Birthday May 26
Age 18
Status Alive
Pronunciation cah‧see‧uhs sell‧win
Family Pandora Selwyn, Carlisle Selwyn, Calliope Selwyn, Laurent Selwyn, Evangeline Selwyn, Aline Selwyn
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Single
Nationality English, Korean
Speaks English; Korean; Japanese; French; Italian
Species Human; Wizard
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black (natural), Brown (dyed)
Height 5'10"
Model Kim Tae-Hyung

Cassius takes after his mother, by which I mean Cassius is pretty. His hair is naturally black but he dyes it brown for no real reason. He's always well-groomed, because he's been raised to place importance in his appearance, and his fashion sense is impeccable - it helps to have several very fashionable family members as role models. His clothes are generally high-end and expensive, and only ever worn a few times before he's on to the next trend.
From a family whose blood was so pure they'd been included in the Sacred 28, Julius Selwyn had no reason or intention to sink to even looking at a muggleborn witch, and for 25 years of his life he didn't. Until, that was, he met the Japanese witch Kagome Hakumo.

Their relationship was unexpected, to say the least, but with Julius capable of causing serious damage to the family name his parents made the decision to refrain from disinheriting him with two conditions: Hakumo had to pretend to be pure-blooded, and she had to sign a prenuptial agreement. Both agreed to this, though Hakumo was a little concerned in regards to the prenup, and they were married a few months later, when she became pregnant.

11 years and five children later, Julius got home early from his high-up ministry job to find his wife in bed with a man he'd never even met. The divorce was filed as soon as he could get it, citing his wife's adultery as the public reason for the divorce. Privately, he couldn't really care less - he'd fallen out of love with Hakumo years before and had been waiting for a good reason to divorce so he could marry his mistress, Kim Hae-Soo.

The prenuptial agreement saved the Selwyns' family fortune, but there was no such barrier to save Hakumo's reputation. The only thing that stopped her ex-husband from declaring her real blood status was his love of their children. Oh, and his regard for his family reputation.

It caused a stir in pureblood society when, only six months after divorcing his first wife, Julius Selwyn remarried, this time to a pureblood from South Korea, Kim Hae-Soo, who the general public believes he met a week after his divorce. That's not true - he had, in fact, been seeing her for years after meeting her at her fourth husband's funeral.

This wedding was remarkable not only because of its proximity to his divorce but also because of Hae-Soo's reputation in wizarding England: she'd had six husbands before marrying Julius (aged only 28), each richer than the last, and each had died in mysterious circumstances, leaving all their money to her. It helps that Hae-Soo is gorgeous - it's been speculated that there was a veela somewhere in her ancestry, but both she and her family deny this and there's no record of it, so we must conclude that she just got really lucky with her genes.

Cassius Lucien Selwyn and his twin, Calliope Selwyn, were born a little more than a year after their parents' marriage, the youngest of their father's children and eldest of their mother's. Cassius' whole childhood he's suspected they were accidental on his mother's part, because in her six earlier marriages she'd never once gotten pregnant and she once told him, aged five, that children were a liability. It's not that he doubts his mother's love for them - in fact, he's fairly certain they're some of the only people she loves - it's just a fact. Cassius and Calliope Selwyn were a happy accident. As was their little sister, Pandora.

Surprisingly, Julius Selwyn survived all the way through Cassius' childhood. He was there when Cassius had his first sign of magic (aged seven, a flying book attacked his older half-sister because she stole his toy broomstick), but was otherwise just as uninterested in his youngest two as he was in the rest of his children. Cassius' half-siblings tried to treat him and Calliope as their full brother and sister, but often they would be left out, either because of them being the youngest or their mother being different. It was fine, though: Cassius always had Calliope, and vice versa. Regardless, Cassius idolised (and continues to emulate) his elder siblings, becoming easily as precocious as they were and picking up more than a few of their prejudices (what do you mean mudblood isn't the correct term????).

Hae-Soo Selwyn was the opposite of her husband: ever-present and overprotective. Cassius had few friends growing up other than his sisters Calliope, Aline, and little Pandora, and those he did have were always of the purest blood and highest social standing. Everyone else was, in his mother's eyes, not good enough. Instead of with friends, Cassius spent his time studying (any son of a pure-blood family should attend Hogwarts with theoretical knowledge of everything on the first and second year core curriculums), as a decoration at his mother's parties or refining his skills in his many suitable hobbies: piano, violin, drawing, duelling, Quidditch, and the art of conversation.

Anyway, aged 11 Cassius Selwyn received his Hogwarts letter just like every other Wizarding child in Britain, and was packed off to school that September. Sorted into Slytherin, his school life was pretty uneventful. He was a teacher's pet with no real friends (other than Calliope) - the people he associated with would be better classed as 'minions' - and most of his alone time was spent researching his myths.

This was also around the time the twins picked up duelling. Almost immediately, they displayed incredible talent for it (they fought doubles, of course. They'd never fight each other seriously). Maybe it was down to the "twin bond" - they know each other inside and out. Who knows. Calliope would always go on the offensive, since that was her strength, with Cassius defending, which he had a talent for. They've won a few competitions in their career so far, training whenever they can.

First year ended with a tragedy: Julius Selwyn died in his bed, in mysterious circumstances. His copious wealth went mostly to the eldest son, but large portions were given to each of his younger children and to his wife, the notorious Hae-Soo. His elder sister Aline moved schools at the start of the next year in order to be closer to her mother, and Cassius followed only a month into second year. People at school had heard the rumours, you see, that his mother had something to do with his father's death, and he'd had enough. So he followed Aline to Mahoutokoro.

Mahoutokoro was much better than Hogwarts, in Cassius' opinion. He made actual, real friends, and the academic environment helped to increase his grades even further. He joined the Quidditch team, too, and improved fast - nothing like practicing over a turbulent sea in a storm, looking out for bludgers and muggle aeroplanes both, to teach you how to fly. Cassius enjoyed Mahoutokoro so much, in fact, that even when Aline returned to Hogwarts he stayed on for an extra year. That was until his mother, having already gone through her eighth husband, decided to pull him back to Britain for his fourth year. He's now waiting for school to begin, and he's not happy about it.
Picture the stereotypical rich pureblood. Perfect clothes, perfect manners, slightly arrogant. Cultured. That's Cassius Selwyn for you. With a mother like his, it really shouldn't come as a surprise that he's more than a little bit self-centred - she's known for her beauty, and with beauty comes vanity. Don't get me wrong, Cassius does care about others, it's just that he's been raised to protect himself first. If you're a liability, he'll probably throw you under the bus, but at least he'll feel bad about it later?

One thing Cassius is not is dumb: he's very difficult to bullshit. Whether that comes from his mother or just pureblood society, Cassius is always looking for possible loopholes and pitfalls in everything he does. This isn't even something subconscious. He reasons that it'll help him if he ever needs to strike a bargain with a fairy. Academically he does well, too - you kind of have to do well at school, in his family. His cousin is headmistress, after all, and every single one of his siblings (save Aline) has been a veritable genius.

Cassius is obsessed with muggle myths and legends, because he's discovered that they have myths about wizards so the others could be true too. Take Atlantis: who are we to say it doesn't exist? Isn't that what the muggles say about the Wizarding world? What if it is there but it's just hidden by one giant Fidelius? Honestly, he's a bit of a nerd. Sue him.

Fundamentally, Cassius is lonely. He has a hard time making real friends who he trusts, and also a hard time talking to people his own age. He's charming, sure, but he's also very prone to doubting himself in the middle of conversations, so he ends up messing up (in his view, anyway). It doesn't help that he's a little bit prejudiced, not quite realising when he says something that's less than socially acceptable outside of pureblood circles. Mudblood, for example, is just part of his vocabulary. It's something he's aware of and is trying to change, but he'll often slip and lose friends because of it.
His wand: magic is a fundamental part of who he is.
His broom: Quidditch is love, Quidditch is life.
His notebooks: these are full of all his research and theories on Atlantis, his one true love. There are four in total but they count as only one possession, okay?
His phone and earbuds: yes, these are originally a muggle invention, but they're also the best thing in his life so sue him.
Small origami crane: his first ever crush way back in first year gave him this and he's nothing if not sentimental.

Boggart Getting disowned
Amortentia Broomstick polish, the sea, old books
Patronus Dolphin
Wand Cherry Wood, Phoenix Feather, 11 1/2"
Interests Duelling, Quidditch, Piano, Atlantis
Pet Peeve Gossip
Habits Biting his lip
Star Sign Gemini
Dreams/Goals Find Atlantis
Color Blue
Song Starry Night (Mamamoo)
Show Love Island
Movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Book All The Crooked Saints
Food Croissant
Drink Lemonade

he's obsessed with Atlantis. it totally exists.
he highkey wants to be a Quidditch player professionally, but that's not an appropriate career in his mother's eyes so he probably won't.
he's a mama's boy. sue him.
he hates school but he sticks at it to maintain the family reputation.
he's almost as obsessed with his looks as his mother is. clothes are his lifeblood.
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