• JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys! There's a couple things I wanted to address about the Ministry of Magic, and I feel it be best if I made a blog about it rather than a discussion, or talking about it in chat. It's really important to me that you read what I've got to say, implement it, and comment your thoughts. If you've got questions, don't be afraid to give me a shout in chat or in an owl! :)

    So, ever since the Ministry of Magic Revamp was approved, I've noticed the only characters people made where the Department Heads & their seconds - also known as the "high-ranking" characters. Guys, listen - this revamp can't work unless you help me make it work. I need a wide range of characters working throughout the entire Ministry. From the Department of Mysteries al…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Hello Darpians!

    In my time on the wiki, I've RPed two Professors (Professor Abigail "Sassidy" Cassidy, Merlin rest her soul, and Professor Bradley Carter). I've seen many different sorts of Professors RPed, with many different kinds of lesson plans, but over the last few IC years, I've seen classes all but come to a halt because very few professors are actually posting with any kind of regularity. And some of that, I theorize, comes from a lack of know-how, or confidence, in how to RP a professor. So since I did it for many years (and if anyone else who's RPed a professor can feel free to comment with any of their tricks!) I thought I'd put together a blog to see if it encourages posting. :)

    • Give your professor a personality! You will want t…

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  • Sonofapollo

    As you walk through the windy streets of Diagon Alley, a paper hits you square in the face. You scramble to remove it, rather comically, and notice it's the front page of the Daily Prophet. It reads as follows....

    • I know not everyone's part of the storyline, but I am looking for people to help me out with it by RP'ing some NPC's....Please shoot me an owl if you're interested!
    • If you just wanna be trifling and interested, comment what you're character[s]' response[s] would be below!
    • I'm kinda hungry
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  • PaintedRed

    Introducing WitCHAT!

    August 26, 2017 by PaintedRed

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    As the popularity increases of reserving the face claims of "away/semi-active" characters, it's important now that we bring in some regulations to keep it fair. After one of our Administrators mentioned the problem to us, the Bureaucrats discussed the solution that this individual suggested and we branched off of it. From there, we settled on the following rules regarding "away/semi-active" characters and their models:

    1) Each user will be limited to having only five characters listed as "away." If you currently exceed this limit, then please lower the number down to fit the standards within the next two weeks. Otherwise the models will be removed.
    2) Given that, for the most part, these characters would be out of the picture, you would be r…
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  • JustChase

    Model dibbing

    August 21, 2017 by JustChase

    Lately I've seen things in people's sandboxes: reserved model lists. I just want to say good for you, but if they're not on the list I'm sorry to say you have no reason to complain if someone takes them. They also don't have any need to ask to use them first. So, if it's not on the list and someone decides to use the model, well, you'll have to search for another one. Since, again, you have no say in the matter because they're not using your reserved slots on the list. I get wanting to use a model badly and then seeing it in use. Then not being able to use them upsets you, but again you can't get upset over it. Also telling people you'd like to use the model is also a good thing to do. This could give headway to no one using the model.


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  • Queen of Anarchy

    So it is currently October 30th in character, meaning that it is officially Devil's Night and the day before Halloween so I thought a little Halloween rp for the fourth year dynamic might be fun and interesting and a good oppertunity to bring them together.

    So I will be posting on Deathday Party Hall within the next couple of hours to start off an event hosted by Maddalena Villanueva and the duration with be 12pm on October 30th ic until 6pm the next day (Halloween ic).

    A number of games and events will be taking place so I encourage everyone to post with their Ukiyo member and just have some fun!

    If you have any questions or suggestions on things for Ukiyo to do, comment below!

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  • Bond em7

    Hogwarts Discussion

    August 11, 2017 by Bond em7

    So I created a discussion a day or so ago and didn't realize that anything posted there doesn't show up on our wiki activity. Given that it doesn't I thought I'd post this to let people know I posted that there. I'm looking for ideas and inputs on how we can keep classes going at Hogwarts and what the issues are that make it so they are so often forgotten about or not posted on. Any ideas or thoughts you have would be great posted either there or in the comments here.

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    Some Updates

    August 4, 2017 by DYSUTOPIA

    I'd like to apologise first and foremost for the amount of time it's taken me to write this blog. I get ridiculously anxious about how my words come off, because I really love RPing with all of you and I don't want to come across as rude or anything of the sort. If you've got any questions after the blog is done, please let me know, and I will do my best to update the blog with an answer to your question.

    Yes, the expansion hasn't been running as smoothly as it should have been. That is on account on all of us in AI going through difficulty in activity at some stage (me with anxiety, Carn with camp, Jaye with personal issues) and I think we'd all like to apologise for that. Time and real life just hasn't been on our side this time, and so t…

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  • Hyggelige

    DARP: The Musical!

    August 2, 2017 by Hyggelige


    Howdy! So, as some (all) of you know, I love music. In particular, musical theater. I also love making playlists, and I decided to combine the two and create a playlist featuring one song per character. Neat, right? The playlist is on Spotify, and I will be updating it everytime I get a suggestion. This'll be the first of a series of playlists for characters, and I'm pretty dang excited! In the comments, you can suggest a character and song for them! But before you do, I ask you check out a few questions and rules to clear any confusion!

    Q. Does every song have to be from a musical?

    A. Yep! However, it doesn't have to be a Broadway musical. It can be from a Disney movie (and this does include songs like the Tarzan or Brave solo…

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  • Asteriea

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  • MaknaeLivi
    no one does their summer homework at the beginning of summer.

    I decided in February of this year that for my junior year, I'm going to take two AP classes and two Honors classes. I got left summer homework for three of them. Of course, I thought I had all the time in the world. But two days ago, I realized something. I'm going back to school in two weeks and I still haven't done my homework. not one thing.

    I'm going to do two months of homework in two weeks.

    I know I can do it, just need to focus on it all the time. So that means I'm taking a bit of a break from DARP. My plan right now is to divide my homework into parts by class and divide that class homework even more. In between class parts, however, I'll be allowing myself 30 minutes of b…

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  • HaleTheKing

    stepping down

    July 18, 2017 by HaleTheKing

    As you've probably guessed from the title of this blog, I am officially stepping down from my position as Rollback of the Sorting Department.

    I have been extremely busy as of late, and my time on wikia has been greatly limited to the occasional visit once every few weeks. Because of this, I feel like continuing to hold my position in the admin team is unfair to other users who are much more active and more capable for it than I am.

    I learned a lot during my tenure, and I am still grateful to those who've voted for me. However, this is the end of the line for me. I don't see myself running for an administrative position in the future anytime soon, and I feel like this is for the best, considering that I am now on my final year in university a…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Recently, there's been a topic of conversation on if children have to count towards a user's character count. After speaking with the other Bureaucrats and the majority of the Sorting and Stores team, we've come to an agreement on what we're doing in regards to that issue.

    Everybody will still need to put their character into Sorting once they've turned five years old if you wish to continue roleplaying them. Both the short-answer questions and the sorting quiz questions are not obligations for any character who is aged five through nine years old, since those might be challenging for young children characters and we're not looking to put them in a specific house quite yet. Any character from five to nine years old does not count against a us…

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  • Bond em7

    So, I think at this point I can safely say I've been on here continuously longer than anyone else. I know some users on here got here about the same time I did, but I don't think anyone's been active without a major break as long. That being said, I've been here long enough to see that how active and involved our Administration team is or isn't directly reflects the ups and downs of our wiki. When we have an active administration team, the wiki thrives and when we don't...we get to where we are now.

    Before I go any further I want to say that I understand OOC, vacations, planned trips, etc. I understand most of our administration is in high school and gets busy with other things or can't necessarily be on all the time. Personally I thin…

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  • Queen of Anarchy
    Column Registration

    This blog is dedicated to new column ideas that users feel might add to Hogwarts Weekly. The character the user wishes to run the column will automatically be given it as the column is the user's own creation. However, the chief editor will be approving each application.

    Please fill out this form below in the comments.

    Name of Column:
    What is it About?:
    Sample Piece:

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    Hogwarts Weekly

    I put everything into bullet points because it made it easier and keeps everything straight to the point.

    • wizarding newspaper like the daily prophet but meant for students
    • is about everything that happens at hogwarts or possible student concerns
    • will have a sign up list for user subscriptions - issues released weekly will be owled to your talk page as if the character is actually getting newspaper.
    • users may sign characters up for columns - you may only sign one character up. No columns will be shared. The character you chose cannot be in two columns at once. One per user.
    • a form will be put up in case a user comes up with a fun, new topic they may want to add (like an advice column or "how to survive school") but it must be appr…

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  • Queen of Anarchy

    This blog serves as the hub of applications by students with interest of joining Hogwarts Weekly.

    Please comnent with your character's wordbubble below, explaining why you think you should get the job, any experience they may have and a sample piece for the column they want.

    Characters will be assigned columns in exactly a week from now - July 15th (saturday). The writers will be posted on the main blog.

    Thank you and good luck!

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  • CloudyRoses

    storing info here

    July 6, 2017 by CloudyRoses

    Weaknesses and strengths:

    Harper is quiet smart but struggles with courage and socialism. Most see her as shy, awkward, etc. She's sensitive, but can be very kind and nurturing, also, if she tries, brave.


    Harper doesn't have a main objective. She wants to succeed in school, and find a job after school.

    Favorite things:




    -Her cat

    -Her scarves



    -The treatment of Muggles


    -Being too cold

    -Being too warm


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  • Sonofapollo

    Pride Blind Dates

    July 1, 2017 by Sonofapollo

    Hi y'all! Hope we're all enjoying pride at Hogsmeade! Me and Ellie have come up with a new ingenious plan for the second week of Pride! As you've guessed from the title, we're gonna do a blind date system! 

    Well my dear chum, it's rather simple. Your char(s) will fill out a form -see below - and our experts (me and ellie lmao) will find u the perfect match! Just owl over your completed forms to me, and we'll tell you who your date is, where and when! Please get completed forms to me by no later than Friday 7th July Latest!

    So it's a template, but you can just copy the code from here and fill out your choices! Easy as pie, isn't it? Yes.

    Of course! I'm looking for venues to hold dates - cafes, bars, etc. If you are a proprietor of one of these…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    With it now being well into my summer break, everything related to my Internet schedule is now changing. It might not be in the way that we would all like, but I'm dealing with what I'm capable. For my computer situation, we're trying to explore better options than me just using my parents' computer all of the time. Anyways, onto what's really bugging me: my online schooling ventures and my biannually trip to Colorado.

    While you might think that it would be easier for me to be on the Internet if I'm doing school through the Internet, but I'm assuring you that it's the complete opposite. Since we're given three weeks to complete eighteen weeks worth of assignments, we're having to complete these assignments and exams really quickly. It also …

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  • BlueAndGrey

    Hogsmeade Pride 2017

    There's been talks of a Pride occurring in Hogsmeade for a while now, but now we can confirm that it is happening! For two OOC weeks starting on the 1st July 2017, the pages of Hogsmeade will be temporarily redecorated to highlight their involvement in the event, and for the next fortnight, LGBT+ characters (and straight ones!) are invited to Hogsmeade to participate in activities, meet new friends and overall have a good time.

    Almost every location will be involved in Pride, unless the owners of the characters in charge of specific businesses are against it. NPC-ran locations will be automatically retouched and decorated, and have activities assigned to them.

    • Hogsmeade Grounds will be the main march! All characters are we…

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  • Carnarvan

    That Time of Year...

    June 16, 2017 by Carnarvan

    To whom it may concern (all of you),

    It's that time of year again for me... camp. I leave for my job as a camp counselor tomorrow, I have to report in at 0900 my time. Most of you know what that entails for my activity level. It goes through the floor and keeps digging. I'll be around most Saturdays, unless I decide or have to stay at camp over the weekend. I'll have my phone still so those of you that have my Kik, Twitter, SC... and whatever else you people have made me get for communication can still reach me if the sh*t hits the fan. I will be back, though next year might look a bit more... sporadic for my activity, but that's a conversation for another day. I'll still be GMing and monitoring AI stuff through my phone when I get the time,…

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  • ÉtoileÉternelle

    OOC: We decided go go with the same method of communication Hermione came up with for DA, but with fake sickles instead, the reason being galleons are quite valuable even today and sickles are less tempting to nick. Every Order member has one and have all been called for it. Meanwhile, the students from that side, heading the espionage, will have their own meeting with Elmira and Dakota at a later date.

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  • Rabbitty

    Code: Result:

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Hey, guys! For the pst two days-ish, my computer has been crashed and just...dead. I can't get on it at all and therefore I can't really get on DARP. Sure, I can use mobile, but I don't really want to. It's difficult and glitchy and recently I've been having a lot of problems using it. I'll stick check up and see what's going on until I can get my computer back into the living, but I won't be posting much unless it's absolutely necessary.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience and I'm really hoping that I can get back to full activity soon. At least I get my study hall period in the computer lab, so maybe I'll get some time then to come on and post. Again, I'm really sorry. I wouldn't have been on much this weekend anyways, because my family flew …

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  • BlueAndGrey

    So this is an idea that's been brewing in a few people's minds, and I think it's time to start considering it. I'm suggesting we bring.... (dun dun dun)....

    Pride to Hogsmeade!

    There's a massive community of both LGBT+ characters and users on this wiki, and I think an event celebrating that would be such a cool concept. So, I'm proposing we hold a Pride in Hogsmeade for LGBT+ characters to meet and interact; we could decorate the pages, hold games and parties, and create a multitude of new character and user relationships.

    It wouldn't be limited to just LGBT+ characters/users too! Just like real Pride, all sexualities would be welcome for support, o…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    So I want explain this decision OOC as well.

    First... I don't have the time lately, to put into RPing this character in the role that she had. The Auror Head should be someone who's far more active than myself during an expansion like this.

    Second... I believe that the Auror Head should belong to someone currently in AI. Renee would've recommended Duncan, or Elvira for their expertise, and seniority (respectively). Whoever is RPing the Auror Head should be in the know about what's going to happen with this expansion. Through personal conversations, and the blog that Carn just put out... it's clear that the regular user base isn't going to be informed, and I have been told that I'm also included in that. I'm aware that I'm not on admin team..…

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  • Carnarvan

    WARNING: There is some mild language present in this blog.

    Alright, so I am gonna start this blog off by stating that yes, I will not deny that the wiki has become clique-ish, I don’t think anyone can deny that. So I will not waste my time stating a fact we all know to be true, because, as y’all are most certainly aware of by now, I’m not one to beat around the bush or waste time when communicating with people.

    This blog is about solutions and fixing a problem we are all well aware of, but I have GOT to get one thing off my chest before I go anywhere with this. As a veteran of the wiki and the previous… incidents… that have happened on this wiki, I think I can get a good feel for where this gonna head if left unchecked. So, I am going to be …

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  • Acatonthemoon

    You know that big red warning sign? Or the bright yellow caution label? Of course you all know the skull and cross bones. Well this is DARPs skull and crossbones. 

    Warning. By joining DARP you have a one in three chance of ending up in an even worse place than you were when you started. From the heirarchy which is ever present to the cliques which, despite peoples continued insistance, have never really left. If you don't manage to worm you're way into a clique within the first few minutes of being here, you most certainly sentencing yourself to a DARP life in the shadows unless of course you manage to get onto the admin team in which case congrats! You managed to be a better choice than the other candidates which certain members clearly ju…

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  • Ruler of the Shadows

    As you all are aware, this new exspanison is going to be crazy. This of course was mentioned in Jaye's post (if you haven't seen it here it is). So remember the Daily Prophet? Yeah it's going to make a comeback. After all, why wouldn't reporters be making articles after articles of the events? So naturally, they'd be looking for more people to report. Plus I'll be needing help with the articles. After all, one woman can only do so much. Do not edit this. Comment your char/what you want to help with down below in the comments.

    These people write the articles about what's happening around the world and keep people updated on what's going on around them. They'd report deaths, politics etc.

    Head: Theresa Drade (Merisa)


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  • ÉtoileÉternelle

    Comment below the name of your character & where they wish to join as aurors, victims, bystanders, rebels, or order members, as well as your preferred user nickname. If a victim (or bystander), specify whether the attempt was successful or not. Please, do not edit this yourselves, and wait for an AI member to update the list! Thank you!

    These are the victims whose life was claimed throughout the expansion.
    • Avalon Callaghan-Neuer - (Half-Vampire/Vic)
    • Madeline Bellaire - (Half-Vampire/Vic)
    • Piper Hohenzollern - (Werewolf/Vic)
    • Luciana Montagna - (Vampire/Lilly)
    • Skye Jordan - (Half-Veela/James)
    • Marie-Aurelie Wilde - (Vampire/Catty)
    • Leon Schmidt - (Half-Nymph/Catty)
    • Cassandra Schermer - (Half-Veela/Lilly)

    These are the victims who were attacked throughout …

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  • ÉtoileÉternelle

    War of the Creatures

    That's right! The wiki is now going to go through the largest expansion it's gone through in a long time... a full scale war!

    This war is about one thing in particular... magical creatures that are often dicriminated against. There is an organization or rebellion as it were that is actively fighting against the ministry and trying to overtake the ministry through force so they can install their own goverment and finally put an end to all the magical creatures that are 'near-human'. They're especially targetting those creatures that could be dangerous, including werewolves, vampires, half-nymphs, half and full veela, half-giants, etc. If you're wondering whether your exotic would be in danger, please owl any member of th…

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  • Carnarvan

    Only the randomizer for the snitch has been shown. Hufflepuff won 3 out of the 4 randomizers done, winning the match 210-60.

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  • Queen of Anarchy


    May 11, 2017 by Queen of Anarchy

    This is going to be short and straight to the point; I don't know how active I am going to be for the next two weeks because I'm going to be getting surgery on my eyes and because I don't know the exact recovery time, I'm going to say that my activity will be low for that duration. You never know though, I could be posting often. It just all depends on how well I do with the healing process.

    Q: Why are you getting surgery?
    A: I'm getting the muscles corrected in my eyes because when I was little, I never had a slight lazy eye adjusted so it got bad enough that it is now causing headaches and dizziness as well as a lack of depth perception (aka what you need to gauge how far something is).

    Q: When is the surgery happening?
    A: So tomorrow morning (…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Actually, yes please....

    Hey friends. So last Saturday, I burned my right hand, all over my first three fingers. I'm okay, it was 2nd degree burns... but when you lose the function in the first three fingers of your dominant hand, typing on anything (a phone or a computer) becomes really difficult. I've been kind of peaking in, but not editing much, because of how much effort it takes. (I did most of this blog with voice-to-text).

    Until the blistering goes away... I'm not sure how much I'll be able to edit. I plan on posting with Clara on the matches next week, and that will kind of be my gauge for how much/hard it is for me to post on other things.

    I'm at my brother's graduation on Friday, and going out of town over the weekend. I know I hav…

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  • Zany Knave

    Stepping Down

    April 18, 2017 by Zany Knave

    This blog is going to be fairy short. I'm not doing well in class, and haven't been as active as I could have been. It's unfair for me to take the position of someone who could do better, and is more active. For these reasons, I will be stepping down. Thank you for understanding.

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  • Carnarvan

    Masquerade Ball 2032

    March 26, 2017 by Carnarvan

    Ministerial Masquerade Ball

    That's right ladies and gentlemen, the event a lot of you have been waiting for has finally arrived! The Ministry of Magic is hosting a masquerade ball!

    The purpose of this ball is to promote the unity between wizards and other kinds of creature such as werewolves, vampires, veela, goblins, half-giants etc. The reason is that it's a masquerade ball is symbolic in nature. At the end of the ball, everyone will remove their masks, and at the same time anyone that wishes to reveal themselves as one of these creature can speak up and do so. It's so that they don't need to wear a 'mask' anymore.

    Any character that is over the age of 15 years old will be allowed to attend this masquerade ball that is absolutely free of ch…

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  • HaleTheKing

    Hey y'all! I know I recently said that I'm back and ready to get going again, but school is becoming more toxic by the minute, and I'm slowly getting drowned.

    Midterms week is supposedly done, but I still have two classes (European History and Philippine Foreign Relations) with exams that were moved, and I will be taking them tomorrow and the following week. I also have a shitton of requirements to pass, mainly a Poetry Recital video, with a written analysis of my poem, and a Filipino play to mount for my Intro to Literature class. Other than that, I have a lot of papers to write this week and the next, which would greatly limit my time on the internet to research and looking at scholarly things.

    Lastly, I have tri-weekly chorale rehearsals …

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  • Carnarvan

    NOTE: If you haven't read my previous blog post about the Arcana Alliance, please do so. The link can be found here.

    So, as I stated in my previous blog about the Arcana Alliance, I'm going to address the organization and structure of the alliance in this blog. So, as you already know, the Alliance is run by a council comprised of AI members. There are four members of this council, as there four members of the AI department. One of the council members is the overall head of the council, much like a chairperson of the board. The other three members will all run different aspects/sub-organizations of of the Arcana Alliance. I will go into more detail as to which AI member has which council member and some more details of each council member be…

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  • Carnarvan

    Arcana Alliance

    February 28, 2017 by Carnarvan

    Howdy y'all!

    So, for those of you that don't know, Bond em7 recently brought up the idea of bringing back an old dark wizard organization known as The Black Parade. However, the former leaders did not want TBP to come back without them. Which, we as the AI department understand and respect. However, the idea and premise behind dark wizard organizations is not owned by those users. So, the AI Department is going to create a brand new organization that will become involved in an upcoming expansion and beyond. This Organization will be known as the Arcana Alliance.
    Now, much like Department Heads and the Headmistress, the head council of this organization will be strictly AI. However, the regular user base can still make members, or even high ran…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect
    After talking it over with the rest of Sorting & Stores, we decided to give the forums a bit of a format update. It's nothing major, as we kept everything mostly the same other than a couple tweaks to questions. The following is what we did with it:

    • We started with fixing the questions to all have periods for their choices/answers. It was previously a bit inconsistent, but we've got it fixed now. We also indented the choices/answers to separate them from their original questions a bit.
    • We then placed lines between the sections on the forums to make it easier to separate between and to give it a bit of an easier flow, if you will.
    • For the open-ended questions, we placed a notice for the directions stating that regardless of answering the rest …

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  • Bond em7

    The Black Parade

    February 15, 2017 by Bond em7

    So, I don't know how many users remember The Black Parade, but it was a group of dark witches and wizards who...caused trouble and did Dark things but were an organization to do them better than an individual and help each other with bigger things, or to not get caught. It was founded and lead by User:Sonofapollo, who hasn't been around lately. Anyway, I've been thinking about revamping and restarting it, so I owled him a couple months ago asking if he minded, and haven't gotten a response. I know I'll need permission from the admin team and the like, but before that I just wanted to see if anyone was even interested. If not, that's fine...I just thought maybe having some more villainous characters around might make things interesting.…

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Activity Notice

    February 9, 2017 by Ckohrs0221

    Hello friends!

    Just wanted to post a little something so that everyone knows what to expect. :)

    As is normal for my weekends lately, I won't be active this weekend probably at all (Feb 10-12). There is an end in sight for this though... I'll get my weekends back more starting in April, and then probably even more in May. :)

    I'm also going on vacation from Feb 13-22. I'll be in Florida with my grandparents and other extended family. I'll probably be on some, but not much (though with how my schedule's been lately... it might even more close to normal activity, if not even more than usual!)

    So if you have owls for me during this time... I'll do my best to get back to them, but I can't promise a timely response.

    I know I haven't been super active …

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  • Carnarvan

    Day 5 - Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw each get 10 points, Ravenclaw gets the snitch by default

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  • Jay Sea

    Internet Issues

    February 2, 2017 by Jay Sea

    So we updated to an unlimited data plan...but it doesn't work on my phone, so I have no data. I won't be gone completely, but probably down to only one one day a week until my data issue is resolved. Please don't kill anyone @first years

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  • Carnarvan

    In light of recent events and the previous adminstrative meeting in October... I'm calling for a meeting of the admin team of February 4, 2017 at 20:00 UTC. I plan to make this a regular time, the first saturday of every month at 20:00 UTC should be an admin team meeting. If anyone has scheduling conflicts, please let me know and I will do my best to find a better time. I want everyone to be there if it all humanly possible. It will be in DARP chat, but can be moved if it starts to clutter main, or if main clutters the meeting. If it is moved, it will be to my sandbox chat.

    Thank you for the time,
    Adminstrator of the Activity Implementation Department

    Also as a side note: I have a current crat and a former crat who have both said it is…

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  • Jiskran

    R.I.P. John Hurt

    January 28, 2017 by Jiskran

    Garrick Ollivander is stock-taking in the great wandshop in the sky. Yes, I'm aware it's not the literal or literary case, but I hope, having played him for a long while here, I will be forgiven the theatrical of the the expression. Hurt, who was 77, was a seminal presence on the British screen, and created a tone with all sort of tiny elements which often shaped whole films. In the specific case of HP, he was Harry's first Diagon Alley encounter, and the drama and dread in his obscure emporium spoke to the utter unknowns into which Harry was stepping.

    For horror/SF fans of course, Hurt is always the man with the alien-exploding-out-of-it chest from the 1979 original in that series, but for those who value profound and truly taxing roles, h…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Howdy! It's Kayle, signing in here. I've been considering making this blog for a while now and since I've finally seemed to find the time to do it, I figured that it would be a good idea to make it now.

    As y'all may or may not know, Sorting & Stores doesn't approve new shops if there's already too many of that shop type on the wiki, especially if they're unused. An example of which is that we don't need another cafe, for we have three or four now. It's said that shops should be deleted if they're not used enough, but to my knowledge that hasn't really been done (at least at a larger level in the past couple years, but it probably did happen in the past).

    So, here's what I've been thinking, because I've noticed there's a few underused shops d…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Time For Dress

    January 27, 2017 by NotAlwaysPerfect

    Y'all now me, a little theatre geek. So, we're starting to get really into our rehearsals therefore we'll be having some activity changes over here!

    It's not been going completely on course, the rehearsals and such because of some support characters not knowing their lines and blocking, but I'm not here to complain. Therefore, we'll be extending our rehearsals to 1:00 AM UTC this upcoming week instead of the week following. Whereas the following week, which is that of the four performances, will be extended to 1:30 AM. It really depends on what cast we'll be running one day versus another day, so I'll be getting online more some days than others. Anyways, back on track.

    It's nothing extreme, obviously, but I probably won't be on every waking …

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