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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.


the shy hero.

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Casper Aaron Davids
None to speak of
Graduate of Dumstrang
Blood Status
Pure Blood
This character is RPed by Gail



It all starts with an affair. His mother was a famous Danish Singer from some well known Danish Wizarding family whom was the eye candy to the well known Dark Wizard Jacob Davids - of whom was married to some homely Swedish woman. It's unknown if they had any other children or not, but regardless of that, one day, he got the said woman pregnant, but not before leaving her all alone.

As a result of breaking her vows of virginity - given that she was to be married to another, she was forced out of her family and onto the streets of Denmark's capital. She soon gave birth to a baby boy, but not before dying. Her magic didn't save her, like with He-Whom-Must-Not Be Named's own mother. But the thing is, is that the young Danish Singer appeared to have no love of Jacob, given how she spat his name on her tongue. She swore to the babe before she died that he'd never be like his father - by giving him the name Casper.

As such, he was raised by Muggles ironically. The Pure blood Wizard has no reconciliation of Pure Blood things and was utterly shocked when he discovered he had magic, even though for years he had been doing magical things.

Whenever he was cleaning up and he didn't want too, the pots and pans would clean themselves as he watched. Or the occasional broom would sweep away stuff all on it's own - but that didn't stop him from being abused. His caretakers hated him for some reason - most likely relating to his magic, and often hit him and left him out of meals for days on end - or even isolated him away from the others, like he had a plague. That kind of thing made him a very awkward and shy person, like he just couldn't control himself in all honesty.

However, that all changed when a Wizard from Dumstrang came to collect him personally. Usually Wizards didn't do that, but he was a rare pleb. He came from a male line of Dark Wizards, which to some in the Wizarding community meant that somehow he'd join them, even though he hasn't seem keen on being a Dark Wizard, and has shown no signs of even being good with the Dark Arts, that didn't stop them from being suspicious though.

So, they dealt with him, and even told him he was a Wizard before departing in a thing of smoke. He didn't understand how they did that, but someday he would - someday he'd even be one of them.

So, off he went to Dumstrang on his eleventh birthday on the wishes of said wizard. It was a bloody miracle in all honesty, but it did wonders for him though. He did very well in school - and actually was very naturally gifted wit the Dark Arts, most unfortunately.

His time in school allowed him to join the Tri Wizard tournament.. unfortunately, he wasn't chosen for it, but that didn't matter that much. All he knew in the aftermath is that he wished to stay in England.

Which he did indeed. Besides, it's a good opportunity to rid himself of the past anyhow.

This young man is shy, untoward, and doesn't really even seem to like people, but this stems from a childhood of abuse though.

At heart, he's kind, or at least he tries to be, towards everyone. He can come across as wickedly awkward sometimes, but he has good intentions internally. At least he hopes so. That's one of the reasons he choice to become a Muggle Police man instead of an auror - he just wants to help people and he doesn't even mind if it's muggles or wizards.

He's also steadfast and loyal - and he's willing to punch some heads if anyone hurts the people he loves.. if he even gets around to doing that. In nature, he's quite brave actually, and will willingly save people's lifes if it's for the greater good.

He also loves muggle things - even though all of those upstuck Pure-Bloods call him a blood traitor, he doesn't give two shits. He likes what he likes, and they like what they like and their concerns do not seemly reach him, but maybe that's because he gives blood supremacists none of his time. He actually even disrespects such people, those blood supremacists, in all honesty, because their such lowly creatures to him.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Chicago Appledore - "I - I believe he's suffice to say a ah friend of mines, I think so. Nice enough to overlook flaws of mine." Without stuttering, Casper would like to believe Chigaco is a good man; but ya never know, right?

Potions - He's a good potionteer, although he uses his skills of potionteering to make home made beer on the occasion.

'Dark Art - Knows enough to defend himself if necessary, and remembers the lessons in Dumstrang quite well. Hates himself for using it though. He thinks it was the worst part of Drumstrang.

Altheticsm - He's very athletic, and loves to run at his heart's content.

DaDTA - Although, it's strange to note that Casper has such strong potential for casting his patronus - rather leaning on the defense against Dark Arts rather then casting dark art spells, and it's no surprise that Casper spent many hours in the boy's dormitory in Dumstrang watching his patronus run around the room, in total awe of it. The Teachers didn't approve of such a thing...

Learning Languages - He's learning German while already knowing five languages already.


Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status Single, not really looking
Pets A puppy he can't help but love - he loves animals despite his temperament towards other people
Favourite Songs Like I'm gonna lose you
Favourite Colours Dark Blue
Favourite Sweet Fruit Cake
Most Treasured Possession His watch, and pocket knife.
Where to Find Them His house in the Muggle world

Wand Willow Wand, Unicorn Hair Elder Wand, Phoenix Feather
Blood Heritage Pure Blood
Boggart Seeing his family die right in front of his eyes in the most horrible fashion
Animagus None
Patronus Hippogriff
Amortentia Fresh piece of paper, Mint, Coffee
Mental Resistance None
Wandless Magic None-Existent
Magic Resistance None-Existent
Magical Knowledge Physical and Mental
Magic Capabilities Textual and Actual

Pet Peeves Cold at the beginning
Food Preferences He loves spicy food, lol.
Snack crackers and cheese
Drink Muggle Coke
Animal He has a cute little mutt called Lyea
Book Genre
Quote "Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding."- Jim Valvano
Music Genre He loves some muggle country rock
Movie Genre Guardians of the Galaxy
Sport Football
Ethnicity Danish
Height 6.9
Weight "No."
Shoe Size average for a man of his age
Blood Type A+
Voice Low, mellow sounded
Body Style Athletic, thin
One Word Description Brave
Earliest Memory His caretaker slapping him over the head when he stole something from the Kitchen
Best Memory The moment he went to Dumstrang
First Kiss Unsure
First Love Unsure
Moral Compass North
Fatal Flaw Wayy to shy, unsure of things and people
Phobias Failure
Hobbies Reading - he loves reading
Crises Losing his family/friends
Problem Reactions Depends on what it is
Change Reactions Deal with them head on
Alignment Neutral Good
Vices Social Awkwardness
Bad Habits Rubs neck when nervous
Sleeping Habits Not so good
Quirks Cold, socially awkward, not good with people
Social Skills Horrific (likely at first, lol)


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