• JayeMalik'

    Going in circles

    January 25, 2017 by JayeMalik'

    This blog is not targeting anyone, regardless of what you may think or feel like. Please keep it in mind as you read on, as well as the fact that I do not want to start a fight, so if you decide to leave a comment, you must keep it respectful and try to understand what everyone is trying to get across, whether you like the points made or not. Thank you.

    While I'm now known to not enter chat much - if at all, on some weeks - I still make the effort to maintain communication with everyone, which is exactly how I've come to realize that DARP is running in circles. It's not getting better, not in the ways everyone had hoped for. There's still the same problems, such as distrust and accusations of power abuse/manipulation. I'm not going to name who,…

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  • Surferdude1219


    January 22, 2017 by Surferdude1219

    Hey guys!

    I know I haven't been here in a while, and most of you probably thought I was gone, but I think I'm going to try to come back! I've really missed it here, and I can't wait to talk to everyone again.

    Unfortunately, because of my inactivity, many of my characters have fallen out of relevancy. For that reason, I'm considering retiring some of my older characters (i.e. Danny, Sammy) and having my newer characters with stronger plots (i.e. Anthony, Dash) take precedent. Since most of them were just starting their Hogwarts journeys when I disappeared anyways, I'm considering gradually reintroducing them starting in their first year.

    I'm really happy to be back and I'm excited to talk to all you guys again!

    -- Hi, I'm Surfer and I'm full of…

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  • Alyssa5582

    The Empty Classrooms

    January 20, 2017 by Alyssa5582

    I'm sure many of you have noticed, especially those that have been here awhile, that classes are no where near as active as they once were. That's really upsetting for me because isn't that what this wiki was built on? Being able to enter the world of Hogwarts and join those magical classes?

    The lack of activity comes from both teachers not keeping their classes updated, but also because of the lack of students posting in the classes. A teacher can only do so much if there aren't students participating in their class. I know that I'm guilty of both not keeping my class updated, as well as not using my students in classes. I know that we all get busy and want to focus more on our own RPs than classes, but all I ask is that you post in them o…

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  • Frostleaf1615

    I'm sorry to say...

    December 28, 2016 by Frostleaf1615

    But this is farewell.

    Everyone on here, thank you for everything you've all done for me and taught me, but I'm afraid this is goodbye. I am turning 18 next summer and want to enter a competitive medical field and I can't have wiki clogging up my time, so, I hate to say this, but this is good-bye. For real. I know you are wondering what's going to happen to me or my characters, but I will still return at times, but just not be around all the time.

    IF I return, and that's a huge possibility, then i will ask for a few characters back, but not all of them like before. My models will also stay my models, so, please, contact me on Kik if you want to use them.

    • Evan: Kayle: Clementina will adopt him like we had planned.
    • Isabelle: Merisa or Soph.
    • Selene…
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  • Jiskran

    For anyone who missed it, Harry Potter fans who are also arachnologists (and that may be a surprising large group, I imagine :) ) have named a dried-leaf shaped spider for the Sorting Hat, or at least its original owner, Godric Gryffindor, since the creature's body does bear a considerable resemblance to that wondrous item of apparel.

    I simply felt this had to be shared.

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  • Carnarvan

    So after all the hubbub of making sure GMs are unbiased, I will prove it to you. Hufflepuff won the randomizer, 3 times out of a possible 5 and Slytherin won once.

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  • Jiskran

    Stepping down

    November 13, 2016 by Jiskran

    I feel some context is in order, otherwise it may seem this is a single issue, and, as such, blown vastly out of proportion. I have stepped down as Admin for a variety of reasons, the last of which was what I felt to be encroaching, targetted and petty behavior on the part of a fellow Admin (It's not fair of me to suggest this was a major element, when it was nothing more than a disagreement which sadly proved to be a flashpoint). However, in the wider lens of DARP, there were a number of other major contributors, like the lack of trust shown in CK's impartiality, and the general 'we're going to enforce the rules on everyone' atmosphere that appears, to me, to be gaining traction. I joined DARP with no plans to RP, as anyone who reads my fi…

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  • JayeMalik'


    November 2, 2016 by JayeMalik'

    i didn't want to do this. i really didn't.

    "Isn't it crazy how we can look back a year ago and realize how much everything has changed? The amount of people that have left your life, entered, and stayed. The memories you won't forget and the moments you wish you did. Everything. It's crazy how all that happened in just one year." -Anonymous

    Holy canoodles that quote is true on so many leaves. It applies to me more than you all think. Ellie left, Kib left, Red left, Liss came back, etc. I've lost so many friends, yet I've made many more. Not just this year, as a matter of fact. This goes back to even when I became a newbie here, two years, and almost four months, turned this week, as a matter of fact. Joining DARP was the best decision I ever ma…

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  • YouKnowWhooo

    Happy Halloween

    October 31, 2016 by YouKnowWhooo

    I would like to wish each and every member of DARP a very happy and prosperous Halloween . My wish and love to all :)  

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  • Carnarvan

    The 2031 British and Irish Quiddditch League!

    That's right! It's back! Bigger and better than ever before!

    We've actually downsized this year to make it more manageable. There's only going to be four teams this year. However, none of the teams from previous seasons will be featured. There's going to be all new teams! The Falmouth Falcons, The Chudley Cannons, The Appleby Arrows and The Caerphilly Catapults!

    As before there is going to be managers for each team, selected by moi. Feel free to sign up in the comments section down below. I want to get as many users involved as possible. I will personally choose the GMs as well... however unlike before it will be nominated position. Meaning I choose you.

    Remember if you sign up, it is a commitment. The l…

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  • JayeMalik'

    The Meeting's Product

    October 23, 2016 by JayeMalik'

    Hi, guys!

    Earlier today, the Admin Team held an emergency meeting regarding DARP's current state, as well as what we would do to make things better. During the two-hour long meeting (you can check out the transcript here). We got around to establishing a few things, which I'll be listing here in the blog, for all of you to look over. :)

    1. We will be electing a new minister. After a lengthy discussion on how to give adult characters purpose and put a stop to their deletions, we've decided to "kickstart" the Ministry. It's not much, but it's a start. The requirements were: they had to be 25 or over, and had to be current Department Heads. The candidates for the position as Minister of Magic are: Bailey Jeon, Nathan Jones, Julius Tyrrell, and possi…

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  • Carnarvan


    October 18, 2016 by Carnarvan

    Okay, I want to clarify. I was thing about doing this for a while. Even before Jaye posted her blog like less than an hour ago xD. It just seemed like a good time to do it. Anyways... I've lost connection with a number of my characters. So I'm gonna downsize. Reconnect. Make characters I'm actually excited about.

    (I'm keeping Francis and Nathan because AI Duties).

    • Asim al-Hama: He is staying. He's got a bright (or not so bright) future ahead
    • Mason Brown: He is also staying. He's got too much going for him
    • Jeffrey Rackham: He's being deleted. His mom came back and claimed him.
    • Emmett Dedic: He's staying. I have plans for him.
    • Christopher Knight: He's also staying.
    • Owen Connor: 'Course he's staying. He's Owen xD
    • David Williams: This one was tough... b…
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  • JayeMalik'

    The Maze of Death

    October 18, 2016 by JayeMalik'

    ...this blog is related in nothing to its title; however, it was a bloody brilliant idea from carn over something else, so kudos to him for the title. you rock, man.

    I've decided it's time I made a major change. It's in relation to my characters. I have one too many I'm not connected to and/or have no purpose. So, I've decided to do something about it. :3

    • Charlotte Finch - I've already spoken with Lyss, and she will no longer be teaching at Hogwarts. I'm not keeping her, but rather putting her up for adoption. If anybody wants her, please owl me.
    • Sapphire Allen - I'm not keeping her. She's leaving to America to continue to play for the USNQT.
    • Daria Chakarova - I'm not keeping her, either. I feel uncomfortable RPing her now, without exaggerating, …

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  • JayeMalik'

    Administration Team,

    On the wake of recent events, I believe it's time for me to exercise my right and power as Bureaucrat to call for an emergency administrative meeting set for no later than next week. It's to take place around then. If you are a member of the administration team, please keep an eye out for updates, so you're able to make the necessary arrangements to be able to take part.

    Update: The meeting will take place on October 22, 2016, at about 12:00 Pacific Time. Please make the necessary changes so you're able to take part of this.

    Your Head of Sorting & Stores,

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  • Alyssa5582

    A World Divided

    October 17, 2016 by Alyssa5582

             Coming in today and seeing DARP, my home, my love, and my sanctuary, torn apart by an unnecessary explosion is absolutley heart-wrenching, and honestly ridiculous. Personally, I don't want to be on either side of the argument, and can't even comprehend why everything that has happened recently has been blown up so much. Can we not dicuss things maturely? Must everything always be taken so personal? Can we try to view things in the eyes of a differing opinion instead of be so absorbed with our own thoughts and beliefs, causing us to stay in tense and arduous stalemate, with nothing be resolved at all. Anytime an issue occurs, this happens, and it's absolutely ludicrous. I know people always want things to be done in their favor, an…

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  • Carnarvan

    United We Stand

    October 17, 2016 by Carnarvan

    Okay, so you are all probably sick and tired of blogs. And it's understandable. I'm pretty done with them myself. There's been a bunch today. But hear me out, alright? I promise. It'll be worth it.

    Okay, I'm not even going to mention my opinion on any of this. I'm going to propose a solution, explain my reasoning behind this solution and let you all get on with your lives. Sound good?

    Moving right along then. I've said this many times before. This wiki (not just the Admin Team though this is critical for us) needs to work on communication skills. We are a team. We are a team, as departments, as a Admin Team, and most importantly as a wiki. Nobody's perfect. Myself included. I've had a real rough day. I had seriously considered quitting. But I…

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  • Jay Sea

    Re:Recent Events

    October 17, 2016 by Jay Sea

    I wanted to understand what was going on, so I had a talk with Soph. Unfortunately, the beginning of out conversation was lost because I had to call my mom, which took me out of chat, but I got most of it. I think it's rather...telling.

    I think they're in order. I know there is some overlap, but I think it's fairly clear.

    21:10, October 17, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb hit the floor.

    That floor... has been missed. By everyone. I'll start this with saying that this is my direct opinion of the blog Bond posted just now.

    And now, for my wall of text...

    First of all... when the h*ll was there ever any form of threatening committed by anyone? Who was ever harassed? Who was senselessly bullied? Because what I see... is a web of lies and deception. And what does that lead to? Mutual distrust.

    That is the real issue. People are not trusted. No one is trusted. Hell, not even I am trusted, and I get that. The problem is... no one else does.

    I get that Ck and Kayle feel that they are being bullied. I understand that, honest, I do. And while I will not hide from the fact that I am about as guilty as the next perso…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    I've started this entire thing. I've not executed every portion of this that has created this disaster, but I'm the one who set it into motion. I've already sincerely apologized to those most affected. I'm suggesting that anybody else who has had some cut in this to be stepping forward and apologizing as well. I'm very sorry, to the entire community we have on DARP.

    I'll never forgive myself for what I've done. I'm not stepping down or leaving over it, but that's not saying I'm not affected. I'm not going to be displaying everything that has happened, for that's mostly to be staying between users, but I'll say that I'm aware that I've made mistakes. I'm working on being a stronger and better leader than that. This started from an unnamed memb…

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  • Bond em7

    So...I hate posting blogs. I've found that I only tend to do it when there's some massive issue that needs to be addressed, and I ALWAYS end up writing a huge wall of text which is much longer than I intended it to be. I figured when I stepped down from the Administration team I would essentially fade into the background and while I've tried to keep up as best as I can, I know that to some extent I have fallen to the wayside on knowing everything that's going on here, and RPing with almost every user. Some who have been on here I've never RPed with both due to my lack of time and effort, and for that I apologize...I wish it were different.

    Anyway...that's a rabbit hole for another blog (or maybe the end of this one). I'm going to attemp…

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  • Jay Sea


    October 16, 2016 by Jay Sea

    So, because reasons, my darling Birgetto Raske's mom just died (aka was killed on a mission), so he won't be able to play the final match. He wouldn't be any good either, since he was very close to his mother. He will be taking his cats and things back to Norway and sending his teammates cookies.

    also he has two shelties and a wolfdog at home already

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  • Ckohrs0221

    Stepping Down

    October 15, 2016 by Ckohrs0221

    He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted. ~Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher

    I am very sad to be writing this. I thought there were members of the admin team who I could trust, and who could trust me in return. I thought that certainly things that happened over a year ago would be water under the bridge by now. It appears that’s not the case.

    I also thought that members of the admin team would stick up for each other. I thought that as a group, we’d support each other’s decisions, and stick up for one another when the user base didn’t like a choice that was made. I’ve certainly tried to do this myself numerous times, no matter what position I’ve held. But it appears that that same courtesy is not applied to me.

    If I cannot be trusted to do…

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  • Frostleaf1615

    School Life

    October 4, 2016 by Frostleaf1615

    So, hello everyone! It's Frost, again, with another update...

    So, because of my low grades in two of my classes, I can't have electronics at school until I get it back up to a C at the lowest, so until then, I'm restricted to two hours a day on weekdays until I regain all As, and four hours on weekends, so there may be less of me around, so if you really need to contact me, below are the ways I can be contacted at this point in time.

    If the name is bolded, it means I have access to it at any point in time.

    • KIK: Frostleaf1716
    • Wattpad: Frostleaf1615
    • FanFiction.Net: Frostleaf1716
    • Discord: Frostleaf1615
    • Email:
    • Hangouts: Riley McMonnies
    • Facebook: Riley McMonnies
    • Skype: Frostleaf1615
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    Heads Up!

    October 1, 2016 by DYSUTOPIA

    On the 24th of October I am going on a fun residential, not far, but we've been warned there's not really going to be good signal up there and you're not allowed to use your phone in activities, so I figured I might warn you guys. I hope to be able to get on a few times, but the point is to socialise with people and spend time with your friends, so it could be quite limited. The plan is to be back home in the evening of the 27th of October so I'll be back again. :)

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    The Big Reveal

    September 29, 2016 by Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    First of all, credit to the amazing Catty for the setup.

    Second of all, you may have your character respond to this story as they will. (and in fact, I encourage you to do this.)

    Last of all, this story has been brought to you, thanks to yours truly, as well as, a very good friend.

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  • JayeMalik'

    New Sorting Forums!

    September 29, 2016 by JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys! I take it you all have a good guess as to what this blog is all about, if you've seen the blog title. :P If you don't, then let me clear that up for you: the sorting forums have been redesigned! I know you've all been hoping for this for a while now, so I hope you're pleased with the final product.

    Now, they still have the same format, but some MC questions have been changed, the minimum requirements for personalities and histories alike have been bumped up, and open-ended questions have been added! Read below for more details. :)

    To make the sorting process not just easier, but more organized, I've divided the sorting process into three. There's Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. Below are stated what each stage means, and the correc…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Under the Sea

    September 28, 2016 by JayeMalik'
    Wow, okay, so I don't know why I named the blog that. I have a deadly fear of being on a sinking ship. :c

    Anyways, hi guys! This blog isn't overly important, if I'm to be honest. It's just to let you guys know about my upcoming decrease in activity. :P I'm going on a vacation from October 1 to October 8 for my sweet fifteen, and I'll probably have no wifi, since it's on a cruise. However, I might get something when I'm on the islands, so I might be able to come on. I just can't promise anything. :P Moreover, the S&S department will still be running, approving/sorting characters left and right, so don't worry about that. :)

    ...this is a relatively short blog. Wow. Okay. Not used to that. xD If you guys have any concerns, feel free to catch me on…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    For the quarter finals, we'll be taking up two separate weeks to be playing out four matches. So, here's the list of matches and their primary and secondary GMs. :D If you've discovered you won't be able to post on these matches, it's advised you find somebody else on that team to be posting for you during that stretch of time. Thanks!

    • Week 10 (September 26 - October 2nd)
      • Germany VS Mexico (GMed by NAP)
      • Egypt VS Japan (GMed by Lilly/Carn)
    • Week 11 (October 3rd - October 9th)
      • Norway VS Argentina (GMed by Ck/Chase)
      • Ireland VS United States (GMed by NAP/Lilly)
    • Week 12 (October 10th - October 16th)
      • Mexico VS Japan (GMed by NAP)
      • Norway VS Ireland (GMed by Chase/Ck)
    • Week 13 (October 17th - October 23rd)
      • Norway VS Japan (GMed by ...) - Final
      • Ireland VS Mexico (GMed by NAP/C…
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  • YouKnowWhooo

    Enjoying DARP!

    September 9, 2016 by YouKnowWhooo

    Hello dear readers this is Plasma X and I'm certainly enjoying my stay here.I'm grateful to all admins who working hard to make this wikia a perfect Harry Potter RPG Wiki and believe me it already is.I hope to stay active as I'm now.Thankyou again to admins and all the active members of DARP.

    Keep up the work :)

    PlasmaX~~Owl Me~~My SpellList 13:48, September 9, 2016 (UTC) 

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys! Lately, I've noticed a lot of users have little to no ships, and as the Admiral (kudos to Carn), it's really irking me. School is supposed to be fun!! With ships, and heartbreak, and love, and laughter!! Hogwarts is seriously lacking that right now, and it's sort of upsetting, because with ships come character development, and that's always great! SO I've come with the brilliant idea to make this page to list characters that are single and ready to mingle, for people to consider and check out. :P I hope this reaches yall's hearts or smth and I start seeing these ships happen.

    I know there was the Character Matchmaker a while ago, but that was more of an IC thing. I intend to make this a bit more OOC, just so users can talk it out, an…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    Time For School

    August 28, 2016 by NotAlwaysPerfect

    After receiving my schedule, it's been revealed that my life is going to be really crazy for about nine and a half months starting September 1st. I'm staying in as Crat, but I'm just going to get a little bit less active on the weekdays. I'm going to be mainly only active in the afternoon, but I'll be trying to get on during the morning and the lunch hours, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

    I'll be juggling between three Highly Capable classes, refining my knowledge of American Sign Language, managing Honors Society meetings, and running around doing plays and musicals for Drama Club (because self-sabotaging is so fun). I'm not sure when exactly I'll be on, because I'm yet to start the school year, so I'll be giving an update on that. Unti…

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  • Frostleaf1615


    August 27, 2016 by Frostleaf1615

    So, this is pretty much an update blog for me and you to use as a reference guide when I'm not on here or am inactive.

    1) I'm mostly staying on here due to Soph, Meri, and Jay. No one else.

    2) I'm entering my junior year and am trying to become an occupational therapist once graduated. Occupational Therapy, especially in the beginning, is an extremely competitive field of study, which means I will be spending more time studying and working to try and make myself the best choice in the end.

    3) I'm also in the interests of a publisher, which means that I have to focus on my writing now...

    I can't give as much to DARP as I did in the beginning, which means that starting tomorrow, I'll officially be going semi-active. I will more often be active o…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Here comes that time...

    August 17, 2016 by JayeMalik'

    Like the blog title suggests, it's that time of the year again! :D

    Which, exactly? Well none other than the return to school. That's great, isn't it? :D I look forward to the new school year! I can't wait to take Algebra 2, Chemistry, and all that very fun stuff! Yay, right? that's bull if y'all didn't figure it out. i hate school. please no. ;w; cri cri. I don't have it as bad as Catty does... barely bad at all, but my activity will decrease a little bit while I get used to the new schedule and all. Not to mention, there's always one point in the school year in which I get grounded, and get limited to two hours online during the week, and three on weekends. For you that don't know, It's... not unusual for me to get grounded, so if you all no…

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  • Acatonthemoon


    August 16, 2016 by Acatonthemoon

    I didn't really think I should write this, but I decided it was better to have it out there to explain my sudden disappearance.

    I'm not saying goodbye. Because Goodbye seems too permanent (and unfortunately you're going to be stuck with me sometime in the future :P ). So instead I'll say see you later. I didn't exactly plan this, but what can you really plan when Real life is involved. You don't really know where it will take you, or what effect it will have on you. I know i have a character currently as a teacher and also a head of department but some personal things happened lately, kind of suddenly that I have to sort out and on top of that I got my exam results a little while ago, and they weren't exactly what I'd hoped, so this year I …

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  • Jay Sea

    So my new school has a really strict phone policy at the moment, meaning that if you use it during school hours it could be taken away. (Like, if you use it without a teacher's express permission, even during lunch or study hall, you could lose it.) I'm unwilling to bring in my laptop since the school has a theft issue. What this means is I'll only be able to post from the bus and the occaisional times my mom takes me with her to the library/her school on weekends. The district is working on approving the new phone policy that says we can use our phones outside of class and maybe study hall, but until then I won't be on for extended periods of time very often.

    AKA hmu with an owl or whatever. I'm still here, I'm still queer, and I'm not a b…

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    (Aka, I'm not sure I can RP them right anymore.)

    Emelia Caracciolo She never really got settled in England, and she still desperately misses Piero and Bassano del Grappa. She managed to convince Cathryn to let her transfer to a school in Italy where they can continue their search from home ground.

    Feli Fiedler Her dad got sick a while ago. She'll be going home for some time at the end of the semester to look after him and be homeschooled by a tutor. (AKA, I don't yet know if she's coming back.)

    Audi Evans Audi's going to be moving to Durmstrang at the end of the semester. She doesn't feel too great and doesn't know how much seeing Eeku is going to help her move on.

    Luciana Montagna She wants to at least try living in Italy again. She doesn't kn…

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    If you look below, you'll see a list of teams and their players (as well as any available spots). As you may see, there's a number next to each of the team names which represents how many spots are open on that said team. If you're curious about how you can make a player, look here.

    Chaser Chaser Chaser Beater Beater Keeper Seeker
    Players Theis Messi Velasco Moreno Vidal Otero-Muñoz Ibañez
    Users Sophia YKW Carn Jaye Brocky Yorkie Alex

    Chaser Chaser Chaser Beater Beater Keeper Seeker
    Players Heikal Bassily OPEN Zidan Aten Rayan Quereshi
    Users Yorkie YKW TBD Hecate Uni Mina Lissy

    Chaser Chaser Chaser Beater Beater Keeper Seeker
    Players Greer Hohenzollern Schröder Reichert Lange Schweinsteiger Förstner
    Users Mina Elentari Eternal Sophia Chase Lilly Merisa

    Chaser Chaser Chaser Beater Beater Keeper Seeker

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    After some consideration, it’s been decided that we’re announcing the summer expansion a few weeks earlier than we had expected to for a variety of reasons. Although there’s already been speculation or some knowledge of it, we’re here to confirm that this upcoming summer expansion will be another Quidditch World Cup!

    For this, we’ll be having eight teams (see down below) which we’ll be needing fifty-six players for to fill all of the positions available.

    • Argentinian National Quidditch Team
    • Egyptian National Quidditch Team
    • German National Quidditch Team
    • Irish National Quidditch Team
    • Japanese National Quidditch Team
    • Mexican National Quidditch Team
    • Norwegian National Quidditch Team
    • American National Quidditch Team

    Now, let’s go over how we’ll be making…

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  • CattyTheOrchid16

    A.K.A today's the day I'm off to Philippine Science High School :P

    I'm heading off to my high school at like, nine o'clock today and I just wanna send y'all a sort of final goodbye because I'm quite sure I'll be back online next weekend, depending on our car and our weather's conditions. IC, let's just act like my characters have faded into the background for the next five/six(?) OOC days. I'll probably be able to post the next Daily Prophet once my first school week is over, again depending on my teachers' mood about whether they'd give us homework for the weekend.

    So, yeah. I'll miss you guys a lot, I'll probably tackle hug tf outta y'all once I hopefully get back. Don't start a revolution or something of equal, or greater, excitement whil…

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    My Upcoming Situation

    August 4, 2016 by DYSUTOPIA

    So, I feel really bad since so many people are becoming less active of late, but you guys deserve a heads up.

    My summer finishes on September 5 (I will likely be absent most of August 25, my results day) and I will, hopefully if the results are good, be starting sixth form on this date. At this given moment I intend to take up four A Levels, which is a large commitment and I need to be prepared to take it seriously. I need to do at least the number of hours of class time in home study throughout the week, presumably plus homework. So this might lead to me being less active than I would like. Whether stepping down is needed I will gauge once I have started and have some idea how much of my time will need to be committed to schoolwork.

    Just th…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hey, guys!

    As this title suggests, this blog is about pregnancies in Hogwarts, and clairvoyance! Not... clairvoyants getting pregnant in Hogwarts, but rather they're both different topics. xD Anyways, let's get to it!

    Now, I was meant to post a blog a few weeks ago about pregnancies in Hogwarts, given that topic came up on chat a few weeks ago. I know this is a particularly sensitive topic, so to say, considering this is something that has caused arguments beforehand, but I am not looking to start anything. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section, but please, be polite as you do so. :) I don't mean to offend anyone with this blog post, and if it does, then I'm completely sorry. It was not my intention.

    So, there was a vote about.…

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  • Luctor Et Emergo

    So, I'm not quite sure why I'm making this blog post. Maybe I just need an explanation for why I'm chucking away most of my characters, and I need to write it down. Basically, I'm doing just that - deleting many of my characters. All of them apart from Jack and Adele are staying, but the rest are leaving. Or dying. Very sorry.

    • As much as Rae loves her family, she knew she had to leave and find some independence. She did just that - she joined her sister in her travelling and found a happy job in another country. She writes to her family every week.
    • Cedrica grew sick of not pursuing her dreams. England was holding her back, and she knew she wanted to go on and continue her project on making technology work in the magical world. She's getting …

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  • LittleRedCrazyHood


    July 28, 2016 by LittleRedCrazyHood

    So, this is me stepping down.

    Sidenote: I hate naming blogs.

    I've obviously not been active for a while now and that isn't fair to this wiki. I ran for RB with the intent to serve and help make DARP a better place but at the moment I know that I'm not capable of doing that. RL comes first – school's been hectic, I have more extra-curriculars this year, and there are some problems I need to sort out too (but it's nothing you guys should worry about).

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  • Frostleaf1615

    Okay, so I'm doing this little calendar thing to allow you guys to know when I'll be open and on RPing and then incapable of RPing, so if you have any questions, direct them below or on my talk page!

    In July...

    • July 15th-18th, I'm in Indiana with old family friends, so some RPing, but not a lot.
    • July 28th-31st, I'm at the beach for a family reunion, so no RPing there!

    In August...

    • August 11th-14th, I'm showing at the Pierce County Fair with no wi-fi or laptop
    • August 22nd-31st, Leadership preparations and school starts! Going officially semi-active this term!

    Thanks again!

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  • Frostleaf1615

    Okay, this is my first time doing anything like this, so it may be a bit bad, but I'm gonna give it my best shot.

    1) I know I've plagurized. I've started coding lessons and doing research to make sure that whatever I do is not plagurism.

    2) I know I've irritated people. I've always been that one person who's been in the shadows, who has been trying to fit in for so long, and it's coming out to you guys.

    3) My characters are currently some of the worst I've created out of any time, so until further notice, I will be stopping all character creation after Cassiel, excluding Alex, until I feel ready to deal with more.

    Next year, I am also becoming more involved in 4-H, school leadership and writing. So, all of those will keep me busy.

    I will also b…

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  • JayeMalik'

    Hi, guys! So, lately, there's been a lot of student werewolves put in. It... doesn't really mix in with the information given to us by the HP Wikia, which states that a lot of precautions had to be made to ensure the safety and secret of Remus Lupin and his lycanthropy. It was hard enough to keep the secret of one alone, so imagine a slew of werewolves at Hogwarts, even with the Wolfsbane potion. Realistically, parents would pull their kids out of Hogwarts if they were to find out about the amount of werewolves in Hogwarts. Many things could go wrong.

    As a result of the sudden income of werewolves, Lyss, CK, and I have agreed on putting a freeze on werewolf students. No werewolf students will be made from here to two years IC from now. Hop…

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  • Alyssa5582

    Hi everyone!! I realized that I may not have told everyone, assuming that a lot of people already knew, but I'll be leaving for the summer next Wednesday, the 29th.

    Originally, I was going to plan on staying home for the summer, but I got an offer to be the Assistant Camp Director of the camp I've disappeared to the past few summers, and have gone to since I was about 8, and I just couldn't refuse the great opportunity.

    I'll be at camp from June 29 until about August 22. So, during the week, I'll rarely be able to come on due to the high level of work and lack of good internet. But, I'll be home most weekends, so I will be here to see you all and deal with any problems that I may have not been able to during the week. I'll be doing my best …

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  • NotAlwaysPerfect

    To start, I suck at blog posts and I also don't think I'm important enough to totally deserve one. However, I still feel I should write one, because I don't want to let a bunch of people know individually.

    Anyways, recess is a small break for small little children to stop learning how to draw ducks and trace their names over dotted lines so they can go throw wood chips at each other and fall off the monkey bars. Or, that's what it is in my mind, but it wasn't that long ago that this soul was out doing that type of stuff.

    Obviously, that's not really the point, because that would be a waste of a blog post. So, I just wanted to let everybody know that I will be gone a lot more this summer than I normally am, because I have a lot of days of vacati…

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  • CattyTheOrchid16

    As most of you know, I'm entering my freshman year this August 1. PSHS is one heck of a strict school, meaning my Wi-Fi use will be limited and closely observed, pocket Wi-Fi is not allowed, our laptops will be in our locker at all times unless we're using it for research, and we'll only be able to access educational websites. I can't sneak in here because we'll be observed really closely. BUT I'll be able to come home on weekends probably so... :D

    Since I'm running the Daily Prophet now, I've made up a schedule for me so the publishing can still go on with my absence. It goes somewhat like this:

    x M T W T F S S
    Week 1 Collect details/Class Collect details/Class Collect details/Class Collect details/Class Collect details/Class Collect details Check details …

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  • Carnarvan

    Up In Smoke

    June 12, 2016 by Carnarvan

    Okay, so most of you are probably aware of this already, I haven't made a big secret out of it. But I like to make things official and tie off any loose ends that might come up.

    So I have a job this summer as a camp counselor at an overnight camp. I'm at camp from Sunday morning to Friday evening. Which means the only days I'll be able to access chat or even consistent access to DARP will be Saturdays. I'll have my phone and very slow camp wifi to deal with any issues that might come up with Quidditch or AI stuff.

    Now to tackle another issue... yes I do have a Head of House. Dakota's going to take a sabbatical for a year. There will be a temporary head of Ravenclaw chosen that will fill in for Dakota. As for the league, I can still manage it…

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