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Brandy Ardelean
The Queen Bee
November 8th 2012
Name Pronunciation
BrAHN-dee ar-dey-ley-an
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Childhood Fear

Brandy Ardelean's parents had been born in two different continents- Romania and France. Brandy's mother, Gina had a twin sister, Dalila. Her father, Sorin, has a twin named Caius. The pair of twins very easily fell in love with the counterpart twin. Dalila with Carius, and Gina with Sorin. A couple of years later, the pairs were married almost a year apart, and the next few years after THAT, they each had a child, almost a year apart. While Gina and Sorin styaed in England, Caius and Dalila moved to Romania, in a cabin nestled in the mountain ranges near Lacul Bolboci, a lake fed by the Ialomița River. Brandy and Lacee, the other pair's daughter had known about one another since birth. They were the bestest of friends. There was nobody closer than those two, really. They sent letters almost every day to one another, and when they visited, they were never apart from one another, ever.

Gina was a reporter, who had an uncanny ability to get more out of her sources than they even intended to give. Sorin was a Ministry employee with a shady past, he had friends in high places, it should have never come back full circle. When they met one another for the first time it was under false pretense. Gina was pretending to be a new intern. Sorin quickly took to the "new girl", he gave her the grand tour, and while he was so taken with her beauty he helped her get the credentials she should have already had as an "intern" of the Ministry. It was meant to be an investigation into poor hiring techniques, to finally uncover how certain inexperienced individuals within the ranks of Magical Government. A deep cutting piece about how potential employees made their way through a building that was supposed to be dedicated to the preservation of the magical world.

Gina published it. She revealed the Ministry to be what it was. Sorin had applauded the young entrepreneur. The way she had exposed the problem of the ministry was definitely not something to be taken lightly, after all. he opted to take the rather attractive woman out on a date after that. She even invited her sister, Dalila. Dalila fell in love with Caius. It was meant to be. The four were married around the same time a few years later.

It wasn't until the children were about five or six when things started falling apart. Lacee's family, according to her letters to Brandy, were fighting day in and day out. They even said this word- Divorce. When Lacee asked someone what it meant, she hated the answer. Brandy was her outlet- But that year, Brandy had her own problems. She was visiting Lacee when it happened. Brandy was faced with the horrible news that her parents died in a fiery explosion that left everything she knew destroyed. Further into the investigation was revealed how corrupted her father was in the ministry. It was not something that was unknown to Gina, but they never thought that their beginning would be their end. They found who killed him, and they imprisoned him. But now, Brandy was left without parents.

As much as the Ministry in France tried to take her back, Brandy violently refused- It was actually her first sign of magic. She burnt them when they tried to grab her. Lacee saw this, and she refused to let her leave just as much. Together, the two convinced Lacee's arguing parents to adopt Brandy. This actually helped more than it didn't. Dalila and Caius, just as mournful as Brandy about their sibling's death, had to look at their niece and agree- She was important enough to rethink the situation. The two agreed to work on their marriage problems, for the girls.

Brandy moved into the cabin with the family. With the amount of money Brandy had inherited, they were able to upgrade from a simple cabin to a much more deluxe house. Brandy even found her favorite place in the world - Underwater. The lake they lived near was where Brandy went to unstress. Lacee came as well but didn't swim as well as Brandy did. The two girls grew from the experience of going such through stress- They were just as close as ever. When they turned eleven, the girls had both went to Beauxbatons, per Dalila's request. When Lacee got expelled for "Borrowing" winged horses, they both went to Durmstrang- There was no way they were getting separated. They simply refused.

The two graduated from Durmstrang. During their time there, however, Lacee's parent's relationship had hit a boiling point. The two split, so in a poetic way, so did the girls. They split from their family and moved to England. In England, Brandy got a job working at a shop in Knockturn Alley, in Hogsmeade, and Lacee breeds dragons. Enough to say, they definitely make enough to get by.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Activist, Kind,
Worst Qualities
Self-centered, Cynical, Manipulative
Most Influenced By
Her cousin Lacee
Queen Bee - Brandy is, in one word, most of the time, especially when you first meet, her, arrogant. Her aloof demeanor is very well accompanied by the size of her ego. She believes very much that she is beautiful- And due to her Veela side, she very much is. Brandy is very cruel towards men- She uses them to her advantage. They otherwise have no use for her, really. She's detached to everyone, except Lacee. Brandy's mere presence in a room makes everything seem a tiny bit colder.

Feminist - She's a huge advocate for equality between men and women. Brandy is well-versed in the differences in society between men and women and strongly defies any wrongdoing towards either gender. She's the same way with transgender rights. While not easily offended, she can and will come to the rescue of anyone she sees being treated unfairly. Her cruelty at this point can be directed towards either gender- She just wants people to be treated like humans. She also despises blood supremacists and advocates for the worker rights for house elves and goblins.

Family and Love - Brandy is very cynical about love. Seeing her aunt and uncle's love die out so quickly, and seeing so many people hurt her cousin (sister), Lacee, she hates the idea of love. Physical attraction towards women and men, she has. She'll really take advantage of someone hitting on her, and have a night of fun- But that's all. There will never be anything more for her. She outright refuses to fall in love.

talk bubble
Brandy Ardelean - Queen Bee - Charms Teacher

- "Act like a lady, fight like a soldier, think like a boss."
Message Me  - -

"What? What do you want?"


skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Pansexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status
Single (In a low-key friends-with-benefits type thing with the Vanvilkenburghs.)
Favorite Drink
Creme Soda
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song


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