving, not finishing an RP, forgeting a character, or for Aeron Schmidt in general - I tru…

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  • BlueAndGrey

    Hogwarts students,

    The Young Scientist Award is an award given by WizCo to a student who produces the best plans and invention, and it will earn the student a chance to intern at WizCo for the school year, as well as possible secure a job position there.

    • First of all, comment down below with your characters who you would like to submit. You can submit as many characters as you like, but each one must come up with and write up/design a different project each. The window for applications will close at the end of July 2018, so you have until then to come up with your idea.
    • From July 2018, you must submit a report on your invention. We aren't expecting a dissertation, just a decent explanation of your character's creation given in a word bubble o…

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  • JayeMalik'

    June 6, 2018

    June 14, 2018 by JayeMalik'

    Hello, guys!

    Although it took, in total, around 3+ hours, the administrative meeting that began on 6 June 2018 was completed just yesterday. Many topics were broached, all of which are listed here. Important to say is that a minimum of two bureaucrats were on at all times, as the meeting policy orders, and a minimum of six admin team members were in attendance in order to count as the majority. (We're a total of 10.)

    Because the amount of information that I'm going to relay is... extensive... I'll just divide it in sections. But please know that if you have any questions or concerns, you can comment below or owl any of the three current bureaucrats to sort it out!

    Although the new design is still in the works, the team was able to work out a …

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Hello wonderful Darpians,

    Do not cry because it's over; smile because it happened. Dr. Seuss.

    As many of you know, I've recently taken a new job, where cell phones are 100% off limits. Coupled with the fact that my real life relationships, and other hobbies (theatre) have begun to become more important, I think my time here on DARP has fully waned, and it's time to move on.

    I'm happy that I'm leaving now; I'm not leaving due to ill will, or bitter feelings. I'm moving on because my life has simply become too busy for DARP to truly fit anymore. And it's for all good reasons, so I'm not sad about it either-- my life is beginning a new chapter, but that also means my chapter here is coming to a close.

    I have loved every minute of my time here. I'…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    Hello again, Darpians! Just dropping by to mention that we have a vast majority of stores that are currently ownerless. Perfect for an adult character profession, if you'd like to sign up for one you can do so here!

    Ownerless Shops
    The Three Broomsticks
    Eeylops Owl Emporium & Magical Menagerie
    Quality Quidditch Supplies
    The Leaky Cauldron
    Hogsmeade Post Office
    The Hog's Head
    The Co-Zee Cafe
    The Bittersweet Emporium
    Borgin and Burkes
    Gringotts Money Exchange
    Gringotts Wizarding Bank
    The Hopping Pot
    Museum of Muggle Curiosities
    Eternelle's Elixir of Refreshment
    Rogue Lips
    The Glass Slipper
    Tottenham Court Road/Luchino Caffe
    El Rincon del Diablo
    The Retro
    Strike-Outs Bowling Centre
    Padrino's Pizza Place
    Club Mute
    Magus Diaetum (apartments)
    London Restaurant…

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  • ThePirateKing2022

    So, it is I, The Pirate King, formerly known as Carn. You'll all have to come up with new nicknames for me now. I did say I wouldn't be back, and I won't be returning to how things were, but I am here to provide some closure for my old characters without RP and to give myself something to do in the rare moments of down time I'm going to have. I'll be semi-active at most, simply because come next Tuesday, I'm off to my usual summer job, except I'm in a managerial position come this summer. Right after that I'm off to Regimental Preparatory Training at Maine Maritime Academy and my college life will offically start. And it'll be busy to say the least. However, that said, I did promise some closure to some old characters. So here it is:

    1. The Sh…
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  • Queen of Anarchy
    Hello, Darpians! Just dropping this blog to inform you all of some changes and open up the oppertunity that if you really feel one of these locations should be restored than there is a possibility it could be. This list is compiled pf underused, inactive and useless locations. To make room for Lincliff and potential new spots in the future, they have been subsequently deleted.

    If there is a store (or location) listed here that you'd like to see remain than please shoot me an owl. I may just agree to restore it if an owner is made for the page.

    Amplitudo Magicam Theatre
    Leeds Orphanage
    Die Blumenterrasse
    House-Elf Placement Agency
    Fayette's Fortunes
    Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith
    Globus Mundi Travel Agents
    Hogsmeade Hobby Hub
    Le Cordon Magique
    River Tha…

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  • JayeMalik'

    credit to the owner of the gif!

    Hello, lovelies! Recently, there's been a lot of chatter in chat about potentially deleting underused locations, revamping the ones we have and creating a wizarding city (not village), to which Hogwarts students have access to. However, no decision can be made without the input of the wiki, hence why I've worked out an extensive list with the help of Blue as to which locations would go up in flames, to see whether or not you guys are interested in keeping any of them or they can all be deleted.

    As I mentioned above, a lot of the current locations we have are thoroughly underused, since the userbase tends to flock to specific locations and roleplay in those specific ones constantly. Not only does it fill up the ar…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    above is what you don't want to be! (unless you want to be as rich as paris, in which case, same)

    Hey! After recent discussions in chat and looking at the general distribution on where representation of different ethnicities lie within DARP itself, I've decided to create this long overdue blog for help with POC models for your characters! This blog will help you find faceclaims of all different ethnicities - it's hard enough to find the perfect model as is and it's even harder when you're trying to find the perfect model for a character that is non-white.

    Representation comes in a variety of forms from gender and sexual identity to ethnicities and nationalities. Perhaps overlooked forms of representation are physical disabilities, mental he…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    Read the IC version of this blog here!

    In light of the recent royal wedding, the AI team have decided that DARP should have it's own royal wedding! Whilst this event is to allow DARP to indulge in the royal festivities in three different parts, it is also the introduction of the Magical British Royal Family who also bring with them the potential for expansions within themselves

    As mentioned, there are three parts to the royal festivities:

    1. The actual ceremony held at St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle. Here the most acclaimed and high-up in the British magical society will gather to watch the wedding of Queen Victoria's youngest daughter, Eleanor, marry her partner. Examples of non-royal characters that would attend are those who come fr…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

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  • Notmyresident

    I'll be keeping track of who's interested/character looking to join to below, so please comment!

    1. Lex Ochoa - Head of Vigilance - Jay
    2. Mateo Gallo - Patroller - Yorkie
    3. Alexandra Seraph - Healer - Bond
    4. Brynja Skovgaard - Avenger - Lilly
    5. Ethan Crowther - Avenger - Yorkie
    6. Character - Avenger - Dirael 
    7. Character - Avenger - Hannah
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  • JayeMalik'

    Let it be known this blog isn't about the Ministry. It just looked official and nice and fit the theme of the blog.

    To kick things off, please welcome me in congratulating our newest administration team members! We've got a new Head of OOC Department (Brocky), a new AI second-in-command (Oli), and 4 new rollbacks (Time, Thistle, Blue and Miggy)! Regardless of whether you're a new bureaucrat, administrator or rollback, Vic & I look forward to working with all of you. Hopefully, with enough work and dedication, we can get things running smoothly again!
    To continue, I wanted to explain why Vic and I promoted four users to rollback, instead of three, as was originally planned. While we did intend to stick to what was initially agreed, we did com…

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  • JayeMalik'

    As you've just read, the Black Parade has made a return. While not necessarily feeling threatened yet, they've caught wind of a rumble in the Arcana Alliance after years of silence due to the disappearance of Alexandrine Himmelreich and Harold Colombo. Because of this, added onto the resurgence of the Serpents under the leadership of Lilith Kingston, ringleader Tessa Bellerose has begun to organize missions and assign them to different Paraders, if only to ensure the underworld knows the Black Parade is alive and well.

    That being said, after months of fluctuating activity, they've resumed the process of recruitment and training. Many of the 'original parade' is missing/dead/defected. So they're re-recruiting. If you have a character that wa…

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