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Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)Bryce JangRavenclaw Crest (Gif)
Ravenclaw Dropout
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Basic Information
Full Name: Bryce Zachary Jang
Born: 14 June 2004
Age: 25
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: British-Korean
Ethnicity: Asian
Bryce Jang 18
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Romantic Orientation: Hetero-Demiromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Bristolian
Birthplace: Bristol, England
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, some Korean
Current Location: His flat
Magical Information
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Wand Wood: Rosewood
Wand Core: Dittany Stalks
Wand Length: 13 Inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Kermode Bear
Boggart: Extreme Poverty
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw
Year: Fourth (Dropped out)
Year Joined: First
Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Bryce Jang 5

Bryce is someone who very much so believes that if you don't work to earn everything in your life, that you don't deserve it whatsoever. He first got this trait from his dad who eventually left Bryce, his mother and younger brother all by themselves. However before his father had left him, Bryce was a very happy child. He never once spoke ill of anybody, and often times was always very helpful - even to people he just met.

However, since the disappearance of his father, Bryce has realized that in order to succeed in your life, you need to work towards success. Considering he had to drop out of Hogwarts in order to help his mom even manage to pay some of the bills. He doesn't take kindly to people taking advantage of others in life, nor does he take kindly to those who use people or money to get everything they want. And although he may look nice - Bryce isn't afraid to put someone in their place when they do something he doesn't agree with.

Despite the change in his life from when his father left, Bryce has continued to live with a very upbeat and cheerful personality. Often finding something to do out of literally nothing, it is never a dull moment when he is around. Whether it be playing practical jokes/pranks on friends, or just hanging out, he finds it easy to bring smiles to others' faces. WIP


With their parents immigrating from South Korea to England, Lana and Danny Jang who both belonged to long pure-blood lines of Korean wizards and witches grew up in Bristol, England. Both had promising careers in the Ministry of Magic and they decided to get married young and live together for a few years before they had any children. Throughout this time period they managed to accumulate enough money to support a child comfortably and on June 14th Lana gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom they named Bryce. Although they lived and functioned well as a family unit of three, Lana was eager to have a second child so Bryce could have a natural life long friend. A year later however she was surprised when twins, Eden and Nyle, were born. From that, the functional family unit life continued on as normal until Bryce was four years old and beginning muggle primary school.

Lana and Danny's arguments started out as simple disagreements over the children's schoolings. Whilst Lana was keen to have them attend a muggle school so they'd be educated for wizarding schools and have a backup in case either of them turned out to be a squib, Danny was against it as he believed his children had no need for muggle education and that it was pointless wasting his funds if Lana chose a private school to enroll Bryce, Eden, and Nyle in. These disagreements escalated into bigger problems concerning issues such as finances as Lana was stuck at her mid-position whilst Danny was in a higher paying job yet the family saw very little of the money. After the arguments the marriage reached an irreversible point, Danny walked out on the family, leaving them financially crippled.

For Lana to advance to the next stage in her own career she was required to retake some of her O.W.L.S, causing her to go back to school for a short while in order to do so. No matter how long it took, she always had time for her children and although most of her income at the new position went to paying the various bills, she always made sure she had some spare for Bryce and the twins.

Growing up with muggle education and his brothers always hanging onto his side, Bryce grew up to be rather protective of his younger siblings and the three, like Lana wanted, became close. Bryce and his siblings had no objections attending a school with muggles, all of them gaining valuable friends within their time there. Of course, Lana was well aware that all of her children, at the ages of seven and six, hadn't shown their first signs of magic which did worry her somewhat. Although she had no prejudice against squibs, she knew it was a different case within the wizarding society and would rather not have her children face it. With Bryce, however, her fears were ceased when he returned home one day at the age of eight and claimed to have broken some of the glasses used for the teachers at lunchtimes. Of course on the inside Lana was more than pleased for her son to have shown his magical abilities, but had to feign being angered as the school phoned her to tell her what had happened.

When Bryce's 11th birthday rolled around the family of three waited with bated breath for his letter from Hogwarts and, sure enough, it came and a month's worth of Lana's income was spent on the preparations. At Hogwarts Bryce was sorted into Ravenclaw and over the course of the next three years he was often paired up with Piper Jung in various projects, a sort of friendship forming between the two. Piper even said a few times that Bryce was the best thing about Hogwarts before she left for Beauxbatons come their fourth year.

Like Piper, Bryce never made it to fourth year at Hogwarts, dropping out at the end of his third year in order to help his mother who had fallen under the trap of financial instability. In the middle of Bryce's third year there was a mass shuffle at the Ministry and many people were made redundant or replaced. His mother, unfortunately, was replaced by someone who was better qualified and the final sum of money she was given only stretched to the summer of the same year and, when that came, the family would soon be swamped with unpaid bills and creeping debts.

As Eden and Nyle went off for their first year at Hogwarts, being sorted into Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff respectively, Bryce stayed at home in Bristol with his mother who had since gotten a job as a vet technician. Due to the fact he was only turning 15 that year, there were little jobs available for him - however he managed to secure various paper rounds and did the most he could to help his mother. As his age increased to 16 a wider range of jobs opened up to him and he often worked in various retail jobs in order to maximize the money he brought home. Despite all the jobs Bryce had and all of the income he brought in, he never seemed to earn enough to achieve the easy life they had just a few years back.

At 18 Bryce had acquired enough money to rent out a small flat in London and, with his mother's approval, moved out to the capital and began to manage his own life. He had heard news that his mother had married a rich man and when realizing he'd never been notified of it or been sent money when he told his mother he was struggling, Bryce cut off all connections with his family and hasn't spoken to them since.

Model: Jung Yun-Ho (TVXQ)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 145 lbs
Voice Type: Baritone
Distinguishing Marks: None
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Bryce Jang
Father: Danny Jang
Mother: Lana Jang
Full Siblings: Eden Jang
Nyle Jang
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Danny Jang Father He hasn't seen him since he was a toddler basically and although he hardly remembers much of him, he cherishes the memories he does have of him
Lana Jang Mother Although he would never admit it, he misses her greatly and really wants to reach out to her again, but he's spent a little over three years ignoring all of her calls and at this point he doesn't think she would want to see him
Marnie Jang Sister He really misses Marnie and regrets not sticking around to help her out, just like with his mother - he hopes to reconnect with her

Name: Relation: Feelings:

Name: Relation: Feelings:
Piper Jung Childhood Friend Although they were friends during their years at Hogwarts, Bryce resents Piper and her family due to them knowing about Bryce's mom's financial issues and even though both families were friends and Lana asked Piper's dad for help, they refused to do so. Deep down he misses Piper, but he still thinks she's a spoiled brat

Name Meaning:
  • Given Name: Bryce -> Speckled
  • Middle Name: Zachary -> Usual English form of Zacharias
  • Surname: Jang -> Spread out
Nicknames: None
Favourite Colour: Teal
Favourite Movie: White Chicks
Favourite Song: Safe and Sound, by Taylor Swift
Favourite Food: Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Favourite Drink: Frozen Hot Chocolate
Most Important People: Not sure
Most Treasured Possessions: A stuffed animal his parents got him when he was still a baby
Custom Trivia:
  • Around amortentia, he smells high class perfume, freshly made pancakes, and hot chocolate.
  • Bryce doesn't like associating with people who use their money for no good, such as buying people's friendship.
  • He regrets dropping out of Hogwarts and if he could, he'd go back and finish all the years he missed.
  • He's allergic to all seafood.
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