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Caspian De Angelis
Ravenclaw-1st Year


Age: 11

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House: Ravenclaw

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Patronus: Red Fox

Boggart: Acromantula


Caspian is a very laid back person, showing no shock or surprise from almost anything, known for his quiet and subdued nature. Summed up in one word, it would be "stoic." He rarely, if EVER, shows his emotions, though he still has them. He prefers to sit quietly and contemplate on anything of interest, as opposed to his older Brothers who are more outgoing. When socializing, Caspian has a Calm, Cool and collected voice when talking. He is passionate about singing and playing various instruments, and treats them with the utter most respect, whether he's playing the drums or the Guitar.

He can also be a bit silly at times and kinda goofy around people he trusts.

He is a truly dedicated individual, willing to go to extremes to reach his desired goals, whether it be diving off a steep cliff to save his guitar or spending hours watching the clouds in shaded area. If He believes the end result is worth the hard work, he goes for it without any complaining. Despite the lazy and aloof atmosphere that surrounds Caspian, he genuinely cares and loves his friends and family.


Born and raised in Florence Italy up until the age seven where he moved to Wales Britain, Caspian had a normal childhood up until he was Six where he had his first bout of accidental Magic when he accidentally set his cousin's hair on fire due to his jealousy of his cousin receiving a new drum set, and later turning his own skin green when he was mad because he was put in timeout after these situation his family took him to see the family doctor who just happened to be a Witch who informed his family about the wizarding world and explained that what was happening was a normal case for a young witch and wizard.

Following the discovery Caspian set out to learn as much as he could about his magic and at the age of eight found out that his magic reacts to his emotions when he almost drowned his older brother when they were playing near a pond in there back yard because he was angry at his brother for teasing him due to him not knowing how to swim. After that incident Caspian took on a whole new attitude of bottling up his emotions and only releasing them when around people he likes or when playing his guitar or signing.


9½", Sycamore, Dragon heartstring.