Bodhi Wildsmith
(Character roleplayed by Sugar)
If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.

– Haruki Murakami

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Bodhi Wildsmith
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June 22nd, 2020
United States of America

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  • Carina Timms (wife)
  • Atlas Wildsmith (son)
  • Iris Wildsmith (daughter)

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His kids being murdered


10⅞" Sycamore, Dragon heartstring








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  • Timms family
  • Des Lauriers family
  • Boswell family
  • Granville family
  • Hogwarts
    • Gryffindor

Bodhi Wildsmith is a half-blood wizard, the son of Justice des Lauriers and Nym Wildsmith. His godfather is his mom's cousin Leo de Lauriers.

His name was chosen for him before he was even born. It was a name laughed about and chosen playfully in the early stages of pregnancy and it stuck. He began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy in 2031, and was Sorted into Gryffindor house.



I just cash in on the fact that I’m good looking, and I’ve got a nice figure and girls like me.

– Sid Vicious

Early childhood

Bodhi Wildsmith was born in 2020, to Justice des Lauriers and Nym Wildsmith. He was brought up in a No-Maj neighborhood. His parents both had No-Maj jobs and rarely used magic inside or outside of the home. Regardless of the life they had chosen to live and the plans they made for the future they were unprepared for a child. An understatement considering the circumstances at the time of his birth. The coronavirus disease situation left Justice, and less so, Nym, paranoid about what went on outside of their home. Justice treated every sneeze, cough and sniffle as if it were deadly. Nym grew annoyed with her behavior over a short period of time. Their relationship was doomed from the moment she refused to continue social distancing.

He was a prisoner in his own home, held captive by his own loving mother. She'd been afraid of what the updates from the news stations and social media told her was right outside the door. The paranoid-schizoid issues and anxiety attacks that debilitated her in the past were triggered on a regular basis. Whenever Bodhi found his way out of the house with any opportunity that presented itself she always lost her mind. Without fail, she became a rage fueled, wide-eyed, crazed woman. Nothing mattered if she didn't have her son to protect. She always knew where to find him, Guardian of the Gulch.

As county wide restrictions were slowly lifted, and they were no longer forced to quarantine together Justice forced Nym out of the house. They were physically separated from one another although they were not a legally divorced couple. Apart Justice seemed to retreat even farther into her fears. Nym began dating and moving on with her life while Justice put even more of her focus onto keeping her son safe. She ended up being placed in an in home mental rehabilitation of sorts. Nym had her wife declared incompetent and paid for doctors, nurses and caregivers. She hired a live-in au pair for Bodhi while she filed for full custody. When the paperwork was completed Bodhi and his mother moved to the UK.

In 2030 having settled nicel into their version of the London-lifestyle Bodhi and his mother Nym were out at a fancy restaurant. In tow was Brandy, yet another woman Nym was dating. Sick and tired of these meetings and forced dinners Bodhi snapped. Everything seemed to go wrong at this one dinner. His menu caught on fire and burned the table cloths and his napkin. He'd managed to knock over his cup of water which caused his waitress to jump back, drop and break his plate of chicken and pasta. Luckily he ended up getting a mini dessert for dinner and a slice of tiramisu to go. He didn't understand how the fire jumped from the candles, to his menu, to the table, to his napkin whenever Brandy talked.

Before he started at Hogwarts Bodhi's mother gave him a pet snake. His named that snake Scout and he never went anywhere without him.

Hogwarts Years (2031-2038)

Gryffindor crest

Bodhi Wildsmith began his education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 2031, he was Sorted into Gryffindor.

First Year

In 2031 Bodhi boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time. Headed for Hogwarts in the first years carriage he was joined by: Leo Skively, Carina Timms, Joseph Marat, Bianca Spinelli, Taurus Fox.

Second Year

In 2032 he and Carina practiced defensive techniques against one another. They started Combat Club, a dangerous cross between tennis and dodgeball.

Third Year

In 2033 his favorite subjects in school were Arithmancy, Charms and Potions. On his own time he discreetly studied Time Magic.

Fourth Year

In 2034 Bodhi began taking Advanced Arithmancy Studies at the request of Professor Scott Cadwallader. At some point mid year Bodhi casually dated his fellow year mate; Jade Sykes, and housemate; Hazel Palmer.

Fifth Year

In 2035 he continued his Advanced Arithmancy Studies also taking an advanced Herbology course as well. He branched out within his relationships and dated schoolmates from different houses and years; Alana Rackham and Tiffany Stewart.

Sixth Year

In 2036 he had an intense summer fling with his best good friend. After winter break he and Carina Timms became “exclusive”. He and his future life partner made all of the tentative plans new couples make.

Seventh Year

In 2037, with the help of his Professor and the Hogwarts Headmaster, he became a Ministry approved Arithmancer.

Adult Life

After Hogwarts Bodhi was able to begin his career as a professional Arithmancer, with the help of his former Professor, after graduation. The majority of his earnings are made by gambling in the muggle casinos and converting his winnings into wizarding money. The quick start into the working world left him better able to continuing pursuing his interest in Time Magic.

Bodhi and Carina moved in together by 2040. Within a year of cohabitation they were married and expecting. They have two children; Atlas and Iris.

Physical description

Bodhi is unconventionally attractive, since he was a baby he's always been aesthetically pleasing. It's like he was blessed by the god of good looks. He's got Nym's dark hair and green eyes like Justice. His skin is a rich and warm tan that makes his bright eyes pop. He's tall, he's lean, he's muscular most of that comes naturally although he works out two times a day seven days a week. He doesn't do it for his physique alone, he's addicted to the endorphins. Bodhi has a straight, pointed nose with a small bump at the bridge and a bit of flare at the nostril. He's quite proud of it too.

Personality and traits

He’s a speed reader, if he's up for he can read two books in a day or more. He did that a lot in his youth when time seemed endless.. He’s read anything and everything he can get his hands on. He’s read about a lot of different things; Scuba diving, hot air ballooning, indoor gardening, and blacksmithing. He hasn't gotten the chance to do some of those things, and he might never get to. Over time he's realized that he doesn't need to put into practice everything he's ever learned about. He doesn't always have the time to go through as many books as he use to

He's extremely rare, the type of person that few people have the privilege of knowing more less befriending. He's one of those beautiful people it's hard to believe were made that perfect. He's highly intelligent, not so much so that he's rubbing in your face all of the time. He's not smug or aggressive. He's laid back and nonchalant, he flies under the radar when he wants to. He almost seems to let the world pass him by and yet still manages to accomplish everything thing that he wants. He's a mental strategist with the seasoned veterans disposition, he doesn't let things get under his skin.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Charms
  • Potions
  • Herbology
  • Arithmancy


  • Wand: Bodhi's wand is made from Sycamore, the sycamore’s ideal owner is curious, vital and adventurous, and when paired with such an owner, it demonstrates a capacity to learn and adapt that earns it a rightful place among the world's most highly-prized wand woods. His wand's core is made of Dragon heartstring, they always bond strongly with the current owner, it is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental.
  • Owl: Flint Eagle owl
  • Pet: Scout Ball Python
  • Satchel



Wildsmith Family

Bodhi was his mother Nym's biggest fan. He also loved his mom Justice with all his heart. He was very close to both his parents and in particular his mom Justice for about ten years. After his parents decided to split up he spent most of his time with his mother Nym. They were very close, he sometimes felt more like she was a sibling than a parent.

Bodhi and his wife Carina have an "open marriage", they both agreed to allow the other to pursue relationships outside of the one they have with each other. Their is zero secrecy in what they do with or without the other present.


  • Bodhi: Sanskrit name translated as "enlightenment" or "awakening, enlightenment".
  • Wildsmtih: Deriving from the old English pre 7th Century "hweol-smith" meaning "wheel-smith".
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