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6th Year Hufflepuff
Owned by: Oli
Brock Kye
Basic Information
Full Name: Brock Kyuyoung Kye
(Kye Kyu-Young/계규영)
Born: 21st May 20??
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Asian
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More Information
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Exonian
Birthplace: Exeter, England
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English
Current Location: Hogwarts
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand Wood: Applewood
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 10 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: German Shepherd
Boggart: Being Buried Alive
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Sixth
Year Joined: First
Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)
Brock Kye 3

Brock is actively described as being the 'happy virus.' Many of commented that when he walks into a room the whole atmosphere brightens and laughter is known to ensue. For this reason it is extremely rare to see Brock not smiling or not laughing as those are the trademark signs of him. The reason why he is able to make people laugh stems from his sarcasm; he has a dry sense of sarcasm and a lot of the time he can think of one-liners quickly which mostly leaves those around him in stitches.

Brock, like Everett, is extremely protective and loving of his family. Bar the fact this was how he was raised, it's just in his nature and he knows it'll never change. He thinks that because he's so protective of his parents and brother, he wants to have kids of his own as soon as possible so he could love them. Which brings us on to another fun fact about Brock - he's amazing with children...if you take away changing them and feeding them. Any child that comes into contact with Brock will end up smiling or laughing, it's just a known fact. Back to the point of him being protective of his family - he'd do anything for them. If his parents or brother needed a place to stay, Brock's home is their home. If they needed someone to look after something for them, Brock's on his way. Even to the point that if they needed someone to sacrifice themselves to save them, oops Brock's already dead. Brock is, and always will be, extremely serious about his family and if someone was to talk negatively about them he would respond as such.

Going back to the point of rarely being seen without a smile; if one was to see Brock sad, pissed off or anything of that nature that would mean one of two things: one, he's having that much of a crappy day he doesn't care or two, you're that close to him that he doesn't care. More often than not it'll be the second as Brock never fails to feel as if he's attention seeking when he's upset. It's very rare that Brock would get sad over something as he can, for the most part, push situations away from him. He can, however, get pissed off easily and is known to be jealous.

Brock has recently stopped being shy - up until about the middle of fifth year Brock often kept his head down and didn't get affiliated in social circles. Even when he was a child and was in the larger groups, he was the shy one and would only speak to a few people. Since not becoming shy, he's learnt that he is more of a leader type rather than a follower and if he can't be the role he wants to be, well, he'll be the next best thing with no shadow of a doubt. Unbeknownst to him most of the time - although he is slowly becoming more aware of it - Brock can be extremely manipulative. He doesn't mean it, unlike some, but there are times where he'll try to influence people to see his way of thinking or to do what he wants and in the process disregard peoples' feelings or other such things.


Following the birth of their first son Everett, Dayton and Sierra Kye moved from Perth, Australia to Dayton's ancestral home in the English county of Devon. Two years following this Sierra fell pregnant with their second child and eventually gave birth to another son who they named Brock. Now having a second child the Kye couple would deem their family complete and would settle near the city of Exeter.

Growing up Brock was extremely close to his older brother, near enough being inseparable with him. Anything Everett was doing, Brock would want to do. This was essentially Brock's childhood - he'd forever be doing something with Everett and if not, he'd be doing small things like playing on a Tamagotchi or helping his mother doing the cooking. Unlike Everett who had few friends, Brock himself had a rather large social circle within his year at school but if push came to shove it'd be rare that he chose them over Everett.

When Brock was nine he had his first magical experience. At this point Everett had left for Hogwarts and although he did visit as often as he could, Brock still found himself to be incredibly lonely despite the large circle of friends he had acquired. Brock sometimes found himself to be lonely enough where he'd nearly cry as he wished Everett could be at home. Some bullies in his year at school picked up on this and began to tease him for such a thing. One of these times happened during a PE class in which the nine year olds were doing basketball in the school's gym. Reacting negatively and blowing his top, Brock caused the balls that were lying around to fly from one side of the room to the other. Of course nobody could trace it back to him, not even himself, and it was concluded there was a rush of wind.

When his father had heard of this he was already busying himself as he prepared for Brock's own letter to Hogwarts. Which, sure enough, in three years time arrived. Ecstatic to be near Everett full time again, Brock happily went to Hogwarts, being sorted into Hufflepuff and making best friends with Oliver Han who he was paired up with early on in first year and, a year later, with Elena Baek.

Model: Park Jin-Young (Junior/JR; Got7)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 110 lbs
Voice Type: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks: None
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Father: Dayton Kye
Mother: Sierra Kye
Full Siblings: Everett Kye
Half Siblings: N/A
Guardian(s): N/A
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Dayton Kye Father He is extremely close to his father and would do anything to keep him happy. However, their personalities have been known to clash and he sometimes claims he hates his father but ultimately he wants to make him proud.
Sierra Kye Mother He and his mother share the same sense of humour and as such whenever they're together both are laughing. As well as this he has very serious talks with her and isn't afraid to say that she is among his best friends. He loves her with all his heart and will more often than not say she is the parent he is closer to.
Everett Kye Brother Everett is his role model. He wants to be just like him. He loves his brother with all his heart and loves spending time with him. If he goes so much as a week without speaking to Everett he gets extremely sad. Next to Oliver and Elena, Everett is his ultimate best friend.

Name: Relation: Feelings:

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Oliver Han Best Friend/Crush He believes he is very lucky and special to have Oliver as a best friend. He wouldn't trade him for the world and, more often than he likes to admit, he doubts their friendship as he believe he is personally not good enough for Oliver's friendship. Unknowingly for him, he has developed a hefty crush on Oliver which everyone but him (and hopefully Oliver) can obviously see. He would not be complaining if he and Oliver dated (besides have you seen that booty tho)
Elena Baek Best Friend Despite being a year younger he attaches a lot of emotional support onto Elena. Whilst Oliver sometimes struggles with expressing emotions and comforting those who're experiencing emotions, Elena never fails to help Brock. Besides all the mushy stuff he really enjoys Elena's company and loves to gossip to her about a variety of things which may or may not include how hot Professor Chevalier is.

Name Meaning:
  • Current Name: Brock -> Derived from Old English surname meaning Badger
  • Surname: Kye (계) -> Cinnamon
  • Given Name: Kyu-Young (규영) | Kyu (규) -> Jade | Young (영) -> Petal, Flower
Nicknames: WIP
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Favourite Movie: Lion King
Favourite Song: WIP
Favourite Food: Chicken Nuggets
Favourite Drink: Lemonade/Strawberry Ribena
Most Important People: Everett Kye
Oliver Han
Most Treasured Possessions: A Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum Everett got him
Custom Trivia:
  • He has an insanely weird obsession with Tamagotchis
  • Ask him to choose between chocolate and lemonade and he'd pick lemonade without a question
  • His biggest fear is being buried alive
  • He has a weak immune system and as such he gets ill often
  • There are nights where he can't fall asleep without some form of light
  • He does have his left ear cartilage pierced but usually wears a clear stud, same with his left ear lobe
  • His sorting could've gone either way; the ability to be sorted into Hufflepuff or Slytherin being presented
  • He mainly took Care of Magical Creatures because he thinks Professor Chevalier is hot
  • He would cite Oliver as his ideal type in terms of wanting someone to make him smile and laugh everyday
    • But he will deny this if anyone asks, especially Elena
  • He is half British half Australian and while he, like his father, only holds a British citizen ship he is in the process of attaining an Australian one
    • He does a very good Australian accent and will sometimes taunt his mother with it for fun (fear not, she loves it)
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