Brooklyn Knowles

To keep it short, Brooklyn is in dire need of a therapist. Suffering from PTSD and Depression, his moods vary from fine to suicidal on strange time intervals, and he has a very low image of himself. Adding this to his strict self-independence and unwillingness to let anyone help him, he isn't nearly as mentally stable as he'd like to be. Believing he'd simply be dragging everyone else into his own problems, he generally keeps to himself and is highly secretive of his life overall.

Of course, to keep his secrets, he's also highly manipulative, not that he likes to be. He's a skilled liar and actor; in fact, his life-long dream was to become an actor, if not for the circumstances that had come upon him. He knows how to run circles around something with just his words, and make himself appear trustworthy and innocent when he's far from it. In fact, he often uses his harmless image to trick his targets into following him so he can murder them.

However, that's not all to his personality. Besides reluctant deceitfulness, Brooklyn is a very caring and sweet person. He finds it incredibly difficult not to immediately attach himself to whoever he meets. He will be the one person who remembers your birthday, your half-birthday, your anniversary, etc. and shower you in presents for the occasion. He lives to please, and in the process of trying to please, he sometimes forgets to take care of himself as well. He's a very punctual and well-organized person who often has schedules for everything.

Free time and relaxation are foreign terms to him and he's always busy doing, well, something. He's not a workaholic per se (considering he kills people for a living), but his sleeping and eating habits revolve around the things he keeps himself busy with every day. His sleeping schedule is disastrous and rarely gets seven hours of sleep unless forced, and he's skipped several days of meals in the past. His self-management skills are horrid, with the only thing that looks well put-together is his appearance. No one can tell if you're falling apart on the inside if they can't see it, right?

Brooklyn loves art. He just, loves it. All forms of it. He's a talented artist, even if he won't admit it, and enjoys viewing all forms of artwork like music, literature, and acting. He's always wanted to be involved in some form of art as a child, and the dream has continued with him into adulthood. A characteristic of this said dream is his tendency to sing. He can always be found singing, and he's quite good at it. Although it can be said it's quite creepy while his singing in the middle of an assassination.

Let it be known, Brooklyn loathes his job, but if you end up witnessing an assassination, he will not hesitate to kill you. He's heavily trained in martial arts and killing tactics, and key to his organized nature, he makes sure to leave no evidence behind. He despises his boss and would do anything to quit his job if not provided the circumstances. He often feels like a puppet, and as a result, he hates being taken advantage of. If he finds out you've been lying to him or using him, his rage can often be murderous. When angry, he doesn't have much self-control and ends up doing many regrettable things.

Overall, Brooklyn is just a broken boy with shattered dreams and a childhood of despair. His hobbies include sitting on his couch in his run-down apartment and crying himself to sleep with ice cream while a horror movie plays in the background. Saying he's a hot mess is a gigantic understatement, and he knows it. Really, he just needs love, concern, and proper care, but when he's unwilling to let anyone give him any, it's fairly difficult to help.








When Kim Mineun arrived from South Korea to find a job in America's Wizarding Society, she wasn't expecting to also find love. After moving to Houston, Texas, Mineun ended up dating another wizard named Frederick Knowles just a month after settling down. Just four years later, they married, and after another two years, had their first and only child. It was around this time that things began getting tough. Not only had the both of them lost their jobs, they were struggling to find anywhere else to work. After a year-long search, they resorted to less pleasant methods of getting money. With Frederick's family having a history in drug dealing, he knew how to obtain and make drugs like cocaine and crystal meth. Reassuring Mineun that'd it only be for awhile, they began selling and making drugs. What Mineun didn't know, is that they'd end up doing this for the next ten years.

As a child, Brooklyn was incredibly sheltered. Not only did his parents keep him in the dark about their "job", they also kept him in the dark about lots of other things as well, things they deemed "inappropriate" as well as the possibility that he might be a wizard. Of course, they were too busy selling cocaine to realize their son was magical in the first place. His mom was a favor of tradition and always told Brooklyn to be proud of his heritage, often referring to Brooklyn by his Korean name, Sungmin, unless she was seriously upset with him. She sent him to school with traditionally made Korean food and wouldn't have it when he complained about being teased by other kids at school. She always talked of taking him on trips to Korea and said she'd get him a traditional hanbok and take him to festivals. This instilled in him the few good memories he had of his mother that weren't tainted by the discovery of her and his father's "career".

Living as a young boy in Houston, he sometimes wasn't surrounded by the most favorable people, but their influences never discouraged him from dreaming. He wanted to be anything and everything. He'd dream of being an astronaut one day and a ballerina the next. For him, as a kid, the sky was the limit and he wished he could be everything at once. And have time for naps. His father was the only reality-check for him. While his mother would be supportive of whatever he did, even if it was as ridiculous as being a pig wrangler (if that was even a job), his father only believed in what made money and didn't believe in impractical jobs that you couldn't immediately determine the success of them. So when Brooklyn expressed the desire of being an actor later in his childhood before hitting adolescence, his father was quick to shut his dream down.

When he was on the peak of hitting ten, an incident occurred. An incident that hadn't happened might've kept his home happy and cheerful for a little while longer. An incident that triggered a domino effect that led to the arrest of his parents and his discovery of their drug business just below his feet. It was a normal day like every day was. An innocent boy, sitting in the kitchen with his coloring set. Singing to himself, the world had disappeared and the doors were wide open. All of them in fact. For as long as Brooklyn could remember, the door to the basement was always locked, and he was told never to go down there. His parents had the key hidden somewhere inconceivable, but he never tried opening it anyway. He hadn't tried opening it, but the door opened for him. And when he noticed, he got up from the table and glanced down the basement, like he had found Wonderland. His father found him quickly though, snatched him up, and locked the door, lecturing him about never going to the basement, wondering how he had even gotten inside.

For a while after that, Brooklyn wondered about the door. He spent more time in the kitchen, where the basement door was and sat in front of it sometimes, singing. His newfound obsession with the door was beginning to worry his parents. They didn't want to bring him into their business, ruin the image he had of them, ruin the image he had of life, but he wouldn't budge from the door unless force was applied. It was a month after his tenth birthday that his parents were outed. He hadn't been into the basement until the police appeared at his parents' door with a warrant and asked to search the house. He was confused, he was scared, and his parents, too worried for themselves, did not comfort him, did not save him from the scarring. The police barreled into the basement, parents too distracted, they didn't notice Brooklyn sneak in. Didn't realize he witnessed the uncovering of his parents' darkest secret.

Brooklyn watched his parents' be arrested and shoved in a police car. He stood, a broken boy questioning everything he knew. After the arrest, Brooklyn was taken in by the social services while his parents were put on trial. Surprisingly, his parents pleaded guilty, and were sentenced to forty-five years in jail. They said their good-byes to their only child who couldn't respond from shock. His life had changed so quickly in the span of a few weeks. Afterward, he was put into the foster system, since Social Services couldn't find a relative in the United States he could live with. To say the least, he didn't enjoy it in the slightest. He had become a completely different person, affected from a life full of lies revealed. Days before he turned eleven, he ran away from his current foster home and decided to live out on the streets by himself. At first it was difficult, but he quickly adapted to the streets.

On his eleventh birthday, he received his invitation to Illvermony, finally discovering his Wizard heritage. As one does, he originally believed it was a scam but quickly changed his mind about it with the possibility of finding a new, clean, place to live with food and new clothes. Attending Illvermony was a whole new revelation for him. Everything about the magic world amazed him and made him forget, just temporarily, about his life in Houston. Every summer he came back to Houston and lived as a street urchin with the anticipation of the coming school year. Illvermony had become his safe-haven. When he graduated at age seventeen, he had fully developed his dream of becoming an actor, and wanted to kickstart his acting career. Unfortunately, something else quickly crushed his dreams. A dirty millionaire in the Wizarding World by the name of Ronnie Michelson had aided his mother when she had come to America for a new job, however, she was never able to pay off the debt for it. Now that she was in jail and no longer able to work, Ronnie pinned the debt on Brooklyn.

Poor, unemployed, and fresh out of Wizarding school, Brooklyn had no idea how he was supposed to pay the debt of his imprisoned mother without a job. Ronnie, seeing his dilemma, offered him the option of becoming an employee under him to repay his debt. Naively, Brooklyn accept, unaware he put himself in more debt. Ronnie said he'd provide Brooklyn an apartment and would pay his bills as well as have someone send him groceries every month, but what he didn't tell Brooklyn, was that the cost of all of it would be added to debt, furthering burying him in his situation. Ronnie, a wicked businessman had many enemies, and it would be convenient if they got taken out of the picture. Therefore, seeing Brooklyn's slender and nimble frame, thought he'd be useful as an infiltrator, and potentially an assassin. Like they say, like parent, like child. Brooklyn had become a criminal with no choice otherwise, and if he attempted to escape the deal, not only would his crimes be revealed to the public and he'd be carted off to prison, but he would never be able to pay off the debt.

As part of the deal, Brooklyn moved to the UK to carry out his job. Now he bitterly lives his days as Ronnie's hit man and wonders how he'll ever dig himself out of his miserable situation.







Full Name
Brooklyn Addison Sungmin Knowles
Lowkey open to any nickname
July 30th
Houston, Texas, USA
tbh just someone love him
Lincliff City
Horned Serpent Alumni
Family Blood
Wand Core
Dragon Heartstring
Wand Wood
Wand Arm
The Dark (Metaphorically)
Go Sang Gil
Eye Color
Hair Color
Distinguishing Marks
Depression, PTSD
Mental State
Kim Mineun/Mineun Knowles
Frederick Knowles
Full Siblings
Half Siblings






Favorite Color
Royal Blue
Favorite Music Genre
He loves all genres
Favorite Food
Ice Cream
Favorite Animal
He loves like all types of birds
Favorite Book
Simon vs The Homosapien Agenda
Favorite Drink
Favorite Song
Lovely by Billie Eillish and Khalid
Favorite Movie
Love, Simon
Favorite Sweets
Bad Habits
He goes to sleep incredibly late
Very talented actor
Languages Spoken
  • Addison:
  • Sungmin:
  • Knowles:












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