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Birthday August 22nd, 2029
Age 17
Status Alive
Pronunciation kahm·er·un
Family · Brett Hill (father)
· Madison Hill (mother)
· Jackson Hill (brother)
· Katie Hill (sister)
Handedness Right
Gender Male (cisgender)
Orientation "Heterosexual"
Relationship Single
Nationality American
Speaks English
Species Wizard
Blood Status Muggle-born
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color "Dirty Blond" Brown
Height 5'9
Model Herman Tømmeraas

Cam is conventionally attractive by most means. He's a little on the short end - about 5'9 (or 1.75 meters), but is otherwise a looker to the Female masses. He has light brown hair that used to be a bright blond when he was a little child and that he insists is now "dirty blond." His eyes are a nice brown color. His eyebrows have a nice arch to them that always make him look a little too into the moment.
Brett Hill met Madison Jones while attending high school in a small city in the state of Alabama. They started dating their sophomore year and were absolutely infatuated with each other. They continued dating all of high school, but briefly broke up after graduation. Brett went to the University of Alabama and Madison went to Auburn University before they rushed for Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Delta Delta Delta respectively. Just after they had both returned home for Christmas and had seen each other again, they decided to rekindle their relationship. It only took another year before Madison got pregnant with their oldest son Jackson. Before their son was born, the two got married in a large, countryside wedding.

After the two graduated just a couple years later, their second son Cameron was born. They both had jobs, so Jackson and Cameron spent time with their grandparents, switching between their paternal and maternal grandparents every few days. Their parents continued to try to have children for many years before having their third and final child Katie almost five years after Cameron's birth. This was when weird things started to happen around the house. The boys played baseball a lot and were really involved in the local little league team, which their father coached for. When Cameron was around six years old and his brother was eight, they were taking turns throwing and hitting baseballs. Cameron's brother accidentally threw one of them at his face, but it stopped about a foot away from him and dropped directly to the ground. This spooked them and the boys quickly started believing in ghosts.

More incidents occurred after that, becoming more frequent. The family, which was strictly Christian, was becoming more irritated with the happenings of ghosts in their home. Cameron continued to attend regular elementary school in his small town before his eleventh birthday brought him an invitation to attend Ilvermorny. American officials from the Ministry of Magic came to the Hill family home and informed them of the realities of Cameron's magical abilities. At first, they believed they were on a prank reality show. They were wealthy, beautiful white people. Of course, America would want them on the TV. When it became apparent that that wasn't the case, the whole family lost its mind primarily Cameron himself. However, we was still allowed to attend Ilvermorny in September and started his year with an angsty mix of dread and regret.

At Ilvermorny, he was sorted into Thunderbird with no other statues lighting up for him. He found a tight knit group of other Muggle-borns, who bonded together in their superiority complex. A lot of Pure-bloods were very old-fashioned even in the late 2030s and early 2040s, so his friend group often looked down upon them with shame. They mocked quidditch and quodpot incessantly and mocked Pure-bloods who were on the more out-of-touch side of things. He developed a complex of superiority, one similar to that of walking down the halls with the poorer students at school. He's rather entitled, almost everyone would say.

When his father was offered a position at a British branch of his finance company, the family had to move to the outskirts of London. This filled Cameron with dread. He was sixteen and about to take his second to last year at Ilvermorny. His brother Jackson had just graduated high school and was taking a baseball scholarship to play for Texas Tech. So, his family apart from his older brother, all moved to the United Kingdom and he started attending Hogwarts the following year. He had a fling with a fit British girl over the summer, or a couple... But when he arrived at school, he was promptly sorted into Gryffindor.
Cameron is essentially that guy that everyone hates, but most people in America at least pretended to like. If he still went to Muggle school, he would be the one asshole star of the baseball team that cheats on his girlfriend about five times, but somehow still manipulates her into sticking around. He's naturally charming, but sometimes gets too cocky and loses his footing - easily coming across as unimpressive to those that are witty enough. Cam has always known what he wants and has always gone and gotten it (usually with Daddy's Money), so some would say he's ambitious but most of his effort isn't actually his own. He's passionate about few things, but when he is, he's half-assed about it. Just because he has things doesn't mean he works for them, but he'll make sure you think he did because he seems to genuinely think he has earned the privileges he has in life.

He's the type of person to laugh at his own shitty, usually misogynistic cracks at humor. In a room full of people, he probably has the worse sense of humor and only fellow Bros will laugh along with him. He's developed a superiority complex that makes him believe he is on top of the world and above most of the other wizards. Of course he's not superior to any of the witches - that's not in the question. He tends to talk down to people in a condescending tone and doubts the abilities of just about everyone around him unless it's one of his close guy friends. He doesn't think people can be stronger than him or more skilled at magic or sports than him. He often challenges people into things he can't get himself out of let alone win, so he is a stereotypical loser and a sore one at that.

No one likes Cameron. He's a bull-headed, overly flirty womanizer that likes to piss of girls' boyfriends. He's pretty useless apart from his desire to party because otherwise he has no desire to do anything other than what his father does for a living. He's essentially not his own person and as much as people might think that they can help him find that person, some people are too lost in the environment they grow up in and just...continue to be terrible. Maybe people should try, but don't waste your breath trying to explain why it's morally wrong to use love potions from time to time. "If it was so horrible, they would be banned and they wouldn't teach us how to make them in school?" Meanwhile his older brother's chemistry teacher talked about the right acids to get rid of a body... Sure, the one time he'll care about what teachers think, right? It might as well be in something he cares about.

To be clear, he has no plans, no goals. Those were stripped when he found out he was a wizard and had to go to a special school. He can't try to play baseball in college anymore and it'll be almost impossible to get into an American university with no high school credits. It pisses him off and he resents the wizarding world for it. He's often seen grumbling over stupid magical things, often shaming creatures and tearing down the validity of quidditch as a sport. He's spiteful and everyone knows it. Just in case you needed more of a reason to not like him. XO.






Boggart An Amazon - strong women aren't his preferred type
Amortentia Waffles, fried chicken, and firewhiskey
Interests Baseball, Potions, American economics, capitalism, and banging chicks
Pet Peeve Using "all the feels," slow cashiers, and people who sing in public
Habits Whistling, fixing his hair, and scratching his cheek
Star Sign Leo Sun
Dreams/Goals Graduate and return to the States
Color Dark Blue
Song Drake - One Dance
Show The Office
Movie Pulp Fiction
Book The Maze Runner
Food Cheeseburger & Fries
Drink Coke

· He is a "strict" Christian
· He plays baseball over the summers and yearns for the opportunity to play professionally (he's a shortstop)
· He has no idea what he wants to do, so he says he's "going into finance"
· He's good at Potions, but for one main reason ;)
· His family has two golden retrievers named Sadie and Buddy, who he claims are his only real friends
· He plans on going back to an American university after graduation and joining ΣΑΕ like his father and older brother
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