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Boyce Stephan Schmidt
Drop Out
Blood Status
Human; Wizard
RPed by Kayle.

Boyce Stephan Schmidt is a former Boyanova, former Gryffindor, and Durmstrang drop out, before he got a suicide note from his beloved Raindrop and he vanished off the map for good.


His model is Ash Stymest.

Boyce Stephan Schmidt was brought into the world on May 22nd in Cardiff, Wales. His parents were quite well-known and many of his siblings would become the same. His father, Derrick, was the keeper for the Heidelberg Harriers and his mum, Emily, was the beater for the Holyhead Harpies. After the graduation of several of his siblings, his older sister Lena joined the Holyhead Harpies and his older brother Ansel became the seeker for the Harriers. So, obviously, quidditch meant a lot to Boyce and his family. In fact, if it wasn't for the sport, his parents would have never met.

Derrick and Emily met before a game between their teams and a love soon blossomed between them. Everything had seemed fine, until two years into the relationship when they broke up. The Harriers had won one of their biggest games and Derrick got heavily drunk. He hadn't been drunk in a while before that as Emily didn't like it when he did. A supposed fan of of the Harriers had saw him and seduced him. That's when Derrick, thinking the girl was Emily, took her back to their place where Emily waited. She hadn't cared to let him explain himself and simply left.

Derrick was barely focusing during the games, yet Emily was putting all her power into her own. The Heidelberg Harriers and Holyhead Harpies had then grouped up together. They recorded Derrick telling the truth of what happened, unknown to him. The Harpies had then given the recording to Emily who fortunately forgave him after a long discussion about it. They hadn't gotten back together again until a year and a half later and three years later, they got engaged. One year later and they got married.

At the time of the oldest sibling, Lena's birth, the family lived in Wales. Two years later, Aeron and Arthur were born in Germany. Another two years later and Ansel was born. Boyce and Edmund came next, both being born in Wales during trips. They weren't twins, but were instead born during two different trips. Not long after that, the twins, Sadie and Blake, had been brought into the world.

Growing up, he had always been closer to Blake. She was four years younger, but he never thought much of it. They had tried to keep in touch when he was at school as he had always wanted to be there for her. It was because of this that he disliked Sadie so much. Sadie had picked on Blake about not showing any signs of magic until she was nine, relentlessly calling her a squib.

Boyce's own first signs of magic was one the day of his birthday party, which was three days after the real day. He had been seven at the time and they were celebrating in the backyard. He didn't get mad or anything, but his mother's flowerpots began shattering beside them. It was four years later when he started attending EESM, being sorted into Boyanova. After two years, the school burned down and he transferred to Hogwarts, which was the school Sadie has just started attending, and got placed into Gryffindor.

Boyce lived on to be fairly happy, getting a girlfriend and landing a spot on the quidditch team in his fifth year. His father and two of his siblings died, however, doing the summer, and so he tried to move back to Germany, back home where he always wanted to be. He attended Durmstrang, and stayed with his aunt and her family, trying to act as if nothing ever happened, although he knew something did. So, by the time, the end of his Sixth Year rolled around, he dropped out, and became a quaffle/water/snack boy for a kids quidditch league, as he remained at his aunt's.

Boyce can be described as 100% extrovert. That's not to say he doesn't have a filter, because he does. He knows when he should speak and when he shouldn't and what to say versus what not to say. Boyce is fun-loving and spends most of his time trying to make memories instead of working on academics. This doesn't mean he's stupid or that he doesn't care about his education. He truly does and sometimes wishes he would focus on it more, but he forgets about the thought in about five minutes once the thought of how playing quidditch and pulling pranks is some much better pops into his head. Boyce has a need for socialization and gets uncomfortable when he's not hanging out with people he enjoys or meeting new people. When it comes to friendships, age and gender are meaningless to him. He assumes that's just his socialite talking.

Boyce is quite intelligent outside of his classes and school, despite common belief. He can remember nearly everything he hears or reads if he wants to and has become quite obsessed with etymology and the scientific and mathematic aspect of sports (especially quidditch). He normally hides these things as to not seem like a nerd, but it's there and most of his siblings are unaware of these traits. One would think he would make a good liar or at least an actor, but it doesn't. He's a terrible liar and can get in trouble quite often because he does stupid things then lies about it.


friends, acquaintances and enemies


*Boyce's full name is Boyce Stephan Schmidt, which he actually likes.
*Boyce is German, and it's obvious by his strong accent and the German words constantly slipping into his sentences such as "hallo" (hello), "ja" (yes), "nein" (no), "danke" (thank you), and so on.
*Boyce's first languages are German and Welsh, with English being one he learned much later on, even if it isn't obvious.
*Boyce's boggart is complete abandonment from his family, or rather his loved ones in general now that he has Rheine.
*Boyce skips schools a lot, having attended EESM from First to Second, Hogwarts from Third to Fifth, and Durmstrang for Sixth.
*Boyce, upon returning home, got several magical tattoos, including one of a cloud, raining down on what's supposed to be Rheine, Germany.
Handedness Left
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Pomosexual; Pomoromantic
Relationship Status Kinda Secretly Dating Ugh.
Pets None
Favourite Songs TBD
Favourite Colours Blue and Red
Favourite Sweet Anything Chocolate (Especially Cinnamon Chocolate)
Most Treasured Possession His Quidditch Broom And Beater's Bat
Where to Find Them TBD


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