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This character has been requested to be preserved by AceOfBlysen.


Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

clockwork princess
jayden brianna kiseol yoon


↪ jayden brianna kiseol yoon
yoon ki-seol [ 윤기설 ]
↪ bri
yi-sol [ 이설; hye-jin only ]
↪ 23rd of september, 2018
Sex / Gender
↪ female / female
↪ british
↪ asian; filipino & korean descent
↪ asexual polypanromantic
↪ alive; legally married & in a poly relationship
↪ muggleborn witch; border collie animagus
↪ soloist of byulsung and alohomora ent
unspeakable; head of the department of mysteries


replay, replay, replay
memories scratch at my heart
Brianna Yoon - Cube 1.1 Brianna Yoon - Cube 1.2
Brianna Yoon - Cube 1.3 Brianna Yoon - Cube 1.4

september 23, 2018

↪ jayden brianna campbell-montgomery is born to jamie montgomery and richardine campbell-montgomery in cebu city, cebu, philippines

age 9

↪ moved to the uk because of her father's job

age 11, winter

↪ involved in a werewolf attack, developed psychosomatic limp on right leg from trauma
↪ decided to undergo animagus training

age 13

↪ realised she like likes nate wilde
↪ decides to stay in hogwarts despite her parents' protests
↪ animagus training completed; animagus form: border collie
Brianna Yoon - 13 yrs

age 15

↪ relationship with parents become more tense
↪ spends the holidays and summer after 5th year at backpackers' hostel
Brianna Yoon - 15 yrs

age 17

↪ gets adopted by yoon tae-min and hong min-ho, co-ceos of hwanin
↪ changes name to jayden brianna kiseol yoon
↪ gets two older adoptive siblings, reinhard and anissinna
Brianna Yoon - 17 yrs

age 19

↪ moves back to the uk
↪ becomes an unspeakable in the department of mysteries' brain room with rain sassari
↪ moves in with rain sassari
↪ meets and adopts gavyn vallière-kyoh

age 21

↪ meets ryelle oh in italy
↪ releases her second mini-album, amihan
↪ she and drake discover they're both polyamorous and they begin dating
↪ releases her first full length studio album, moonstone

age 23

↪ she and drake hwang begin to date ryelle oh
↪ releases her third full length studio album, galaxie
↪ gets married to drake hwang in december
↪ releases mini-album winter sonata
↪ moves in with her partners

age 24

↪ reunites with old classmate bastian park-zelmerlöw
↪ releases mini-album kaleidoscope
↪ her partners begin to discuss about having their own children
↪ releases fourth full length studio album, sampaguita
↪ she and rain sassari discover betty, an ai library of records

age 26, present

↪ becomes head of the department of mysteries

age 7

↪ first sign of magic: accidentally summoning a book from the topmost shelf

age 11

↪ accepted into hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
↪ sorted into ravenclaw
↪ meets & befriends future best friend for life and parabatai, rawiya "rain" sassari

age 12

↪ began animagus training
↪ parents began to discuss how to pull her out of hogwarts and 'remove' her magic from her
Brianna Yoon - 12 yrs

age 14

↪ gets involved in a hostage crisis in the three broomsticks
↪ witnesses nate's murder
Brianna Yoon - 14 yrs

age 16

↪ drops out of hogwarts
↪ moves in backpackers hostel after being disowned by parents
Brianna Yoon - 16 yrs

age 18

↪ moves to south korea with her new family
↪ gets scouted by byulsung entertainment
Brianna Yoon - 18 yrs

age 20

↪ debuts as solo singer kiseol under byulsung entertainment amidst duties as unspeakable
↪ releases debut mini-album, cinnamon
↪ adoptive son gavyn vallière-kyoh becomes a casualty to serial killings
↪ meets drake hwang at work

age 22

↪ gets engaged to drake hwang midway through the year
↪ releases her second full length studio album, mayari
↪ meets ryelle oh again sometime in october
↪ releases mini-album to: paraluman
↪ becomes adoptive aunt to annalisa yoon

age 24

↪ meets kotarou inugawa through ryelle oh
↪ releases mini-album twilight, her only release for the year
↪ halfway through the year, kotarou inugawa is added to their poly
↪ they meet lucie han, who is eventually added into their poly by the end of the year

age 25

bastian park-zelmerlöw becomes the latest and final member of their poly
↪ releases mini-album puzzle: complete
↪ announces hiatus from singing career to focus on ministrial work
↪ her poly finalises plan on having a child together
Brianna Yoon - Cube 2.1 Brianna Yoon - Cube 2.2
Brianna Yoon - Cube 2.3 Brianna Yoon - Cube 2.4