Cadmus Walker
Ravenclaw Alumni / Potential Auror


Personal Information

Full NameCadmus Walker
Birthday25 May
Age22 y/o
Zodiac SignGemini
Sex / GenderMale / Male
Sexual OrientationBiSexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceIlios, Greek
Living SituationTBA
Languages SpokenEnglish / Greek / Swedish

Magical Information

Blood StatusPure-Blood
Wand WoodTBA
Wand CoreTBA
Wand LengthTBA
BoggartNot being good enough for anything


Cadmus is a man who's definitely been molded by his past. He's cool and collected, being able to read a room and figure out which side of him would be good to express in different situations. Kind, though it's quite obvious he likes to keep people at arms length. Keeping a conversations isn't difficult for Cadmus as he could be very social and friendly if he needed to be and because of this, people immediately liking him isn't such a rare occasion. Furthermore, Cadmus enjoys puzzles and is quite good at figuring them out. While he might not have reach the expectation as the perfect child in his parent's eyes, he is actually quite intelligent.

As stated before though, Cadmus is generally a person who like to keep people at arms length. While he can act friendly and kind on the outside, he actually struggles with the belief that he will never be good enough for anything. Something his good for nothing parents had no problem burning into his mind. Not only this but, he also tears himself down for leaving behind his siblings... leaving them to deal with their parents alone. As a result of this, the man has a difficult time letting anyone get too close to him. Afraid he'd let them down in any way.

Getting to know this young man on a deeper level though, one would find him to be a genuinely caring person. He's very empathetic towards the people he's close too and most will find that his i fiercely loyal. Anyone who finds themselves to get close to Cadmus would also get a hand full of his silver tongue and sarcastic comments, though, everyone can get somewhat of a taste in the initial stages of knowing him too.


Johnny and Marriot Walker were parents to three children. Callum being the youngest of the three, Aurora who was born second, and the eldest of the three children, Cadmus. The story being told today would be that of the eldest child, Cadmus Walker…

He was born on the 25th of May and there was nothing very special about his birth. Unfortunately, for the newly born infant, he was born into the Walker family, something he’d soon learn wasn’t a good thing. Of course though, for the time being everything was fine. Cadmus was a cheerful infant. He was always found smiling and rarely cried which one would believe would be a parents greatest wish. He excelled much faster than most as well, being able to walk at just one years old, and beginning to speak in his early twos. For the first few years of his existence, Cadmus had a nice life with his mother and father - as it should be with any family.

It wasn’t until he began school that Johnny and Marriott fell prey to the expectations of society and grew hungry for acceptance from their fellow parents. They for some reason, unknown to Cadmus to this day, needed him to be the perfect child so to speak. Where one child was good at one thing, Cadmus had to be better. He had to be the top of his class, have perfect manners, always smile, and even that wasn’t enough for his parents. As he grew older, they became worse and when he failed to meet their expectations, they’d often resort to physical abuse. Cadmus wasn’t the perfect child they needed him to be and like it would anyone else. It tore away at the child’s sanity a bit.

It wasn’t till the birth of his other siblings that Cadmus’ life at home began to ease up. His parents had in a way, forgotten about him and while the still threw physical abuse his way every now and then, it wasn’t as often as before. While the environment wasn’t the best, Cadmus went on and like any wizard, when he reached the age of 10 he had his first magical encounter.

It happened the day after his 10th birthday and like most days, Cadmus had done something to act out and rebel against his parents. They were in a heated argument and in a flash of rage, Cadmus had caused multiple things to shatter, even a window or two. Of course this lead to a beating from his parents and that was the end of that. It wasn’t a special occasion as it should have been and Cadmus couldn’t wait for the opportunity to leave his parent behind. And finally, after putting up with his parents for another year, he received his hogwarts letter via owl and never turned back. Could you blame him? Even if he did fear for his sibling well being, what good could he be to them? At least that’s what he told himself to give him peace of mind.

His years at hogwarts were pretty straight forward. He attended classes, made friends, even had a few girlfriends, and of course did everything his parent wouldn’t have wanted him to do. Rather than raise a perfect child, the walkers turned him into a boy who’d do anything he could to rebel against his overly strict and abusive parents. The walker parents even got to the point where the basically disowned Cadmus. They didn’t ask him to come home for the holidays and never tried to contact him. Soon, he had reached his graduation year and was offered an internship for some muggle business in italy. Cadmus didn’t think twice about it and left, no effort was made to contact his parents ever again. As for his sibling? Cadmus couldn’t bring himself to speak to them either… Even while attending hogwarts with Aurora for a couple year, he didn’t acknowledge her much and Cadmus didn’t attend until right after he graduated. Now, as he’s reached the age of 22, Cadmus has really grown and seek to make a life in his home. He’s tired of running and some part of him also wants to connect with his siblings too.


Face ClaimSean O'pry
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourDark Brown
Weight161 lbs.
Voice TypeTBA
Blood TypeO-
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleAthletic

Family Information

FatherJohnny Walker
MotherMarriot Walker
Full SiblingsAurora Walker
Callum Dane

Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Cadmus ]TBA
Middle [ N/A ]N/A
Surname [ Walker ]N/A


Favourite ColourSky Blue
Favourite MovieThe Land Before Time
Favourite SongKiss and Make Up, by Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK
Favourite FoodSalt and Vinegar Goldfish Crackers
Favourite DrinkApple Juice
First KissNPC
First CrushNPC
First LoveN/A
First TimeN/A
Sports PlayedQuidditch / Soccer / Lacrosse
Instruments PlayedN/A
GoalsTo become an Auror
Biggest Hope
Biggest Regret
Best Memories
Worst Memories
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

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