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Birthday March 21st, 2027
Age 18
Status Alive
Pronunciation bleh·EYE·th
Family · Joseph Copeland (father)
· Maeve Copeland (mother)
· Brigid Copeland (half-sister)
· Benton Copeland (brother)
· Billie Morrigan (cousin)
Handedness Right
Gender Female (cisgender)
Orientation Homosexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Irish
Speaks English & Irish
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure-blood
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown (naturally)
Black (dyed)
Height 5'6
Model Alice Pagani

Blythe has always had a rather simple appearance. She is 5'6 - a rather average height - and her weight is generally on average too. She has fair skin and a slim nose with slightly fuller lips for a white person. Her hair is naturally a light brown color, but she has dyed it to be black and chopped it up to have some bangs. Her eyes are a perfect hazel color, rather unusual and beautiful. She really struggles with feeling bland in her appearance.
The Copelands were a successful family from Manhattan, New York. A No-Maj family, they adopted several children who they perceived to be regular, run of the mill children. However, one of which - two year old Joseph from Flushing, Queens - was a wizard. His family was confused by his magical heritage, but would inevitably send Joey off to Ilvermorny, where he was sorted into Horned-Serpent. He graduated and began working at the American Ministry of Magic meanwhile his parents continued to financially support him as long as he continued on his career goals. When he met Sydney Morales, the two were head over heels for each other, but things went sour after they realized she was pregnant. Sydney gave birth to the couple's only daughter, Brigid Copeland, and the two coparented until she miraculously vanished off of the face of the Earth. His family had been disappointed in his choice of a partner and that is all there is to say on the matter. If he made another foolish decision like that one, then they would have to remove him from their wills and stop supporting him financially.

Money doesn't stop love though. When an Irish woman, Maeve Morrigan, started an internship at the Ministry, the two began an affair. After her internship ended and she decided to no longer stay in the United States, she begged Joey to return to Ireland with her. In the heat of the moment, he chose to go with her, fleeing off to her home country and marrying within the next year. Maeve would legally adopt Brigid, then the two would have a set of Irish twins: Benton and Blythe Copeland only elevens months apart in age. The Copeland family removed their ties from Joseph, but his arrogant, wealthy ways stayed with him. His and Maeve's Ministry jobs provided the family with plenty of financial support for their family that gave them enough wiggle room from their place as upper middle class that they could pretend to be the wealthy family that they dreamed of.

When Blythe was seven years old, the Copelands moved to Godric's Hollow in the West Country of England. Around then is when she met her neighbor and childhood best friend Nova Sriyata and had her first sign of magic. While playing dress up in the Copeland family's backyard, the two were "pretending" to be witches and casting spells on the shrubbery. One of these "spells" - cast by Blythe herself - made one of the bushes violently shake until all of the tiny, glossy leaves fell off, leaving it as an ugly bundle of sticks. It wasn't very thrilling, but that is how it happened. Blythe was lucky that Nova was also a witch as there are Muggles who live in Godric's Hollow, but from around that point on they were essentially best friends.

A few years later, they would enroll at Hogwarts together. Blythe was sorted into ___. Her marks were always lower than average, signifying her struggles in school. She's intelligent yet foolish and often would overestimate her ability to accomplish things last minute, leaving her behind in her studies even in classes she was passionate about. When she was fourteen years old, she realized she is a lesbian. It was something she had pondered for some time, but being introduced to the concept helped her find her identity concretely. It took her a while of mulling it over with herself before she whispered to Nova that she was gay. The two remained friends until fifth year, unaffected by Blythe's sexuality until the very end.

During a sleepover at the Copeland family home, Blythe's parents, who are stereotypically conservative, inquired about another girl that she had been inviting over a lot lately. Of course, Blythe was unaware of Nova's jealousy and has no clue why she chose to respond to their questions, but the latter accidentally outed the former to her family. After Nova was sent back down the street in the morning, Blythe was confronted by her parents, who then insisted she pursued help for her cause. Feeling angry and betrayed, she blocked her best friend after a stream of distraught texts, then went through the suffering of pretending to become "straight again." It broke her, crushing every part of her soul slowly until the summer ended and she could return to school.

As her sixth year began, she started to develop several destructive habits. Previously, she was a very put together, albeit foolish and lazy girl. She visually belonged in her family, fitting into their white picket fence aura and suiting their faux air of wealth. However, she began smoking and drinking underage and developed a habit for bad relationships. She has had seemingly dozens of girlfriends, becoming the person welcoming of all of the girls who want to explore their sexuality and often leave her heartbroken in the end. Blythe became desperate for love or any emotional attachment, but found herself as a tool for physical affection exclusively. This continued to break her view of herself, becoming more spiteful and destructive until her family's trip to France the summer before her seventh year.

Blythe had wandered onto the streets after sneaking out of her family's shared hotel room. Her sister and brother-in-law were allowed to keep their own room, but she was forced to share with her brother. Luckily, he cares very little about her survival as a result of his own homophobia (perhaps very internalized as she often believed prior to her outing that her brother was also gay). Sneaking out of their hotel in Paris was easy, then slipping away into the wizard community hidden behind the Muggle streets and falling into the shadows. She was never very street smart, but this was how she met L'Ordre de la Mort (or simply the Order), a French necromancer group. Not understanding consequences much less caring, she met with them almost every day during the Copeland family's vacation before officially joining them. When she returned to the United Kingdom and went back to Hogwarts in September, she kept in close contact as they planned an attack on another criminal operation based closer to home.
Blythe is purposefully destructive. Her favorite spell is Bombarda Maxima and she will always protest that she doesn't get to use it enough. Beyond physical means, she is reckless beyond imagination. When served with two options, she has adopted the mentality of always choosing the worse one as she sees herself as someone who is destined to lose eventually and she wants to see how far she can push it until she finally does. She cares very little for protecting herself and is only defensive when she recognizes that others need her assistance. Otherwise, she would never shape up and change her ways. Outside influence is crucial to her survival as she has almost no survival instincts or "street smarts" (see: joining the Order on a whim - just to piss off her parents). She is foolish like most teenagers and often finds herself in unwarranted trouble.

Most of the time, Blythe feels more like an empty version of herself than an actual person. Having lost any semblance of peace or love, she turned towards recklessness to try to stop all of the remaining air from spurting out of that balloon. She's a hopeless romantic, who struggles with her sexuality in the sense that she can't stand not being accepted for it. She has always been willing to drop anything and everything for a girl, which often puts her on the path to heartbreak. She's well known around the school as that lesbian and has started to realize that she's seen as a tool for other girls to explore their sexuality instead of someone to truly love. This makes her feel terrible about herself, destroying her self esteem and reaffirming the bad coping mechanisms she has developed in recent years. She absolutely can't stand herself, second guessing almost everything she does except in one particular case.

This is not to say Blythe lacks a spine or any sort of confidence. While around other women, she may crumble; the same does not happen with the failures that are the opposite sex. Nothing makes her feel better than the energy of a stupid or incompetent man, but nothing makes her more filled with rage than a cocky one. She's naturally very spiteful and can be incredibly short-tempered at times. She is inclined towards theatrics and tends to make things as difficult as possible for the sake of a little drama. While she isn't necessarily stubborn (as she's easily tricked), she will not be convinced into valuing the life of any one man. Perhaps this is a deep-seated issue with jealousy and her many straight loves, but it is an unresolved issue that has started to plague her in recent years. She's soft and emotional in the hands of any woman, but will be the first to speak out against any man that speaks out of turn against her. It's certainly unreasonable, but her jealous nature rules her hardened exterior and she often fails to process the humanity of most men.
Billie Morrigan

Benton Copeland

Brigid Copeland

Joseph Copeland

Maeve Copeland

Nova Sriyata


Boggart Dementors
Amortentia Bonfire, maple syrup and cigarette smoke
Patronus Has lost her ability to cast
Interests Potions, feminism and eating the rich
Pet Peeve Men and gross things (same thing)
Habits Drinking, smoking and taking brain elixir
Star Sign Aries Sun
Dreams/Goals Move out of her parent's home first, but feel validated second
Color Black
Song Mitski - I Don't Smoke
Show n/a
Movie n/a

· She had always been averse to drinking and smoking, but started doing so when she was 16 years old
· She has a lot of ex-girlfriends (most of which she still has a friends with benefits type relationship with)
· She has gotten a few different illegal tattoos - done by various ex-girlfriends
· She doesn't actually care for necromancy and finds it rather disgusting, but is mainly involved to piss of her parents - not really considering the consequences
· She hates critters and has no problem killing them
· She has a black cat, which she enlists to attack and kill things for her
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