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Calibri Castellan
Bri 1
your favorite font
May 31
Emery Castellan (father)
Gwyn Gardner (mother)
Name Pronunciation
ca-LEE-bree cass-TEHL-lann
Blood Status
rped by red

Calibri Castellan is a fourth year Ravenclaw at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
She's a child model for a reason. With chocolate brown eyes and angelic blonde hair, not to mention the perfect posture she's gained after all those years of ballet, she looks ready for the cover of a magazine.

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Smiling for pictures
Type of Childhood
Spoiled Lonely
Childhood Fear
Something happening to her face

Gwyn Gardner was one of the biggest names in the fashion world when she met Emery Castellan, a freelance photographer who was the biggest mystery she had encountered yet. He claimed he had a legitimate job but never told her what it was. He was always disappearing. He used a Nokia instead of an iPhone because he found the former much simpler. He couldn't drive but whenever they agreed to meet up somewhere, he would always be there as if appearing out of nowhere. Sometimes, when he was showing her his pictures, she'd think they were actually moving. After around a year of dating, he finally told her his secret: he was a wizard. When she thought he was crazy he demonstrated by conjuring flames out of nowhere. She threw herself into her work for about two weeks afterwards, still not being able to fully process the information, but after she finally wrapped her head around it, their relationship became even stronger. They got married a month after.

Calibri Castellan was the result of that marriage. She had the most ridiculous name ever but Gwyn had insisted and since she was the one who actually carried the kid in her uterus in nine months and gave birth to it, she only thought it was fair. Emery still thinks it's a stupid name so he calls her 'Bri' instead. Ever since she was a baby, there's been a camera getting a close-up. She turned out to be an insanely adorable kid and was modelling her mothers' clothes before she could walk. Coming from a rich family, she was spoiled rotten but still had some good left in her, especially if her dad had anything to say about it.

Her dad disappeared when she was eight. The Ministry of Magic said it was because of a case or something - they called him an auror. She knew that he fought the bad guys of the magical world but nothing much aside from that. After that happened, her mom changed. She became more distant and cold (she had always been busy with work but this was taking it to a new level). They'd communicate through her mom's assistant and everyday she'd be given a schedule to follow which normally consisted of photoshoot-private tutor-ballet-violin-language repeat. She got used to it.

As she got closer and closer to eleven, strange things started happening. One day she's sick of it all, the same routine over and over again since the week after dad disappeared, so when she arrives at the next photoshoot, all the clothes are torn to shreds and no one has any idea how. She receives her letter to Hogwarts a month later, and is just happy to have an escape.

Her mom didn't send her off at the train station. Bri couldn't be bothered to care anymore.

In her second year at Hogwarts, she just continued life like she always did, bouncing from one place to the next while singing Taylor Swift at the top of her lungs. She met Jack, who doesn't have a really good memory, and Nellie who needs more friends.

Third year came along and that meant new friends with the new year. She met Orla at the Trolley, who was even sweeter than the candy. Then, she met Tony, her new favorite fashion designer in the world. He's a little bit shy (okay, a lot shy), but he's super talented and really cute once he gets going about designing. He stutters when he talks to her, but not with anyone else. In fact, with other people, he looks more at ease, and Bri finds that incredibly disheartening because the conclusion she's come to here is: oh my god, he hates me. She's not letting that deter her though! She's determined to become his friend. In other news, Jack's memory lapses became worse, and after giving him a magic notebook, he completely forgot where he was and who she was and it was basically this whole mess that ended with her crying her eyes out in her dorm. Luckily, he did remember what he did, profusely apologized, and took her to the Yule Ball.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Hyperactive, passionate, witty
Worst Qualities
Spoiled, self-critical, weak
Most Influenced By
Her mother
Bri, much like the font she was named after, is simple and sweet.

Just kidding! She's extravagant and hates little things, used to grand and flamboyant objects surrounding her everyday. She's hyperactive and would easily be labelled spicy rather than sweet. Her all out personality is something that might be too much at first, but eventually is something to get used to, much like a jalapeño. She's always bouncing around which is surprising because she's not allowed to eat sweets, though on the flip side she can switch off her energy and stay in her room for days. She's a person of extremes, there is never an in between with her.

She's naive but intelligent. Give her something to do and she'll get it done, so the whole private tutor-violin-language of choice thing she's got going on, she excels at. It's a little strange for her to work in groups. It's not that she doesn't like it, she's just used to being the only one who calls the shots while at the same time not being a leader.

She's extremely touchy. She's the type that will kiss her friends on the cheek and the forehead or the shoulder and cling to your arm when she's standing or sitting near you and walk around holding hands even though you're not dating. She likes playing with people's hair but she likes it even better when people play with her hair. She'll ask for a hug at any given opportunity. She can't wait for a relationship, as silly as it sounds. She's into really well thought out puns and likes cracking even the toughest marble because it feels like an accomplishment.

She easily adapts to all kinds of people, and likes gossip and sharing secrets. She has so many facets of her personality that she doesn't really know who she actually is anymore, but if it gets her friends then she doesn't really mind. She's a big fan of pretty words and an even bigger fan of pretty gifts. She's clever and can think quick on her en pointe feet, knowing how to get herself out of any situation.

talk bubble
Bri 2
Bri Castellan - third year ravenclaw
- "We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time."
Message Me - 17:55, February 20, 2016 (UTC)

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skills and magical abilities
Quidditch: Despite getting used to the whole concept of magic, Flying is something she's surprisingly good at. At first she thought it was just beginner's luck, but it's so fun being in the air so she practiced and practiced. She's afraid of actually trying out for her house's team, but who knows?
Ancient Runes: While others see this as an insanely boring subject, she finds it interesting and does rather well in the subject.
Photographic Memory: She likes showing this talent off. Give her a page of a book to read and she can recite the entire thing word for word after five minutes.

Wand: Dogwood, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches. This wand is one of a playful nature, and it is likewise far-out and mischievous. It wishes to be partnered with Witches/Wizards who will provide it with a fun life. Dogwood wands are known for casting outstanding spells under great pressure, and when matched with a clever partner they can perform dazzling spells.


*Her favorite color is red.
*When she was younger, she wanted to be a fashion designer, but since then has decided that when she's old enough to get out of the business, she will.
*She's still getting used to all the magic.
*She's terrific at keeping secrets.
*She has a pet turtle named Wally West that she can't bring to Hogwarts, but she wishes she could.
*Her room is one floor of the entire house. There are arcade games inside.
*She's more tomboyish than people realize. She's into video games and comics.
*She likes dresses and skirts so much better than pants or jeans. She likes shorts as well.
*She lets everyone assume that Bri is short for Brianna or something like that.
*Her singing voice is not that bad. Her music taste however..? Sigh.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
Her father's corpse - that he really is dead
Dogwood, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches
None yet
Favorite Drink
Water (wiLD HAHAHA jk)
Favorite Sweet
She's not allowed to eat sweets
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song
Up All Night by One Direction
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen
Where Are U Now by Justin Bieber
Break Free by Ariana Grande

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