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Capriana CP1

capriana vu
psychology student
wish you could hold the angel in the centerfold

Capriana CPM1

Birthday september 29th
Age nineteen
Pronunciation cah-pree-awn-uh
Family castor + châu (parents)
josephine (sister)
Gender female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation homosexual
Relationship single
Nationality english + vietnamese
Languages english, nymph tongues, + vietnamese
Residence high sept of alseides
+ edinburgh, scotland
Religion pagan
Handedness ambidextrous
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color brown
Hair Color black
Height 5'1
Style elegant, glitzy
Faceclaim bich phuong

ana knows she is gorgeous. to her, it is part of her nymph identity. no one has ever seen an ugly nymph. an ugly human, however? that is another tale altogether. despite her natural beauty, she does spend quite a bit of time on her appearance. she can be self-absorbed and has even painted several self portraits. her hair usually flows past her shoulders, but it grows so fast that she cuts it short from time to time for a change of pace. it is naturally very smooth and she has no need to pay extra attention to it although she can spend an hour each day brushing her fingers through it and braiding it. her lashes are long and she usually has eyeliner to adorn her face. she cannot survive without it and finds herself ugly (although this is absurd) without a little eyeliner each day. her nails are always long and painted a soft tone of whatever color she is dedicating her life to for the following few days. after all, your nails must match your outfit. she is slim and fair-skinned, standing very short at 5'1. her body is usually covered in some sort of shiny, glitzy item and she is a fan of shining and shimmering wherever she is. she loves gems and she loves silver, rarely left without her jewelry (which she tends to craft herself). in general, she tries to exude elegance and even comes to her 8am courses fully done up.

Capriana CPM2

Capriana CP2


châu was a clan representative for the asian nymph settlements, forcing her to leave to visit the high sept of alseides frequently. these trips led to a budding romance with one of the high priests of the sept, a spirit nymph named castor. the two married and châu was forced to move to the high sept to continue their relationship. from that moment, she missed vietnam and the feeling only worsened when the pair started to have children. capriana came first and then josephine sixteen months later. the family was close and the daughters were both determined and bright. both chose to become spirit nymphs similar to their father, which admittedly disappointed their mother, who was a measly metal nymph. capri was bubbly and chatty, full of vibrant emotion and mood swings to match. her heart was large and while some people thought that might be a fleeting part of childhood, it lasted through her adolescence. so, spirit nymph it was. it delighted her when jo followed suit (although she's sure her sister would insist that she chose it on her own volition and not because she was inspired by her sister that she adores so much).

her childhood was healthy and comfortable. her parents are popular within the sept due to their higher status and she is no different. she was surrounded by friends at all times and watched as their auras shifted and intermingled like kaleidoscopes... the downside of being a spirit nymph is watching your parents' love fade. her parents started falling out of love when the sisters were young teenagers. capri first noticed it when her mother was telling her and jo that she wanted to return to vietnam and regretted moving to the sept. to this day, she still utters this from time to time, giving her eldest daughter a strong fear of commitment. what if she too were unhappy with her decisions? how could she possibly know what is best for herself if her mother, who she had always believed was so thoughtful and intelligent, could not? eventually, châu and castor announced that their marriage was effectively over, but they would remain together until the sisters got older. this only caused more harm as the two had to watch their parents live together unhappy.

prior to this, being a member of an aristocratic family, her studies were important to her. she has been training to become one of the priestesses similar to her father and she believes it suits her, being quite religious and rather devout. witnessing her parents' loyalty to the sept as a child had built up her own dedication to upholding its honor as well as their religion. sometimes she becomes troubled and upset with her own desire to reach out into the muggle world, fearing that her parents or the other nymphs will see her as some sort of traitor (especially her mother, who she holds dear and fears believes that her and jo have chosen their father over her). no matter how much she explores this world, she knows the sept is her home and that she would much rather be surrounded by her own culture and people, but part of her does dread the thought that she has been conditioned to believe that and will one day be unhappy there. for now, her training is important to her and she would never question her fate: she will become a priestess. it's just what she is allowed to do before she gets there that is up for interpretation.

sometimes nymphs would dwell into the muggle world and bring trinkets, which she would fawn over. her parents never let her leave until she was an adult and was able to attend muggle university. with some magically forged documents, she was able to attend the university of edinburgh to study psychology. when she enrolled, her parents were hesitant about letting her go on campus full-time. living in dormitories with all of those muggles sounds close to disaster. instead they put her into a small, rundown studio apartment and told her josephine could reside there with her. it was a ploy to get them to accept that living at the sept was better and that the human world is not worth it. to their credit, it has done quite a bit to convince capri at the very least. whenever she returns to the sept, she sits through her parents' passive aggressive comments and lectures, knowing that they are correct, but not wanting to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they are. she is still a first-year student and has been exposed to the human world for several months.

Capriana CPM3

capri is first and foremost emotional. the other spirit nymphs have told her that her aura is the most colorful, shifting across the colors of the rainbow constantly from second to second. she is a loose cannon in emotion, but is rather stable in nature. she can be air-headed certainly and will prioritize attention over personal safety, leaving her slipping off of a couple of tables a bit tipsy. she has a habit of being flirtatious although she believes it's kindness and is often affectionate with all of her friends. everyone is sure to know that capri loves them, or on the flip side, that she despises them. her emotions are very easily worn on her sleeve and people do not need to be spirit nymphs to figure out what is running through her head. she moves with intention and confidence and is generally very sure of herself. she tries to enact balance between all of her life purposes and has no problem setting her priorities (or so she would claim because after all, they can get the best of her).

she is considered carefree by the uptight, but she pales in comparison to her sister. she is fond of adulthood and has found herself happier than before at university and going out dancing with all of her friends. she believes freedom comes with adulthood and also is something that is earned, so she sets her schedule and is very strict about getting all of her schooling done on time before she can do fun things. she never falls short and if she does, she cancels and reschedules immediately. as someone so full of emotion, she struggles with rejection and the last thing she wants is to leave her friends high and dry. when she is too busy to spend time with them, she is sending them little messages and gifts to ensure they know she is still thinking of them. this might be too much, but most of them have grown accustom to the gestures and have accepted that this isn't her trying to win people over. capri is simply full of love and attention to give (just about as much as she expects to receive from everyone else) and she certainly does give it out. she loves love, but only the sort she can manage at a distance because she is a free bird, baby!


Interests singing, jewelry making, flowers?
Habits being unintentionally flirtatious, texting the wrong people
Pet Peeves nail biting, tardiness
Goals graduate with a psych degree! explore the muggle world, then become high priestess
Star Sign libra sun
Alignment lawful good
Love Language physical touch

Magical Characteristics

Wand not applicable
Amortentia wild ferns, cherry lip gloss
Patronus cannot produce
Patronus Memory not applicable
Boggart muggle aerosol cans
Blood Status not applicable
Peculiar spirit nymph


Song the runaways - cherry bomb
TV Show the simple life
Book pretty little liars
Movie 10 things i hate about you
Color bubblegum pink

* she attends the university of edinburgh taking a psychology course
* she comes to all of her classes in complete glam and has a difficult time leaving the house without at least mascara and eyeliner
* since learning the muggle craft of jewelry, she has been obsessed with making her own jewelry and totes the fact that she has all unique pieces
* she sneezes in a way that people tell her is reminiscent of a fairy, which bothers her
* her hands tend to be cold and she loves forcing people to sandwich them into between theirs to warm them up
* she loves going out to the sept and dancing to the sound of nymph music
* she is often out at festivals or concerts because she loves the feeling of being surrounded by other people's energy and absorbing the sound of the music even if it is not as good as the nymph alternative
* she has a beautiful singing voice herself and can hit the high notes
* she also knows how to play a nymph version of the tambourine and was in the sept's orchestra as a young teenager
* she has gone to pole dancing classes several times with a few of her friends from university and considers herself a professional, but is nowhere near it
* her actual career ambitions lie within marriage counseling because she can tell when people are still in love and seeing her parents has really made her want to urge people out of unloving (or at least unromantic) unions
* but she believes she will have to become a high priestess at some point instead especially with her father's reputation and she's excited by the thought of that as long as she is much older
* she loves being in the water, bathing or swimming, and sees it as a way to recharge
* she loves playing with other people's hair or having her hair played with and is often petting someone during every hangout sesh
* she maintains a detailed (and rather beautifully organized) journal of her feelings and important events of each day
* she loves bread and honey and will find a way to put honey on just about anything
* she is a vegetarian and primarily eats sweets because it doesn't seem to bother her
* she loves butterflies and feels a soul connection to them, believing it would be her patronus if she was a witch
* she is a naturally gifted painter and used to spend hours each day painting before she was forced into the restricted schedule that muggles keep
* she is a master at identifying flowers and other plants (making her an excellent forager) and has even joined a flower arrangements club on campus

Capriana CPT3

Capriana CP3

capriana vu
psychology student
wish you could hold the angel in the centerfold