note: until bruno publicly comes out as a transgender female, i'll be using he/him pronouns to reflect IC knowledge!


Bruno Glyndwr-Schmidt
Future Ravenclaw
Owned by: Oli
Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Personal Information
Full Name: Bruno Sebastian Glyndwr-Schmidt
Francis Sebastian McDoney (previously)
Born: December 23
Age: 9
Gender: Male (biological)
Female (identifies as)
Species: Wizard
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Romantic Orientation: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Middle-Class English with a hint of Exonian
Birthplace: Exeter, United Kingdom
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand Wood: N/A
Wand Core: N/A
Wand Length: N/A
Wand Arm: Ambidextrous; prefers Left
Patronus: Butterfly
Boggart: Being a Disappointment
Exotic?: No

For the most part, Bruno is exactly what you'd imagine when you think of a nine-year-old. Cheerful with a bright disposition and with seemingly little that can damper their mood. Bruno's a little more intuitive than other kids around his age, mostly because of a more curious streak within him - one that wants to know anything and everything. He wants to know why something works like that and what are the alternatives? Subsequently, his imagination is a little more wilder than the other kids his age and he enjoys daydreaming a little more than his mums would like, admittedly. Still, he's always ready with a bright smile (mostly thanks to the new life he has a Glyndwr-Schmidt) and has a constant need to make other people around him smile, laugh and be happy. A cheery child, contrasting the past.

Deep down, Bruno's conflicted. He knows he isn't a he but a she but a fear of exposing herself thanks to the reaction of her biological parents has scared her into hiding. Though nine and young, Bruno has done a ton of research on what transgenderism is and has discovered him-herself within it's definition. Though this fear of coming out leads to outbursts of anger and sadness, Bruno has it somewhat on lock and has vowed to herself to not let it show through unless she's totally sure she can trust whoever she tells to not get angry at her and make her feel useless - the last thing she wants is to live her life as Bruno and not Annika. Though a stubbornness has yet to kick in, patience seems to be Bruno's virtue and she knows that holding out and taking her time will yield the best results. Besides, it's only a matter of time before people start to suspect, especially her mothers, right? That's the plan, at least.


Elias McDoney, wizard, and Yvonne McDoney, muggle, had nothing short of a toxic marriage. Their dating life had been marred with arguments over marriage but coated in an undeniable infatuation with one another. In fact, both were so possessive and enjoyed being toxic to one another, that they were the only one the other could stand to be around. It was a recipe for failure, honestly, so it was no surprise to anyone that truly knew the couple that the introduction of a child would be the last thing needed. Fears of how much the toxic behaviour would be directed at the infant were raised and, perhaps even scarily so, how would a child raised on such energy turn out? Would they be just as bad, save, worse than their parents? Questions people loved to theorise about, but feared speaking up about.

Francis Sebastian McDoney - a solid, McDoney man's name if you asked Elias. Yvonne was always indifferent but was content because it wasn't too out there like some wizardkind names - saved the two of them an argument. An important thing to know about Elias and Yvonne McDoney was that, though not strictly conservative in their beliefs, neither had the time to think about anything other than the hetero-normative society that they lived in. For Elias, he never knew any different as the McDoney's were as traditional and conservative as they got - something he broke by being more accepting that then (which still wasn't that much, saying a lot, really) but Yvonne herself had played into bisexual tendencies once in her youth and had her heart shattered. Ever since then? A contempt for any LGBTQ+ who could display their identity proudly. With that in mind, it was no wonder that when Francis slowly gravitated towards traditionally feminine things rather than the masculine things, his parents were infuriated.

Of course at first the two thought little of it. Francis needed to play with something and wouldn't go with his cars? If a doll made him quieten down, a doll he'd get. Surely one pink outfit wouldn't shatter his masculinity? Of course not, he's only an infant - as were the conversations Francis' parents had. Needless to say as Francis got older and he still moved towards feminine things as opposed to the masculine objects he was bought, tension arose. In various fits of rage throughout his young life, Francis witnessed all his favourite dolls being thrown away, 'feminine' clothes being burnt and being physically and verbally reprimanded by his parents for being a 'sissy.' The saving grace? As he got older, Francis came to realise that his name could be confused with a girl should the spelling be changed slightly - a thing that would prove to be the only thing that would see him through tough times.

The McDoney's were gifted with magic, an alleged tale being that they could trace their magic heritage back to Merlin (a fabricated story nonetheless, but one they boasted about regularly) and, despite fears that Francis' half-blood status would render him weaker, he still fit the mould and had his first magical experience at the age of five. In fact, it was a sort of f-you to his parents. In a fit of his own rage, Francis burnt most of his clothes thanks to his magic. Though their toxicity seeped through and he was reprimanded again for being a 'sissy,' his father seemed pleased of the outcome. It was this sense of false security that led Francis to his new life. In a bold mood, Francis requested to be known as Frances. He'd been come to known by it at muggle primary school and they were fine with it so, naturally in his five year-old mind, he had assumed his parents would be also.

Enraged, his parents upped their toxicity and, soon enough like they had wanted, Francis was taken away from them. To them, they were liberated from something they couldn't support but for Francis? Well he, a he coming to terms with perhapsbeing a she, was distraught. It was in the muggle foster home that, once confiding begrudgingly in one of the care workers, that Francis came to know what transgenderism was. Albeit it was a simplified version, it was one he could understand and he, now coming more aligned with the thought of being a she, was content. Magical outbursts still happened here and there and scolding did happen but, unbeknown to the young child, it'd be those experiences that would lead to a drastic change in lifestyle.

Francis never knew why the two women who were clearly a couple came to take an interest in him, nor did he know in the long run how their adoption was quick and swift, but he was grateful. Little did he or, at first, the workers of the home realise that Quidditch royalty Lena Schmidt and Cerys Glendower had come to the foster home with the aim of expanding their family. After getting a briefing on each child and hearing that Francis' parents, though essentially disowning him, still tormented him with empty promises of taking him home and, in general, continuing their abuse towards him, the two were interested. This interest was strengthened when they came to learn about his magical abilities. Though this was told to them in the form of 'explainable circumstances around him,' the two saw through it and were more than content with their adoption. Needless to say the McDoney's were horrified to learn who was adopting their son and they continued to fight for him back - if only to have a punching bag between them. Despite their efforts, however, Francis Sebastian McDoney had been replaced by Bruno Sebastian Glyndwr-Schmidt.

And that, for all intents and purposes, brings Bruno's life up to now. He never told his new mothers about his feelings about his identity, given his bad reactions before, and assumed a male identity in fear of upsetting them and being sent back to a foster home - one where his real parents could find him. At least by living up to the male role assigned, Bruno was protected from the McDoney's. Now nine, Bruno has come to fully realise that he isn't a he at all and that a she - tentatively named Annika for the time being - is the true identity of himself herself. She has yet to tell anyone, mostly out of fear of what reactions will come...

Model: Ethan Cutkosky
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 4'10
Weight: 60 lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Blood Type: O-
Distinguishing Marks: N/A
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Father: Elias McDoney
Mother: Yvonne Galley (née McDoney)
Full Siblings: Robert (-) & Julius (-) (brothers)
Elizabeth (-) (sister)
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): Lena Schmidt & Cerys Glendower (adoptive mothers)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: Astrid (+) (adoptive sister)


Name Meaning:
  • Bruno is an Old German baby name meaning 'Brown'
  • Sebastian is a Latin baby name meaning 'Venerable; Revered'
  • Glyndwr is a Welsh surname meaning 'Valley Water'
  • Schmidt is a common German occupational surname meaning 'Blacksmith' or 'Metal Worker'

  • Francis is a Latin baby name meaning 'Frenchman'
  • Sebastian is a Latin baby name meaning 'Venerable; Revered'
  • McDoney is a surname with no discernible meaning.
Nicknames: Or
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Movie:
Favourite Song:
Favourite Food:
Favourite Drink:
First Kiss:
First Crush:
First Love:
First Time: N/A
Most Important People: His Family
Most Treasured Possessions:
Custom Trivia:
  • Bruno is a transgender female and has yet to come-out
    • Should the opportunity arise, her preferred name is Annika Emily Glyndwr-Schmidt
Bruno GlyndwrSchmidt

Bruno Glyndwr Schmidt 1
Bruno Glyndwr Schmidt 2
Bruno Glyndwr Schmidt 3
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