Full Name: Cassandra Schermer
Born: 3 October 2010
Age: 20
Status: Single/Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Witch/Half-Veela
Nationality: German
Ethnicity: German
Accent: German
Blood Status: Half-Breed (masquerades as pure-blood in Germany)
Orientations: Asexual

Father: Berthold Schermer
Mother: Veela (unnamed)
Siblings: None
Relatives: Celaena Schermer (stepmother)
Aurelia Schermer (older half-sister) Suzanna Williams (fourth cousin)
Family Line of Work: Berthold is the current Chancellor for Magic in Germany.
Family Background: The Schermers are one of four families to split off of a original Australian family.
Most Important Person Before: Aurelia
Most Important Person Now: Suzanna

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw
Best Core Class: Defense Against The Dark Arts
Worst Core Class: Herbology
Electives: N/A
Quidditch: Seeker

Wand Wood: WIP
Wand Core: WIP
Wand Length: WIP
Pets: WIP
Animagus/Patronus: N/A / A large white bear
Boggart: Her father and herself like Kaiser or Kaiser still alive.
Amortentia: WIP

Occupation: WIP
Loyalty: Schermer family, Ravenclaw, Suzanna Williams
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: True Neutral


Hair Colour: White-blonde
Hair Style: Straight
Hair Length: Past shoulder
Eye Colour: Hazel
Ethnicity: German
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Voice: Soprano
Eye Sight: 20/20
Health Status: Good
Clothing Style: Casual, when she can get away with it.
Most Notable Accessory: WIP
Distinguishing Marks: A covered-up facial scar
Body Style: WIP
Takes After Which Parent?: Mother
Posture: Straight af, except when feeling lazy.


Cassandra is not going to be the most externally emotional person you know, especially when you first meet her. If you make a good impression on her, she's more likely to be courteous to you (like the graceful and elegant daughter she had to be for her father); if you don't it's quite likely you'll find yourself in Insult Central until you make it up to her. Loud and obnoxious people tend to upset her and/or stress her out, so she mostly avoids them. (Suzanna is her blood family, so she doesn't mind that. Somehow, she feels like she's got some kind of duty aside from being her best friend.) One of her most prevalent traits is her ambition, and an inability to be happy with herself at a given moment - there's always something else she aspires to do, another degree of separation between her and success, another duty to be done. This leads in itself to curiosity about the next stage of her journey; she's a planner, she risk assesses and likes to be sure-footed about what will go on next, using her intelligence for her own means. Her mood can however vary quite dramatically, and unfortunately it's quite difficult to tell without a physical facial expression (which she rarely wears outside of her inner circle of five people) - some days, she's immensely calm, and some days if you bump into her she'll rant to you about safety. This just means that you shouldn't be clumsy. (This upsets her. She physically needs everything to be organised and aesthetically pleasing, functional and clean. Mess is irritating. Ugh Elizabeth. Please get some grace and elegance any time soon?)

If you're looking for a nurse or someone to help you when you're sick, don't ask her. She's rarely affectionate towards most people except the five she currently loves, and even less commonly romantic; it's not her responsibility unless it's one of the group, which even then she'll be grudging about.She's not sure she'll ever be a fit parent due to her lack of experience of parental love, so she uses what she does in fact know - a sibling-like love for her friends. Whether this is successful due to her...creative way of showing it is debatable but she tries, and that's what truly counts for something. It's only because she loves them - shush don't tell them that - and trusts them to do the same for her should she fall ill. She's honest with them, almost brutally so, and this extends to others too. If she hates you, you will know about it, even if it's subtly and cunningly done. (Some people tell her she should have been in Slytherin, but she's got her father's mind and a commitment to schoolwork that was too Ravenclaw to refuse, as was her impatience. It did take the hat six and a half minutes to choose between the houses, so you could understand that comment.) It's difficult to befriend her, because growing up in the aftermath of a wizarding war leaves you very suspicious of people, and this is the general nature of her family and community in Dortmund. It's not a small town where everybody knows each other; most people are almost anonymous and new faces, like Sonder on a escalator.

Yes, she's intelligent, but she puts this to genes and her level of observance. She's always been more wary than most, and rarely optimistic. She's not social unless she has to be, so when she is she notices more things than she would usually, taking in most things in a logical fashion. Cassandra is definitely a learner by listening, and she's quite scared of rheumatism by writing too much, so she mostly relies on her skills of hearing.She probably puts a little too much emphasis on studying and usually doesn't leave much time for social events. Yeah, the three friends she does have annoy them - two of them are the most outgoing people she knows - sometimes, they can be alright. But she won't tell them that. Sometimes, again, she'll join in with a little bit of their fun if it's fun for her, too. She's got a heart in there somewhere, but she's sure as hell not going to let anyone see it if she can help it. Sometimes she can't, and it escapes, especially around older physically attractive people. When she seems to be letting her heart out, it's usually exaggerated because she wants something. One of those Schermer traits is manipulation, and she tends to use it despite the instinct that it's not a decent thing to do - if she's feeling like it's her duty, it doesn't matter how many boundaries she has to break to achieve it. The only Gryffindor traits she has are honour and bravery, instilled in her by the necessity of living up to the family name and hiding her real identity from the German public as a half-Veela. She hopes that you realise that her temper is not a nice thing unleashed, and can't hold herself back if one of her closest friends are harmed. If you want to end up in the Hospital Wing, try it, because she's loyal to the bone and will get in trouble if it means she gets her message across (she knows some may need to be looked down on with a Cassandra Schermer for Dummies leaflet).


A few generations back from the current, a family split into four pieces over where they would leave, or perhaps if they would leave. They'd been subject to a petty feud with another family, but in terms of winning or losing they were certainly losing - yet, even internally they now could not agree, like the arguments were infectious and festering. The first section, to be known as the Schermers after their rebranding, decided that they would move to Germany in search for work in the political and industrial sector. A second, the Williams, were patriots who wanted to fight to stay in their homeland. These were just examples, and gradually, they scattered across the globe without contact with only the Williams recording what had happened between them. They ignored the advice of a Seer amongst them, who warned that they would only reconvene later, twice - once at school, and once over the loss of a friend, in England. However, nobody seemed to be paying attention, and the plans went ahead.

Of course there would be those who felt differently to their family 'groups' - such as one Elizabeth's descendants, who betrayed the group (her own family) that would move to Italy and become the Michielins, causing them to be distant relatives of Feli Fiedler. So far they've had no contact. She is mostly known as Suzanna's aunt which is mostly why she joined the group of friend, staying back with the Williams and sending the prophecy spinning with a betrayer as the Michielins' accidental representative without actually bearing their surname or living in Italia.

As their family before them, the four 'new' families had in themselves their own fatal flaw, once again using the Schermers and Williams as our examples: The Schermers, their vanity and pride in upholding their hard-built standing in the German government - at present, Cassandra's father is the German Chancellor for Magic having succeeded Kaiser. And the Williams, their recklessness in the protection of others - this could easily get them injured or framed. Some of the second generation post split got framed for a murder but were never able to prove themselves not guilty. This trait of selflessness did, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it) appear to be hereditary. What Elizabeth avoided thanks to her descendants was the angry nature at their betrayers, and splitting seemed to be a curse for the Michielins - going somewhere and then coming back due to boredom was an all too prevalent trait. The final family seemed to believe in certain things too passionately.

The fourth generation came around with Cassandra Schermer being born to a Veela girl and of course, being abandoned with her father. Of course, since he'd been standing for Chancellor, he put it out that her mother had died and made a big deal of the 'bereavement' - which she knew none the better of, so mourned too. He didn't get it until after the "death" of Rebekka Romy Kaiser, who Cassandra fears may be still alive and targeting their family due to his position - but this political job ruined hopes of a proper relationship. In some ways, sometimes, she felt that when he took over to raise a distrustful German nation from the ruins of the War of Duxterra, he became a little like Kaiser every day. He valued his power and standing over the nations over virtues of family, and love, leaving his daughter to be raised by her older half sister Aurelia and those who served her family, as well as her "stepmonster" Celaena Schermer, who she avoided like the plague.

Despite him not being home, her first magical incident occurred while the German chancellor was, indeed at home. Having gotten his (decorative) rapier, when she was caught with it it froze completely solid. So, his half-veela daughter had inherited the magic as well as the looks, and for once Berthold Schermer appeared to be proud. Naturally he disappeared as if he'd never come soon after, but this singular moment of generosity and time spent with her meant the world. He spent the rest of his time working, working, working or being with Celaena, who had stolen her father. Yes, Celaena was there first, but what did it even matter? The automatic plan was for Cassandra to go to Hogwarts where they had attended for generations. A manipulative nature that she had inherited from him then made itself known, as she reasoned that if her...bloodline was discovered, his campaign to be re-elected would be officially ruined. It worked, and off she went to England - the cogs began to turn in her discovery of her own self-identity (with the perfectionism that had settled within her after years of having to be the perfect child despite not being the heiress remaining.)

At Hogwarts something amazing began to happen - the four families met, including the Schermers and the Williams, and one who should have been a Michielin, as well as the others equally connected as a group of four first year friends (with Cassandra and a certain someone at first being a little tense, who also unfortunately happened to be her best friend's aunt) - but it was with those two that the quest originally began. Cassandra Schermer and Suzanna Williams. Both of them Ravenclaws, it was studying in the library where they received an unsigned note and a book reference. They might have left it there, but their curiosity got the better of them and led them to discover the beginnings of the truth, sharing their information with their friends. The knowledge that they were family only tightened their bonds, as did Cassandra being forced to work with her frenemy (Elizabeth) in class rather than Suzanna. Needless to say, relations improved when Cassandra discovered that the other was, in fact, not useless.

In second year their story intrigued a younger girl, a Ravenclaw, who overheard Cassandra and Suzanna discussing it in the common room, and offered to help. But not everything is as innocent as it seemed, as the girls have discovered which may have brought Lena to them - over the years she has begun to resemble the "friend" the Seer mentioned, which makes their new mission to discover what quantifies a loss and how they can prevent it - as well as Cassandra making sure her father is not the end of her family name by heading up the best Auror task force in decades. She does plan to enter the Triwizard Tournament, as pleasing her father is remarkably still something she cares about, and a selection would give her a great deal of confidence and pride.



  • Her favourite historical period is the Romans.
  • She loves ice cream. But she always gets brain freeze.

Cassandra Schermer - ravenclaw alumna • head of the department of mysteries

- "I hate this game of emotions we play,"
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Cassandra Schermer is a Ravenclaw alumna and the secretly half-Veela daughter of Berthold Schermer, the current German Chancellor for Magic; she is determined to find a purpose, a duty, and the complete and utter truth about her family's past.

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