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Slytherin 6th Year

Slytherin Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born September 5th
Age 17
Family Nolan Rosendale - (father)

Antonina Rosendale née Romano - (mother)

Fairouz Rosendale - (sister)

Liberty Rosendale - (sister)

Cairo Rosendale - (cousin)

Cloud Rosendale - cousin

Gender Female
Species Witch
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive, Single
Signature File:CaprisseSig.png
Magical Characteristics
Wand Blackthorn, Phoenix Tail Feather, 10 inches
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Half-Blood
Patronus Serpent
Boggart Fairouz

Name Etymology[]

Caprisse is a form of Caprice, meaning impulse.

Luna is Latin, meaning moon.

Rosendale means rose valley.


Caprisse Luna Rosendale was born the youngest of three girls to Irish wizard Nolan Rosendale and Italian witch Antonina Rosendale (née Romano). The Rosendales were half-blood, Nolan's grandfather had married a muggle-born, but being the only child, he wasn't disowned. Antonina's family was pure-blood, and was disowned upon her marrying a half-blood.

Their first child, a beautiful girl named Fairouz Maia, was born two years after their marriage. Then a year later, Liberty Aurora, and then finally, Caprisse Luna. They family was a wealthy one, and so the girls were brought up spoiled. Next to her parents, Fairouz was the leader, Liberty was wild, but the peacemaker all the same, and Caprisse just followed along to what they did, but wanted to be different from her sisters. One by one the girls began Hogwarts, Fairouz and Caprisse being Slytherin, but Liberty being the odd one out, was sorted into Gryffindor.


"I have long, brown hair, which although it's longer than Mum, Fairouz, and Libby's hair, I don't want to cut it off, it's the thing that makes me pretty. I have the same grey eyes as my whole family possesses, which is slightly boring. I'm not as pretty as Fairouz or Mum, but many people have told me I'm better-looking than Libby, which is a plus."


Caprisse is probably one of the most spoiled girls ever. She is rude, cunning and mean to others except her older sister Fairouz, who she is afraid of, and her closest friends. She enjoys to bully others and to feel like the strongest in the group. She is seen as cool and popular, with a large group of 'friends' who act more like minions. She doesn't care what others think of her, since her opinion matters the most to her. Caprisse however, secretly, is very insecure, all hidden in a web of meanness.



Antonina and Nolan Rosendale[]

"My parents are great parents, I'm not kidding. Mum is awesome, I wouldn't trade her for the world. Dad, not so much. I mean, I suppose I love him, but he's always wanted a son, and the fact his older brothers have sons and he doesn't is pretty bad in his eyes. He literally fawns over Cai, despite the fact I'm ten months older than Cai.The way he acts, you'd think Cai was his son."

Fairouz Rosendale[]

"There's no word in any language that describes how much I hate Fairouz. I'd drown her in a river if it weren for the fact I'm deathly afraid of her."

Liberty Rosendale[]

"Libby is my other sister, she got sorted into Gryffindor. Libby also hates Fairouz, but we're not united under that hatred. She strives to be different, I don't remember even having a full conversation with her. It's not my fault she doesn't to be tied to us, but I still don't like her."

Cai Rosendale[]

"Cairo, called Cai, is my younger cousin. We're in the same house and year, and despite being my closest companion, I have a bit of hatred for him, because...........he's better than me, no matter what I do and what I'll do."

Cephas Orville[]

"He was a really close friend of mine when I was little"

Spell List[]

First Year[]

Second Year[]

Third Year[]

Fourth Year[]

Fifth Year[]

Sixth Year[]

Seventh Year[]


Caprisse's model is Kalia Prescott.


  • Named after Kibeth's friend in real life
  • She despises the house of Gryffindor.
  • Caprisse knows how to speak English, Irish, Italian, and Latin.