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Caitríona Ó Cléirigh — Profile
— Caitríona Ó Cléirigh —
29. hufflepuff graduate. retired quidditch player. carkitt market vendor.

"Flying flying angel let’s fly away
(Spread) your newborn wings"

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Caitríona Gráinne Ó Cléirigh

Meaning behind name

Caitríona — Irish form of Katherine, which is from the Greek name Αικατερινη (Aikaterine).

Gráinne — Possibly derived from Gaelic grán meaning "grain" and it is often associated with gráidh "love".

Ó Cléirigh — Means "descendant of the clerk" in Irish


Cait (family & close friends)




July 15

Assigned sex


Gender identity


Sexual/romantic orientations







Human [ Witch ]

Marital status

Alive / Married ♥







Tanned Caucasian





Face claim

Sarah Bolger

Magical Information

[ Blood Status]


[ Boggart ]

The car crash except Orla ends up dead as well

[ Patronus/Animagus ]

Honey badger / no Animagus

[ Amortentia ]

Sea breeze, lemon tarts, ink

[ Exotic? ]

Caitríona Ó Cléirigh — Background

"Just spread your wings to the end
Follow the sound of your heartbeat"


Years before Diarmuid Ó Cléirigh met Isibéal Callaghan, he was married to a Muggleborn witch named Kiera Berne. They had a child together whom they named Caitríona. The family's life was pretty normal, Kiera having neglected to tell her husband that she was Magical.

Diarmuid remained uninformed about his wife's abilities until weird things began to happen around Caitríona. The girl could get the things she wanted from the highest of shelves and when upset, would break the windows. This was when Kiera decided to tell Diarmuid about her magic. Diarmuid was surprisingly accepting of Magic, something Kiera was happy about. The mother started tutoring Caitríona about the basics of Magic and the younger girl would enthusiastically show her discoveries with her father.

They were a picture perfect family... until Caitríona's 10th birthday. Kiera was coming home from a meeting with her former classmates. The street was empty and it was already dark so she thought it was fine to cross. She was a few steps to arriving at the other side until a loud honk and a bright light froze her in place. She did reach the other side... but it wasn't the destination that she wanted to go to.

That incident ruined the family's life. Diarmuid retreated into himself and changed. Caitríona became quieter and quieter and eventually became the complete opposite of herself. Her Hogwarts years was very lonely for her, she didn't bother making friends. The only place she bothered communicating with her peers was on the Quidditch pitch. Caitríona was surprisingly very good at being a Chaser and the girl loved it.

It was on the summer of her 4th year when her father introduced her to Isibéal Callaghan, a new friend of his. Caitríona didn't know what to think of Isibéal so she stayed away from the woman, preferring her room. What she didn't know is that Isibéal and Diarmuid were friends with benefits. For a few years, the two adults remained pretty close friends. They mysteriously ended their friendship during Caitríona's sixth year.

Caitríona eventually graduated and joined the Ballycastle Bats. A few years down the road, a lot of things happened. The Bats fell apart, she found out that she had a younger half-sister whom she eventually gained custody of, Diarmuid died in a car accident that cost Orfhlaith her voice and Caitríona her career. Eventually though, things soon settled down. Caitríona ended up owning a shop in Carkitt Market with her wife Sabina Fleming, her sister-in-law Sofia Fleming, and the couple's many adopted children.

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Generally, Caitríona is very silent. She rarely socializes with people and prefers the company of her fellow teammates. She doesn't actually dislike socializing, she's just really bad at it. She doesn't know how to express her own feelings.

Beneath the layer of silence is a friendly but rather awkward girl. She stumbles over her own words and is terrible at trying to sort her feelings out. She tries to emphasize her words using hand gestures but it would often make her more confused at what she's trying to say. must redo

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