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camille wynn
Zoe Love Smith 3


Birthday 13 September 2030
Age 15
Status Alive
Pronunciation cuh-meal
Family Hope and Ferlen Black (aunt/uncle)
Regan and Rose Black (cousins)
Handedness Right
Gender Female (cis)
Orientation Questioning
Relationship Single
Nationality American
Speaks English
Species Witch, Human
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'5
Model Zoë Love Smith

Camille looks nothing like her mother did; she's a carbon copy of her father, from her looks to her humanistic approach to life, she takes more after the Wynns than she does the Finch family. The only thing she shares with her late mother is her taste in attire. It's wild and unpredictable at best. She doesn't usually commit very easily, and it's no different with her style. If there's any good way to describe her tastes, it's messy. She'll buy out thrift stores and make outfits out of the pieces she purchases, so one day you might see her with mom jeans and a formal jacket, and another you might see her with a full ball gown. Once upon a time it was out of necessity, but now she can't imagine herself ever spending a dime at one of the high-end boutiques her dad wanted to get her used to. She'd much sooner fall back on her parents' old sweatshirts and cardigans. (She already uses them, but that's besides the point.) She doesn't often wear makeup, either, unless it's face glitter; Merlin knows she's obsessed with it. Her FC is Zoe Love Smith.
Zoe Love Smith 2
Charlotte Finch lived many years of struggle as the only known child of a murderer. Her childhood was spent in isolation, unable to reach out and forge relationships because of her parents’ fears of what Charlotte might do to them and their conditional freedom. Even when she studied at Ilvermorny, she spent most of her years isolating herself from others and reasoning she would turn out just as bad as her parents once were. Her freedom didn’t come until she was sixteen and her father was arrested for the crimes he’d committed the decade before. With tattling on him came being disowned by her mother, which created an opportunity for Charlotte to distance herself from them as much as possible - that is, until 2028, when she was contacted by local authorities regarding her mother. As her only known next of kin, they needed her to identify her mother’s body; death by suicide. As horrible as it sounds, it was a relief for Charlotte, who at long last could cut all ties to America without being crushed by the guilt of abandoning her mother, distanced as they might have already been. It was while she was digging through her mother’s possessions that she realized she had older siblings she knew nothing about, living across the Atlantic in Scotland. Between wanting a clean break and wanting to meet the rest of her family, she sold most things she owned to buy a portkey ticket to the UK.

There, Charlotte led a completely different life. Already certified to teach History of Magic at Ilvermorny, she applied and was hired at Hogwarts School for the term. In the year she lived in Scotland, she was able to connect with her estranged sister in ways she hadn’t foretold she’d be able to do. Hope was kind and nothing like their parents, which made relating to her a lot easier. Charlotte was able to meet her nieces and grow close to them, though their relationship was regrettably short-lived. At the end of the term, Charlotte disappeared. There wasn’t a trace of her anywhere, bar a letter of resignation on Headmistress Selwyn’s desk. It was a confusing disappearance, as Charlotte hadn’t given any indication, and for a while, there was a concern that something might have happened to her. There was a lapse of nine months where Hope didn’t hear from Charlotte, but when she finally got a letter addressed to her from her younger sister, Charlotte divulged everything. She couldn’t cope as well as she thought she could have with the reality that she had two older siblings - especially when Hope had once told her their brother Lucas was just as much of a nutter as their father had been. Vicious memories of her youth plagued her, and Charlotte couldn’t deal with the constant reminder of everything she’d endured as a kid. She regretted not telling Hope sooner, but shortly after returning to California, she had accidentally gotten pregnant because of her own forgetfulness, and she just didn’t have the time or emotional capacity to address her sister sooner.

None of it had been a lie. Several weeks after Charlotte arrived in California, she’d gone out for drinks and had ended up hooking with another of the customers at the bar, which resulted in her daughter, Camille Finch. She had no way of telling Camille’s father about her existence, so for the first few years, she raised her daughter as a single mother. She had the help of her friends, but it was mostly just her and her daughter against the world. When Camille was three, Charlotte did meet someone that ended up playing a bigger role in her life: Elijah Wynn. He was a small name with big dreams, but anyone within twenty feet of him could tell he’d end up being a star; he had the charisma and talent that it took, and he was willing to devote his life to the career he longed for. The only momentary lapse in judgment he had was when he met Charlotte; it was obvious to anyone close to them that they had electrifying chemistry. They were at a point where they wanted different things, though; Charlotte and Camille needed stability, and he wanted to live his life on the road, touring and playing his music to anyone who was interested in listening. He wanted to make it work, though, and he was willing to risk it all. He likely would have, if Charlotte didn’t insist he pursue his dreams. She was attracted to him and she wanted to pursue whatever they had, which is why they did try their hand at a long-distance relationship at first. It was hard and it led to a lot of arguments, until he made the point that although it’d be harder, they were at a point where they could travel together without worrying about Camille’s academics. And thus, her next few years were living on the road with her mother, her would-be step-father, and his bandmates.

Elijah’s band was a hit, and before long, the record label was pushing them to go international. They topped charts everywhere and brought in a lot of revenue - at least enough for Elijah to finally buy Charlotte a ring and propose to her. Their life wasn’t conventional, but they made it work all the way until Camille turned seven. She was a carbon-copy of her step-father in terms of mannerisms and personality, and it was easy to tell she was absolutely a daddy’s girl. They were as thick as thieves, which is why it hurt so much when her magic finally manifested - making a tour bus tire explode when the band’s manager refused to make a stop at the Aquarium in Atlanta - and she was considered a liability in their tours. Elijah fought for her to stay, obviously, but Charlotte agreed it was no longer ideal for them to be on the road; especially after discovering she was expecting again. Suffice to say, the revelation was enough to curve Elijah’s annoyance with his manager. There on out, Charlotte and Camille were living at a flat in New York, where Elijah’s label was based. The long distance had a strain on them again, but it was alleviated when he announced he’d be going on a hiatus to cater to his now-wife, son and step-daughter’s needs. The hiatus lasted about a year, but it meant the world to Camille, as it gave her a chance to really get to know the man she idolized so much in a more stable setting. He was there for all her milestones that year - her first day at a conventional school, her first day of magical theory tutoring, his son’s first crawl, his first steps, his first words. It was enough of a good experience that he almost didn’t return to his career. It was bittersweet to lose him again; Camille especially took it hardest. With Charlotte’s help, his Christmas gift that year had been adoption papers, so to just have him ripped from her reach was just… horrible.

It didn’t surprise anyone when Elijah announced his retirement a few years later. Camille was already about to go to Ilvermorny - she’d just gotten her acceptance - but he missed his family too much to get a kick out of his career. She was initially miffed by the timing, but departing for the next stage of her life was easier now that she had her father’s full support. At Ilvermorny, Camille thrived. Her charisma and spontaneous attitude allowed her to make many friends, both with her Thunderbird housemates and older students who took to her extroverted personality. Between that and her devotion to extracurriculars, she had no shortage of friends. She was well on her way to join the Student Congress when tragedy struck some weeks into her fourth year. Sadly, her mother, father and little brother were intending to Portkey to California for a reunion with Elijah’s old bandmates when the Portkey went completely wrong. They arrived Splinched and were pronounced dead on the scene. The news definitely broke the hearts of many people around the United States, but not like it did Camille. The news just… shattered her. The weeks after are a blur of pity casseroles, identifying bodies, avoiding paparazzi, and of course, meeting with Protective Child Services to discuss where she would be going next. Fortunately, some of her relatives had been identified in Scotland, but unfortunately, there were some problems in getting the documents they needed to be proclaimed her official guardians. Her parents passed away in early August, and it wasn’t until the end of October that her entire life was up-ended. Truth be told, Camille isn’t happy about the move, and she’s still in the early stages of grieving her family, but at the very least, at least she won’t have to worry about paps.
Camille’s entire life has been up-rooted. Even though she hides how much she’s suffering behind cheeky quips and strained smiles, she’s never felt this lost before in her life. She’s retained her charismatic personality, and she still tends to make a lot of one-liners, but it’s just a façade she keeps up so she doesn’t worry people. In her defense, one of her biggest self-peeves is feeling like a burden, which is all she really feels like right now. Camille sadly has the tendency to get too inside her own head, which makes her more insecure than she really is. She’s always tried to be like her mother; confident, secure, charismatic, charming, but right now, she just feels like she’s everything except all that. It’s far from the truth - she’s still the same kind, helpful girl, but she has a much harder time nowadays.
Zoe Love Smith
Aunt Hope
Charlotte never really spoke about her family, but she did mention how Hope had been nothing but kind to her in the brief time she spent connecting with her. Truth be told, Camille is incredibly nervous about meeting her aunt, seeing as she only wants to make a good impression both for herself and her mother. She's never met her maternal family before, but she has no doubt in her mind that they'll be just as kind and spirited as her mother was.
Uncle Ferlen
Ferlen is someone Camille doesn't know anything about - even less than about Hope, really. She's very nervous about meeting him, too. What if she says the wrong thing? She might have experience with her paternal uncles, but this is a whole new ballpark. Is he old-fashioned? Is he like her dad?
Camille is really eager to meet her cousin. She doesn't know a lot about her or Rose, but she's been cyber-stalking her, so she's really excited to finally be able to connect with her. She loves art, even if she's absolute ass at it, so she hopes this is something they can bond over.
Like with Regan, Camille has done everything she can to find out as much about Rose through social media. She's really excited to be able to meet Rose and hopes that they can find something to bond over in the same way she hopes art can be a bonding point for her and Regan.

Boggart Feeling of loneliness
Amortentia Petrichor, Coffee Beans, Cigarettes
Patronus Caribou
Wand Holly, Jackalope Antler, 11", Swishy
Interests Skateboarding, Drumming, Cooking, Visual Arts
Pet Peeve Liars
Habits Humming, Dancing, Walking in the rain
Star Sign Virgo
Dreams/Goals Make her parents proud
Color Emerald Green
Song Thinking Bout You
Show Dead To Me

she plays the guitar and drums
she gets around with a skateboard
she loves making her own recipes in the kitchen
she loves visual arts
she dislikes confrontations
she doesn't forgive lying
dancing in the rain is her favorite thing to do
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