Caera Rafaele Dea
baker • roma and sinti • slytherin alum


Personal Information

Full NameCaera Rafaele Dea
Birthday11 November
Age21 y/o
Zodiac SignScorpio
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationHomoromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceFlorence, Tuscany
Living SituationDea Apartment
Languages SpokenEnglish / Italian / French

Magical Information

Blood StatusMuggle born
Wand WoodVine wood
Wand Coredragon heartstring core
Wand Length9 ¾ and pliant flexibility
PatronusA Manx Cat
BoggartLosing her twin
Exotic?Yes (Legilimen)


Caera is the type of person that doesn't quite knows how she's feeling. The type of person to figure out that she's angry a week after the event happened and is never quite sure how to deal with it. The type who prefers to handle everything passive aggressively rather than confront the person with her issues with them. It's easier this way. She doesn't like drama and confrontation and would rather avoid it as much as she can. However, she's not the type of person who finds a needs for secrets either causing her to have a tendency to overshare. However, there's another reason for this. Due to her powers, Caera does have the ability to know a person inside out. Something she still isn't quite use to. So she overshares in an attempt to make it an even level playing field–or that's what she tries to tell herself. She appears to be rather innocent and sweet, which isn't exactly false and can be quite naive sometimes, but she has a habit of making some dark joke out of the blue. She's also very easy to make laugh and finds herself laughing at her own jokes.

Caera isn't use to a stable life and is often surprised every time she remembers how much money she has now. Thus, she has a habit of overspending on useless things. Caera is generous, though. Knowing how it feels like to have nothing, she's willing to give her money to a stranger if she thinks it would help. Caera likes matching, though, especially with colour. Thus, most of her belongings are rose gold and she refuses to bend on this habit unless she absolutely has too. Caera can be ambitious, though, but she often fails to realise that ambitious nature should be turned to her future. No, she'd rather be able to stuff a whole pizza slice into her mouth than plan what she's going to do when she leaves Hogwarts. The only thing she knows for sure is that she wants to travel and own a dog.

Caera likes languages, cartoons and chocolate chip cookies. Not necessarily in that order. She's fascinated by how languages work and knows a mixture of languages, though she's more fluent than some. Italian, French and English are her main ones, but she knows some Chinese and Japanese. She struggles with the characters, though. However, this doesn't mean there aren't time Caera pretends she doesn't know English, especially when she finds the other person annoying. She also makes a point to only swear in Italian. Caera can often be distracted and often seems like she's lost in her own head. However, she knows exactly what's going on around her and is paying attention. She just tends to seem like she's not focussing. Most of the time, though, Caera is doodling. Caera likes to draw and is a fan of animation and is constantly annoyed by how technology can't work at Hogwarts. When it comes to cookies, Caera's constantly making them and eating them, always having a small supply on her, even though her favourite ones are the ones just out of the oven. However, Caera is lactose intolerant. She still eats and drinks dairy, though. Especially hot chocolate.

Caera doesn't have a lot of energy. The type to fall asleep at nine pm and wake up at 7 am. The hours in between are nonexistent to Caera, even though she's constantly saying she'll stay up to party and have fun. No matter how hard she tries, she ends up nodding off long before midnight. Caera doesn't like being single and constantly thinking about relationships and love, even though part of her doubts she'll ever find it herself, or if she's even ready for it. Caera, though, has extensive knowledge of mythological history and knows a lot of astrology. This is an influence from her parents mostly, though, and Caera doesn't really care for the subject.


The Dea twins weren't originally twins but rather triplets. For five months, Julius and Victoria Dea were under the belief that they would be raising three children. However, that wasn't the case when Victoria fell into labour. The third child should have been dead in seconds after being born, however the hospital was able to place her into an incubator, keeping her alive through artificial means. It wasn't a long lasting solution. She was the youngest, luckily, and both Caera and Tetyana had already been born when both Julius's and Victoria's life crashed down. They were told, after a month, that there was nothing they could do and the best choice was to unplug the child. However, the parent's decided to take matter's into their own hand. Julius was an inventor and a good one at that. He specialised in mechanics, electronics, and was soon building a metal heart. They were told that it was the heart, the heart wasn't supporting the child, so he could fix it by replacing it.

It worked. Briefly. After a few weeks, Julius was able to replace the heart with a man made one, allowing her to be alive without support. He worked at the hospital so it wasn't difficult getting access to her without supervision. For a few minutes, ten at most, the family was whole. They were even able to take a picture of all five, alive and well. However, after ten minutes, though, the babies heart began to falter, the body rejecting it, and this time...there really was nothing the parents could do to fix it. They were forced to face reality and in a week, they were burying their third child, making their triplets twins. Growing up, the parent's didn't tell either Caera or Tetyana the truth about their birth, didn't even tell them they had another sister. To them, it was just those two. For the next years, life was normal enough.

They grew up in Florence, Tuscany, in a small Italian community. Whilst the father worked at the hospital, their mother raised them on astrology and occultism. To them, they didn't know stories about cinderella, they knew the stories about constellations, such as Orion. It was a happy period and they were loved. Safe, loved and well fed. However, it became apparent that neither of the twins were...well, normal. They seemed to know what people were thinking, generally. Though the parent's weren't magical and didn't know, the girls had a natural talent for legilimency. They were able to read both each other's and other's thoughts, though they were not perfect. With each other, they were able to practise these methods and develop them further. At school, Caera kept to herself, save for her twin, and didn't really interact with the people around her. It was when she was eight that they picked up on their aptitude for legilimency. They really only used it on each other, though, using the other to get better. Of course, this changed when they were nine years old.

One of the twins had found a picture of both themselves and their dead sister. Naturally, the twin showed the other and soon they were confronting their parents. They received the truth. The dead sister, the attempts to bring her back. For both of them, it was soon, too much and the event sparked both their magical incidents. Caera caused one of the candles to fly off the table whereas Tetyana had spilt over a few bottles of various spirits. The mixture of the spilt alcohol and the candle hit it was enough to cause the house to be set on fire. Seeing as the girls were small, they were able to escape without barely any injuries. The parents, however, weren't so lucky. Both perished in the flames which left both girls parentless and homeless. Seeing as they were responsible for the deaths, they decided to run. Seeing as they lived in Florence it wasn't hard to think of someplace to hide. With the local gypsies, or the Roma's (the technical name), that had camps throughout Italy.

For the next two years, they lived in the camps. It wasn't pleasant and they were forced to petty crime to survive. Pickpocketing tourists, selling cheap trinkets on the side of the street. The native Italian's were hostile to them and were often pushed around by them. They lived in a little, tore down car in the camp, sleeping on the seats. It was all rusted and it was missing three of its doors but it was shelter. The camp was far too overcrowded to house the two of them safely. There was little to no privacy and the families with younger children were using the make shift huts. Seeing as neither of them had any connections, they struggled to find space for them, even getting access to some of the water bottles sent over by private companies (the camps didn't have access to fresh water or electricity) was difficult for them. They were able to go to school, though. Impoverished schools where children were mostly from impoverished families. However, they chose not too, just to stay out of the government's attention. However, they did find someone to teach them. An old man who use to be a teacher when he was younger. He taught them as much as he could over the two years.

They moved around a lot, moving from Florence to Naples, from camp to camp. This helped keep them hidden, especially from the magical governments. There were a few times where one of them had a magical incident. Caera wrote them off or ignored these small events. Seeing as they were raised religious, she often thought they were being possessed or haunted by the devil, paying for their death of their parents. This changed, however, when they were eleven. The Roma's had a large culture of pregnancy. It wasn't rare to find children as young as eleven pregnant or being married off and two girls, fatherless and without any ties, were obvious candidates. When they figured out what was happening, they escaped with a group travelling to Spain. For a few months, they moved through Europe on a small boat and lived there in Spain. However, it was here that they were finally found. They were sent off to Beauxbatons for their second year with the knowledge of the magical world. For Caera, at least, this relieved her. At least this meant she wasn't being haunted or punished.

For the next four years, they lived in the French school, learning how to control their magic and perfecting their abilities as a Legilment. Caera was taught that it was breaching people's privacy with her habit of reading anyone's mind. She wasn't particularly skilled at it, she could read some basic thoughts and images, but had to use the spells in order to broach further into someone's mind. She was particularly tuned to her sister and found it easier to read her mind than anyone else's. She was happy at this place. They had food, a stable home, a schedule, an education. She loved it. However, it didn't last long.

Soon, their past caught up to them but...not in the way they expected. After the fire that killed their parents, the Italian government believed all four of them were dead. Until now. You see, they were secretly sitting on a fortune seeing as their parents had made a fortune throughout their lives (never underestimate a surgeon's pay check). They picked up on the girls' presence whilst they were in France and moved to interact with them, hoping to give them their inheritance. Seeing as the fire appeared to be an accident, the girl's were not going to be criminally charged. The girls' were relieved by this, especially now that they had a chance of a stable life (neither of them knew what they were going to do when they graduated). However, the event caused some of their peers to find out about their past. For the next few months, they were bullied ridiculously. For being Gypsies, orphans, murderers. Soon, one of them suggested: Hogwarts. By Sixth year, they had transferred, hoping to escape everything that had happened on mainland Europe. They moved to England, renting out a small apartment in Magical London to stay in whenever they weren't at Hogwarts. Hopefully, this place would do them better than previous places had done.


Face ClaimAriana Grande
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight40 kg
Voice Typelight
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body Stylethin
PiercingsEar lobes pierced
ScentSmells like chocolate chip cookies

Family Information

FatherJulius Dea
MotherVictoria Dea
Full SiblingsTetyana Dea
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)None
Best Friend(s)Aksel Lorenzen, Elias Di Sena e Bonaparte, Theodore Abberly-Bexley, Percival Di Sena e Bonaparte, Chloé Dubois, Alexandria Malfoy
Friendsno one, everyone's her best friend
Otheriffy on this one, [[[Leta Elder|Ex]]

Name Etymology

Given [ Caera ]Beloved
Middle [ Rafaele ]God has healed.
Surname [ Dea ]Goddess


Favourite ColourPurple
Favourite MovieCharades
Favourite SongIrreplaceable by Beyonce
Favourite Foodcookies
Favourite Drinkwater
Likesanimation / languages / dogs / sketching
Dislikesmythology / violence / anger
First KissLeta Elder
First Crushshe's not sure
First LoveNone
First TimeLeta Elder
OccupationStudent and head girl
Sports Playedwhat's a sport
Instruments PlayedNone
Goalsfind love
AchievementsGetting off the streets
Biggest HopeThat her and her sister will have a stable life
Biggest RegretThe fire
Best Memoriesshe has a few
Worst Memoriesthe roma and sinti camps
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

Custom Trivia

  • Caera is really into disney music
  • Caera is terrified of her own powers
  • Caera struggles to be able to be in crowds and can often become overwhelmed
  • Caera often tends to use everyone as a pillow the moment she falls asleep, regardless of who they are.
  • Caera tends to seek everyone's approval, often getting them through baked goods



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