Brighton Soleil "Bright" Pentecost
Hufflepuff Alumnus • Melting Pot


Personal Information

Full NameBrighton Soleil Lacson Pentecost
BirthdayJuly 12
Zodiac SignCancer
Sex / GenderMale / Male
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
AccentDiluted Cuban
BirthplaceCienfuegos, Cuba
Living SituationPentecost Cottage, Riverhall, Hogsmeade
Languages SpokenEnglish, Cubano, Tagalog, Hokkien

Magical Information

Blood StatusPure blood
Wand WoodHornbeam
Wand CoreYellow Fwooper feather
Wand Length13 1/4 inches
PatronusEuropean badger
BoggartBurning house


"If I was an animal in my past life, I'm one hundred percent certain that I was a badger. Snakes aren't a part of my diet though."

Perhaps Bright’s most eminent characteristic is that he’s the poster boy of Hufflepuff. He embodies the traits true to the colors of yellow and black: loyalty, industry, what have you. If we are to be specific, his strongest points are his outstanding work ethic, time management skills, and tenacity. He may not be as intelligent as the Ravenclaws or as clever as the Slytherins, but his diligence is enough to put him on par with them. To prove this, we can look at the contents of his annual planners. Almost everything that he does is written in clean and thorough timetables. However, we have to be clear that while he is a structured person time-wise, he is not rigid. He’s actually flexible and practical. For him, adapting to ever changing circumstances is better than wasting time fussing about it. Case in point: He studies right at Nan’s Diner if he finished his shift a little later than usual instead of going all the way back to his dormitory. Thanks to his parents’ principles, he was able to survive Hogwarts while juggling his academics, extracurriculars, social life, and part-time job.

It’s rude not to go over Bright’s other traits despite being a Hufflepuff archetype. So anyway, his housemates remember him for being homey (He’s quite the homie as well, actually.), thoughtful, and reliable. A Love Languages quiz would definitely classify his actions under quality time, receiving gifts, and acts of service. No one would excellently brew coffee and make snacks during exam weeks like him. He would even go as far as making packed meals if they didn’t have enough time to eat at the Great Hall. He’s virtually the big brother of his year and it’s definitely not the authoritarian type. Although admittedly, he recognizes his tendencies to treat other people like kids or as if they are careless. His compassion and concern can also be mistaken as constant nagging.

Lastly, he wouldn’t be named Brighton Soleil if he wasn’t like the sun at noontime. His optimism is radiant and his spirit sanguine. No matter how prickly a situation gets, he has a distinct flair for putting it in a positive spin. Humor is definitely not his forte though. Only crickets can stand his dad jokes. His puns don’t make any possible sense either. In spite of this, people find him amusing and adorable when he accidentally slips into different languages. And while he is essentially a likeable person, Bright’s sun for a personality can prove to be a vulnerability.



"Imagine having multiple ethnicities, languages, and nationalities under one roof. My family is pretty much the macrocosm of the United Nations."

Neighbors and friends of the Pentecosts gave them the moniker “Melting Pot Family” because of the complex mixing of their ethnic bloodlines. Benito, the eldest son of coffee farmers from Cienfuegos was of American and Cuban descent. Meanwhile his wife, Soledad Lacson, was a Mestizo de Sangley. It referred to a person of mixed Chinese and Filipino ancestry. The term wasn’t used some time after the Spanish Colonial Period in the Philippines, especially because of its derogatory connotation. And for some fortuitous circumstances, the married couple hailed from pure-blooded magical families as well. I won’t bore you with the nitty gritty details though. Tracing their family tree would only give you a bad case of migraine.

Moving on, Soledad’s immigration to Cuba was somehow accidental. You see, Benito got her pregnant during the former’s one-year stay in Manila. In an effort to expand the Pentecosts’ family business, Benito was sent there to personally set up branches with the help of Chinese-Filipino merchants. He also traveled across various provinces in the Philippines to gather coffee beans that he could introduce back in Cuba. Anyhow, Soledad’s parents didn’t approve of her relationship with Benito. They expected that she would marry a man of the same ethnicity as hers. The disagreement prompted Soledad to come with Benito to Cuba. Her family has never heard of her ever since. In contrast to the Lacsons, Soledad was greeted with open arms by the Pentecosts.

Benito and Soledad were married in Cienfuegos. Shortly after, they welcomed their firstborn son, Brighton Soleil who was an absolute ball of sunshine. It was for this reason that he was fondly called Solito or “little sun”. He inherited much of his mother’s Asian features while his complexion came from his father. In the following years, the growing needs of the young family urged Benito to open a coffee shop downtown. What better way can you promote your family’s homegrown coffee beans than a coffee shop, right? Simply put, all was merry and simple for the Pentecosts.

At a young age, Bright was brought up to a multicultural environment. The Pentecosts’ humble two-storey abode contained decorations and elements that reflected Benito and Soledad’s ethnicities. Likewise, the young Solito was able to learn four different languages (English, Cubano, Tagalog, and Hokkien) through the years. It often got confusing, especially when they talked to each other. His favorite part of being a multicultural child though was when his Muggle primary school celebrated United Nations Day. He would wear a different national costume every four years. It sure made his playmates and classmates envious.

Aside from his lingual proficiency, he had a natural talent for food and cooking. Most of his free time from Muggle primary school were either spent helping his father bake pastries and prepare coffee or assisting his mother in preparing their meals. They had help with some food-related charms, of course. Bright wasn’t able to perform such spells until he was nine, when he magically made a dough rise in ten seconds flat. Consequently, he received his Hogwarts acceptance letter on his eleventh birthday. Around the same time, he obtained letters from Castelobruxo and Ilvermorny as well. Soledad, who was a Hogwarts graduate, decided to enrol him in her alma mater. She remembered that her family once occupied a cottage in Riverhall, Hogsmeade when she was still a student.

I reckon that it goes without saying that Bright was sorted into Hufflepuff House, considering his lighthearted personality and inclination to cooking. His mother was a Hufflepuff too. As a student, he excelled in Charms while Herbology came in second. He would also practice his food-related spells and manual skills from time to time in the Hogwarts kitchens with the house elves. As his skills drastically improved, he managed to whip up feasts that fed his whole house whenever they won a Quidditch match or the house cup. True to the spirit of Hufflepuff, he often made packed meals for his friends and housemates. His coffee and eggnog were favorites during exam weeks and the holidays.

Whenever it was a school break, the Pentecosts would gather in their cottage in Riverhall. The times were swell until Bright’s fifth year. He received the news that Benito closed their coffee shop for an indefinite time because of financial difficulties and problems at the farm. The bad tidings escalated further when he found out that their house was robbed. The money that was supposed to fund his education for the remainder of his stay in Hogwarts was stolen as well. Being the optimistic and diligent person that he was, Bright signed up for a part-time job. He worked as a cook and waiter so that he could provide both for himself and his family. The owner paid him well, especially because he brought a diverse range of foreign cuisines to the menu.

Bright eventually managed to graduate from Hogwarts while being a working student. On the other hand, the parts of the salary he sent to his parents monthly helped them reopen the coffee shop. Unfortunately, business was significantly slow with the rise of local competitors. This made him decide to come back to Cienfuegos to dedicate his time in regaining his family’s financial footing.

Two years later, the Pentecosts were back in shape. Their coffee shop, which was named El Amanecer, opened three branches in neighboring towns and one in Havana. The coffee farm was back in its normal operations as well. Around the same time, Soledad gave birth to twins: Pharos Arao and Phoebe Alba. Bright stayed for another two years to take care of his siblings before deciding to come back to Riverhall. It was high time for him to make a life of his own. He gave the last of his savings to his family so he had to start from scratch. Fortunately, Nan's Diner welcomed him back with open arms, this time as a full-time employee.



Face ClaimJustin H. Min
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Weight70 kg
Voice TypeBaritone
Blood TypeO+
Distinguishing MarksTBD
Body StyleMesomorph

Family Information

FatherBenito Pentecost
MotherSoledad Pentecost nee Lacson
Full SiblingsPharos Arao Pentecost (younger brother)
Phoebe Alba Pentecost (younger sister)

Half SiblingsNone
Other RelativesPentecost Family (paternal side)
Lacson Family (maternal side)


Significant Other(s)None
Best Friend(s)TBD

Name Etymology

Given [ Brighton Soleil ]Brighton: (various) Beorthelm's farm, the one who is loved, or bright town
Soleil: sun in French

Middle [ Lacson ]Sixth grandson
Surname [ Pentecost ]the fiftieth day after Easter / Whitsuntide


Solito (as a child)

Favourite ColourTBD
Favourite MovieTBD
Favourite SongTBD
Favourite FoodTBD
Favourite DrinkTBD
First KissTBD
First CrushTBD
First LoveTBD
First TimeTBD
OccupationCook and waiter at Nan's Diner
Sports PlayedTBD
Instruments PlayedTBD
Biggest HopeTBD
Biggest RegretTBD
Best MemoriesTBD
Worst MemoriesTBD
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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