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Bridget Flynn
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Bridget Flynn is a Ravenclaw Second Year

Bridget 3rd Year

Bridget is fairly short in stature, with curly brown hair and big, expressive brown eyes.

She tends to dress more modestly, with knee-length skirts, high collared blouses and cardigans.

Her faceclaim is Lara Robinson

Bridget Flynn was born eleven years ago, on April 8th. Her parents had modest means-- she didn't grow up rich, but neither was she destitute. The pictures in her parents home would imply that she grew up happily, both with her parents, and with the two younger brothers that eventually made their way into the world. Michael was born when she was almost three; Colton was born when she was almost five. Being the oldest in her family shaped things for her in many ways, but specifically that she was to be an example for her siblings. Being that example meant following rules, being punished perhaps more severely for rule breaking, and a general bossiness for enforcing rules with her younger brothers. And this bossiness is, in part, what's caused some of her family's dysfunction.

Bridget is not close to her siblings. In fact, when her first signs of magic appeared (an expected event in a magical family) she was by herself. Michael and Colton frequently played together, and Bridget frequently played by herself, as she was when she became frustrated with the puzzle she was working on. The pieces flew together and assembled before the six-year-old could really comprehend what was going on. Ironically since then, Bridget hasn't been very good at puzzles. Bridget is extraordinarily close to her mother, who spent a good deal of time at home (while still working some), and considers her mother her best friend. Contrarily, her father is rather distant. He's not a very affectionate Dad, he works more than Mom does, and doesn't seem to connect with Bridget on any sort of personal level. There are times when this bothers Bridget, but since she's very close to her mother, it's not a constant nag or anything.

Bridget feels a huge sense of pressure, starting Hogwarts. She feels the need to succeed and do well, to set an example for her brothers, who will someday follow her. Additionally, she also feels guilty leaving them behind. Mom works part time... who will help Michael and Colton at home, when she's not there? Bridget's mother was in Ravenclaw-- but Bridget isn't sure that's where she'll end up. She doesn't think she's smart enough to be Sorted there. Dad was a Hufflepuff... and she could end up there. Maybe ending up in Hufflepuff will bring her and Dad closer together-- but what if it doesn't?

Bridget is a fun-loving, extroverted girl. She makes friends easily with everyone around her, but chooses carefully who to get close to-- it's hard to maintain many superficial relationships, and so keeping many friendly acquaintances is good, but ultimately keeping two or three best friends is better. She's a big believer in giving everyone a little grace, until they truly reveal that they don't really deserve it (she probably gives people more extra chances than is probably good for her). She has a big heart, that's right now easily broken. Teasing, mean-spirited, selfish people will quickly get under her skin, and depending on how the situation unfolds, she'll either snap and get angry... or cry. And usually if she's angry, she cries, so either way, she'll probably cry. She's aware that she's a crier, but she has no idea how to go about controlling her emotions. Coming from a family that's not very close, at least on a nuclear level, has given Bridget a real sense of desiring to know about her family's history. She's not aware of any heirlooms, but if there were, that's the kind of thing she'd be super interested in. She could spend all day listening to stories that her parents, and especially her grandparents will tell her. History is easily her best subject, followed by Charms, since she's always been interested in learning about the past, and what brought her to where she is today. It's too bad that she's just a little too short-sighted to truly apply that sense of "from whence we came" to her own personal life. It's not that she blunders into things-- she has enough maturity to know to think things through, but rather that she tends to make some decisions without fully anticipating the consequences. And when the consequences hit her, she doesn't always hold up well.

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Colleen Flynn: Mom

David Flynn: Dad

Michael Flynn: Brother

Colton Flynn: Brother

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Wand Wood: Acacia

Wand Core: Unicorn Hair

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