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Callie Lancaster.

Callie 2
Callie Lancaster
Graduated Hufflepuff
Blood Status
Half-Blood (Muggle-born wizarding parents)
Roleplayed by: Midwest.teacher92

Callie Lancaster is a Half-Veela, Half-Witch, newly graduated "adult" figuring out what she wants in life, while also trying her best to support her brother.

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Callie is pretty short in stature, but her looks make up for what she lacks in height. She has long brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes... all emphasized by the time she puts into her appearance, and helped by her Veela heritage. She usually dresses nicely, and is never seen in public without makeup done up.

Her faceclaim is Hailee Steinfeld.

Callie Gwendolyn Lancaster was rushed into the world a month early, on November 2nd, 2018. With her mother's recently diagnosis of breast cancer, the doctors felt it was best for Callie to enter the world early, for her own well-being. Though the first moments of Callie's life were seemingly touch-and-go, the rest of her life she thrived and she was treated as a miracle child. Callie had a brother, four years her senior, who mostly ignored Callie when she was first born-- not that Callie has any memory of this. As Callie got older, Oliver came around and the two grew up close. Callie still vaguely remembers a time when she got a scratch on her knee, and she was crying and her brother (too young for Hogwarts) fixed it for her. While she might have been the miracle child, and given special treatment, her older brother was always her hero.

Callie was seven when Oliver went off to Hogwarts. She was so upset about it, that her first signs of magic came as soon as the train pulled away. She stamped her feet on the ground, frustrated that she couldn't go too, and some of the bricks beneath her feet were broken in two. This startled her, but her parents were thrilled-- and they went off to celebrate with her, which Callie thought was strange... it felt like they were celebrating that Oliver was gone, and that didn't sit right with her. Four painstaking years later, Callie finally got her letter, and off she went. She was sorted into Hufflepuff, which was the only House she really wanted, since that's where Oliver was.

Her Hogwarts years weren't overly memorable, aside from her 2nd year when Oliver came out... which even then didn't feel like that much of a big deal. He was her brother, and idol, and why would she think of him any different? She always found it strange that her parent seemed to celebrate her grades (which were always average, or slightly above average... but nothing extraordinary) more than Oliver's. When she graduated, she definitely fell prey to the "golden aimless child" syndrome. She'd been told her entire life she was special and could make it as anything she wanted to be, that she never spent much time determining just what it was that she wanted to be. She moved back in with her parents after graduation and took a job waitressing at La Lune Bleue. She was thrilled when she heard that her brother had gotten engaged, but now that that's... over, she's super concerned about him-- to the point that she wonders if she should bring him back home.

Callie has many of the qualities of a child that grew up being told they were a special miracle child. She's slightly entitled, a little aimless, and doesn't have a whole lot of ambition for herself. She has ambition for people around her, though. Seeing her brother constantly ignored made her Oliver's biggest ally, and so she's his biggest cheerleader as a result. She knows how to be a cheerleader for the down-trodden, and is good at building people up. Being naturally pretty, she's also slightly vain (but when you're half-veela, it's also hard not to be?) about her complexion, and she spends hours in front of the mirror making her hair and makeup look just right.

Being Half-Veela has given Callie something of a temper. She knows this about herself, and she tries to keep it in check, but it's never easy. She hates it most when she goes off on her brother, but that doesn't happen much. She likes to think that when she does truly go off on someone, that's it's usually justified... but that's not always the case, and she knows that. She sometimes wishes she weren't Half-Veela-- half the time people express interest in her, she questions whether or not it's because they actually like her, or if it's just her Veela influences. Because of this, she's very skeptical about her romantic relationships, and she frequently breaks them off, sometimes prematurely.

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friends, acquaintances and enemies

  • Oliver Lancaster (brother): She idolizes her big brother. She wants nothing but the best for him, and in her eyes he can do no wrong.

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First name means: beautiful (Greek) or forest (Irish)
Middle name means: blessed


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