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Full Name Carmen Elizabeth Bagman Née November
Nickname Carma (by Kimi)
Basic Info
Birthday 26th April, Age 18.
Nationality English
Home Apartment
Relationship Info
Status Married
Sexuality Demi-Heterosexual
Best Friend Thomas or Kimi
Pets Snowy Owl called Alaska
Family On The Wiki Twin Sister and Cousins

School/Career Info
House Gryffindor
Year/Occupation Hogwarts Librarian and History of Magic Teacher
Titles Ex-Prefect, Professor
Optional Classes Taken Ancient Runes
Magical Info
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure
Wand Core Phoenix Feather
Wand Wood Willow
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Hundreds of eyes looking at her
Patronus Deer

Model Miley Cyrus
Gender Female
Hair Colour Brown
Hair Length/Style Long, Slightly Wavy
Eye Colour Blue
Skin Colour Fair
Clothing Style Quite girly. Often wears scarves, skirts and jumpers
Other Info About Looks
She's identical to her sister, but doesn't feel pretty like Kimi is. She doesn't enjoy showing off her body and doesn't really fuss over what she looks like, preferring to cover up and blend-in.

Colour Lilac and Brown, Neutral Colours.
Music Country
Food Strawberries. Loves drinking tea.
Sweets Fudge and Toffee related things
Animal Isn't keen on any animals
Class History of Magic
Season/Weather Winter
Dream Job Teacher, possibly. Librarian or counsellor as well.
Happiest When...
With Thomas mainly, or alone and reading a good book

Braver Than She Believes

"Being brave isn't about not being scared of things, it's about doing them despite being scared."


Carmen is very responsible and mature, as well as organized and committed. Sometimes she can be a bit of a perfectionist and is very hard on herself, despite working hard she never feels that the results are good enough.

She’s smart and enjoys to read, learn or study, but in class this often doesn’t come across because she’s too afraid to answer questions and doesn’t believes in her own abilities.

Even when she is calm she prefers to avoid attention and stay on her own or around people she feels comfortable with, with whom she is very friendly and loyal.


Since she was a child Carmen has had social anxiety disorder. She often feels very anxious in social situations, as well as sensitive and very tearful a lot of the time, tending to focus on the negative and her worries rather than the positive. She isn’t likely to stand up for herself and cares too much about how people see her, making her quite paranoid. She's extremely insecure and doesn't believe in herself.

But lately all of that has started to improve, she's still shy, but with the help of her friends she's started to cope better with her negative feelings.


Gryffindor Crest (Gif)

She was extremely surprised when she was placed in Gryffindor! She isn't brave at all, far from it!

Carmen was just happy she hadn't been placed in Ravenclaw, that would have doomed her life in her opinion. She'd forever only be defined at smart, nothing more. Maybe the sorting hat had given her a second chance?

Through her years at Hogwarts she's started to understand that it was actually the hat's way of telling her that she can be brave. Her social anxiety isn't who she is and she isn't stuck like this forever.


They lived in a large house Cornwall and Carmen has always had her own room, granted it’s the smallest.

Her childhood wasn’t brilliant. She was bullied a lot as a child, mainly for her intelligence and quietness. She was always being left out or the target of the jokes both at school and home, but she made it through. She never had any friends when she was younger and spent most of her time reading.

Her mother always compared her to Kimi, saying why couldn't she be fun and interesting like Kimi. It had a huge effect on Carmen, and is probably what caused her anxiety. Her parents have never loved her as much as Kimi and everything Carmen did was wrong in their eyes.

Over the years she's started to stand up to herself more, with the help of her best friend, Thomas. She was brave and patched things up with her sister during their first year, they're now close friends.

During their third year though, Kimi tried to make Carmen happy...but ended up causing massive drama between the year group. Carmen knows Kimi was only trying to help and she blames herself for keeping the fact she loves Thomas hidden.

Despite the confusing relationships with her friends, if you take out the time Thomas was dating Ivy and Carmen felt crushed inside, the last few years at Hogwarts have been he happiest of her life so far.

She started dating Thomas in their fifth year, at last! Since then she's started to become more and more happy.

For a few years she served as Prefect for the Gryffindors, which helped her build her confidence a lot.

She's recently graduated and is feeling very scared about being in the adult-world.


Carmen doesn't think she's particularly talented in anything at all, though her friends would all think of her as being extremely smart. She also feels very boring and like her hobbies are all so disinteresting.


Carmen enjoys reading and academics, she’s often inside a book and loves to learn things. Her favorite stories are mostly classic childhood stories, particularly Alice in Wonderland and the Jungle Book.


She also loves history, anything about the past just draws her in, including architecture and buildings. Her favourite subject at school was History of Magic.


She's recently started sewing and knitting because Kimi kept telling her she needed a hobby other than studying, she isn't very good but sometimes it is nicer than being inside a book all the time.

Carmen has always enjoyed learning, be it in class or through books at home. She's very intelligent and does well at most subjects - her favorite subject is History of Magic, naturally because she loves all history.

Her Grades:

  • O (Outstanding) in: History of Magic.
  • E (Exceeds Expectations) in: Study of Ancient Runes, Charms, Transfiguration.
  • A (Acceptable) in: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions.
When she first left school and worked at Flourish and Blotts, but has recently applied to be a teacher at Hogwarts, and is both excited and terribly nervous about that.


Carmen never feels like any of her family like her, especially her mother. She's the runt of the family, the unsuccessful one in the eyes of her parents, even though she's the smartest by far. She just gets the feeling that her brothers and parents don't enjoy her company, they never ask her out to places and she never feels included.

Her parents have recently had a divorce, her Dad took her two older brothers (Derrek and Rhys) and now Carmen lives with just her mother and twin sister in Cornwall.

Her parents both work at the Ministry, but don’t like to talk about it and Carmen doesn’t even know in which department. They’re both quite old and boring, they don’t really play with the kids and aren’t there a lot of the time, her mother often goes on business trips they often have to go and stay with their family in Ireland.

Carmen has a twin sister called Kimi who has probably affected Carmen's life more than anybody else. Carmen and Kimi's relationship used to be complicated and full of tension and jealousy. When they were children they never really did anything together, Carmen just lived in her sister's shadow. They two sisters are as different as night and day, shy Carmen is the opposite of her extroverted sister.

During her first year at Hogwarts Carmen was encouraged to stand up to Kimi. She never wanted revenge or anything, she just wanted to mend their relationship and stop feeling like they weren't equal. They ended up becoming extremely good friends though.

Carmen also has two older brothers, Derreck and Rhys, but she doesn't see them very much anymore. Not that Carmen really cares, they never wanted to spend time with her anyway.

Carmen is also related to the Briar Family and loves all of her cousins very much, but Sakura is the one she's closest too.

Thomas Bagman

Thomas is Carmen's very best friend. They first met in class and then in their common room as well. Their fist conversation was a little confusing, but strangely Carmen feel more at ease around him than most other people so they started to get on quiet well. He seems to understand her and he has helped her on the road to becoming a more confident person and mending the relationship she has with her sister.

Kimi November

As well as being her sister, Kimi is also Carmen's second best friend. Sometimes Carmen finds Kimi very annoying and she hates how Kimi keeps trying to make Carmen happy, but ends up fiddling in things that don't have anything to do with her. But in general she sticks up for Kimi and now Kimi sticks up for Carmen too, she's always there to talk to Carmen when she's going through a rough patch...especially if it's the kind of thing she can't talk to Thomas about.She has become almost dependent on her sister in some ways, which is odd since they were never close in their childhood.

Madan Atherton

Being her fellow Prefect at the time, she got to know Madan quite well and started to feel comfortable around him. He's become a trusted and valued friend of hers, even if they don't see each other often.

Cloud Rosendell

Cloud is one of the other boys in her year. At first she thought he was okay, but after the way he treated Kimi she dislikes him and tries to avoid him where possible.

Demetria Crow

At first she thought she seemed a bit scary, but maybe she's just misunderstood, which is how Carmen feels a lot of the time.

Ivy Zariņe

Carmen always found Ivy a tiny but annoying, but during the year Ivy was dating Thomas Carmen mainly felt secretly jealous towards Ivy, now she just feels guilty and wishes she didn't cause Ivy so much unhappiness.

Kea Willow

Kea is also quite close to Carmen, though it's clear that Kimi is Kea's favorite. They aren't really good friends, but she feels like she can trust her.


-Carmen November's Barn Owl - Docile and Timid

 – 15:37, April 8, 2015 (UTC)

The bird tilted it's head silently as you watch it.
Carmen doesn't normally like animals because their unpredictability makes her nervous, but she owns a lovely snowy owl called Alaska. She's quite docile and reminds Carmen a bit of herself, they seem to get on quite well.

Carmen is demi-heterosexual, but she doesn't really know that. She's only ever had romantic feelings for one person, Thomas Bagman, and can't imagine ever dating anyone but him.

Her feelings started for him during their third year, but she was too scared to tell him, she didn't want to ruin the friendship that they shared. Things got a little complicated after that, and when she eventually told him that she loved him...it wasn't met very well and they didn't speak for a while.

But in their fifth year they finally started dating, Carmen has never been so happy. The Christmas after graduating he proposed to her in front of their families and she has never been so sure of something she wanted to do at any point in her life so far.



The name 'Carmen' means song. She quite likes her name, but she often feels like it's too special and unique for her.

Her middle name 'Elizabeth' is her Mother's. She often wonders if she gave it to Carmen instead of Kimi by mistake.

Her last name 'November' she also finds too unique, and slightly annoying with the kind of jokes that comes with it, but she's learnt to put up with it.

Carmen has anxiety, so her list of fears could be huge. She doesn't like so many elements of social situations, but recently she's been getting braver and pushing herself into them more often.

She doesn't like animals because of their unpredictability.

But her boggart itself is a spotlight and many people watching her, especially while she's making a mistake or doing something embarrassing. It's the idea of being surrounded by people and trapped by it.

Currently Carmen is just trying to get through life okay and start to become much less anxious.

She still doesn't really have a long-term plan, and that scares her a lot, she's trying not to focus on it yet because she knows she'll just panic if she does. She doesn’t want a boring job that she hates, but feels limited by her anxiety.

But she's starting to think that she'd like to be a teacher (it was her anxiety that put her off because, but she's decided that she shouldn't give in to it). Hogwarts Librarian is also a strong possibility, or possibly some kind of counsellor...she thought about it before, but always told herself that there's no way she could do that.

She doesn't know what she wants out of her life in general and doesn't have any plans or dreams really, which also scares her.

  • Her amorentia is: Books, Vanilla and Grass/Quidditch-smelling objects.
  • She'd never been on holiday at all before she went on the school trip to Salem, Greece and Egypt.
  • Her most prized possession is a copy of Alice in Wonderland that Thomas got her. But she also greatly treasures the necklace that he also got her.
  • She loves drinking tea.
  • She bites her lip a lot.


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