Bronwen Blake
November 21st
Kristopher Blake, Ivory Henderson, Aaron Blake. Madeline Blake
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Comfortable, stylish
Kaya Scodelario

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Earliest Memory
Her father killing someone in the kitchen
Type of Childhood

Bronwen was born to Ivory Henderson and Kristopher Blake. Ivory Henderson, who was the White Blade before she had a child. An assassin who was very lucrative and great at her job. Kristopher Blake, who had abandonment issues, but still married the mother of his child, long before she was conceived. Kristopher Blake, who she reminded him of his first love so much that, Unbeknownst his wife, he named her after.

Bronwen Blake, who was destined to follow in her parent's footsteps. Bronwen grew up to be very aware of her family's history. She saw how her mother was always sharp-tongued and fowl-languaged, but still the most graceful person you'd ever met. Bronwen takes a lot after her. She saw how her father was always so soft with her mother, but would not hesitate to hold somebody up by the throat while on business, as she and her sister Madeline had seen one unfortunate day. The day Bronwen confronted him,and became well aware of her family's business.

It was that day, after she confronted her father and he told her what she needed to know, that Bronwen decided to try and keep as much information away from her siblings as much as she can. Whether it be by lying or helping her parents hide. Bronwen's siblings, in her eyes, don't deserve to know something so horrible about her parents - She already feels like a bit of a failure for letting Maddy see it. She doesn't need Aaron to as well.

Both of them were Magical, which Bronwen found out one day while she was helping her mother, retired from work at the time and busy taking care of her children (Bronwen had two siblings - A younger brother named Aaron, and youngest sister named Madeline). Bronwen had been tasked with cleaning up, doing dishes and making sure the table was clean. All that. Suddenly, she turned her back for one moment, and looked back to see the dishes cleaning themselves. After initial shock, Bronwen went to tell Ivory and Kris.

Kris and Ivory had explained to all the children about when their magic would first show itself. Her father seemed fairly happy about the whole situation, and seemed even a bit happier when she had arrived for her first year at Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin. Bronwen had been followed not long after her siblings, but at that point, she already had her own group of friends. Kris had mentioned how some old family friends, the Matthews, were moving to England. So it looks like she'll have to fit them in too.

When she graduated, Bronwen applied to be an Auror. Since then, she had been quietly doing her job.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Loyal, Smart, Kind
Worst Qualities
Manipulative, judgemental, Stubborn
Most Influenced By
Her father
Bronwen Blake is a stubborn, sharp-tongued, quick-witted, and musical young girl. According to her father, he knew it from the moment she was born that she would like music. Her cries, she played with as a child. Questioning all the harmonies her voice could put together and create. She's also a very curious child, which ends up with her testing many theories- Sometimes at the expense of other people. She's an incredible actor, of course; She had to do quite a bit of it growing up to prevent getting in trouble.

A pretty face is not susceptible to being accused of manipulation. That's one of the biggest perks of knowing she's pretty; She can use it against people. Bronwen is not a bad person, though. She knows what she is capable of, and only really chooses to use it against certain people. People who deserve it. This of course, does not make her a good person. Because sometimes she goes too far, and she rarely ever apologizes for it.

Bronwen is not to be determined as a good person at all. Being very well aware of what her family does, Bron had sort of taken it upon herself to put up a facade around her siblings; One that paints her as a good person. A genuine one. But she's not. She takes that directly from her parents, who put up the same sort of facade around the children. Bronwen sincerely hopes she is the only one who can see through it.

In reality, Bronwen takes a lot from her parents. The Sharp tongue and the incredible lying skills. She sees how her father hates what he does, but still does it for his family. He is who she learned loyalty from. She also learned how to hide things, like her curiosity for Dark magic, something frowned upon in society and by her father, who refuses to talk to her about it. Bronwen is also stubborn, so there's a very small chance she won't get the answers she's looking for

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Bronwen Blake Slytherin Graduate - Auror - Destined To Succeed
-"There's a river running wild that will create an empire for you"

 – 05:54, June 18, 2017 (UTC)

Bron smiles and waves slightly. "Hiya. How you doin?"


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Oliver Matthews

"Calm down, Oliver darling. She'd never get mad, not at us!"

Finley Matthews - Jaye

More like family, the Matthews siblings are a pivotol role in Bron's life. Oliver, to Bron, is like a little brother. He's the most sane of all the siblings and, honestly, the one whoo keeps her grounded when she's near Finley. She loves Oliver, and that's enough for her.

Elaine Matthews

"You must be that Blake girl then?"

Elaine Matthews - Vic

More like family, the Matthews siblings are a pivotol role in Bron's life. But Elaine is more like an alien sister than she is an atual sister to Bron. While these two don't know each other very well, Bron has opened herself up to the slightly more deranged twin, and thus she made another friend within the Matthews clan.

Finley Matthews

Finley... well, he just sees red. What right does this girl have to come in and embarrass not just himself, but Bronwen as well? Nobody was allowed to do that, nobody other than him.


More like family, the Matthews siblings are a pivotol role in Bron's life. In particular, Finley Matthews pisses her the frick off. In the best way possible. Bronwen is unsure of how she feels about him, but she know she'd hate life without him in it. Sometimes she wants to rip his face off, other times she wants him all for herself. But when push comes to shove, they love each other, no matter what Finley says.

Tessa Bellerose

"You really need to check yourself, because cousin or not, stranger or not, you really don't want to get on my bad side.

Tessa Bellerose - Jaye

Tessa is a bit unusual to Bron. While she is unsure how she sees her, Tessa is a lot like Finley in the respect that she's harsh. She's als more careful than him, and Bron sees her as a cousin - But she doesn't even like her own cousins. What's a girl to do? She doesn't dislike Tessa. She could be a great friend. But she's unsure.



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English, some Russian.
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