bobo lefoole.
a.k.a. castiel pyeong
  • clown name: bobo lefoole
  • full name: castiel asher jeonju pyeong
  • nicknames: boba (like the tea), cas, ash
  • age: nineteen
  • model: choi san (san of ATEEZ)
he's a little spontaneous, a bit wild one might say.
  • you honestly have no idea what he's gonna do, what he's gonna say, why he's gonna say it, how he's gonna say it
  • he's the element of surprise personified
  • doesn't really react the way people expect him too
  • he's convinced there's no time in life to regret anything, so he does as he pleases and if it's clownery, so be it
  • commitment is honestly a joke to him
  • he does what he wants, so if he doesn't to show up to your birthday party Susan, he's not going to
too much of a romantic at heart.
  • he pretends to be non-committed to people and have playboy tendencies but it's really just to cover up the fact of how easily he gets attached to other people
  • and when he gets attached, he gets possessive, terribly possessive
  • he never dates anyone for longer than a month, because he knows if he does, he'll start getting the impression that they belong to him, and he's gonna to tear out the throat of anyone who gets too close to them besides him
  • and idk about you, but I'm 99.9% sure murder is illegal
  • to everyone else, he looks like a fuck boy lmaooo but he's honestly the real g for protecting everyone from himself lmaooo
  • ignoring his possessive tendencies, if you need to feel like the important person in the world for a month, he's got you
  • flowers, chocolates, notes delivered to you during every meal of the day, poems, songs, anything you name that's romantic, he'll get you
  • he'll take you on summer picnics or you can cuddle by the fire
  • like my man will pull through and make this month the best relationship you've ever had because he knows he can't have anymore than that
  • he serenade you in every single way he knows how, with a guitar, with a piano, acapella, the bongos, pick an instrument sis
  • and good news for you! he's pan so everyone can have a piece of him
  • want an amazing, one month relationship? dial 1-800-bobo-lefoole
  • but seriously he falls in love way too quickly, you could breathe and he'd be like "I'll protect you with my life"
  • it takes him forever to get over people, so ironically, to distract him from his grief, he gets another boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other
  • so he'll be dating one person but be secretly carrying the heartbreak from the past five relationships and you'd have no idea
everything's a secret, transparency is never an option.
  • the concept of trust only exists to him with physical things
  • he doesn't really trust people with his thoughts and emotions, so he hides them, typically
  • you'll never catch him not smiling or laughing or making some witty joke
  • he really isn't a crier, but when he's away from everyone else's eyes, he breaks down
  • not in a sobbing, wow I'm a hot mess way but more in like a silent panic attack
  • he's sat in a cupboard before, curled up in a ball, shaking for hours as he works through everything crushing him
  • and then when he's done, he steadies his breathing, hides his hands in his pockets so you can't see the tremor in them, plasters a smile on his face and enters society again
  • mad depressing but he's decided no one will share his burdens with him, they don't deserve that
the world was a song, and the song set the people alight.
  • castiel love love love love loves art
  • every single form of it
  • which helps when he seems to be amazing at literally every single one
  • hand him a paintbrush? he could replicate the mona lisa for you
  • hand him a pen? he'll write screenplays so good, it rivals Shakespeare
  • give him a guitar? he'll write you the most beautiful song known to man
  • need an extra actor? he got you, and he'll do it so well, you'll make him the lead
  • how about a backup dancer? he might just steal the whole show with how captivating his movements are
  • he'd much rather be immersed in the world of expression than do anything else
  • the closest you'll ever get to truly knowing him is seeing his art
  • in his corner of their dorm, he hangs up paintings, not to impress anyone, but remind himself to stay strong
  • the most common way he asks people out is in song; he thinks music is the language of love
  • he has like 50+ notebooks filled with poems and stories that have stacked up since he first learned how to read
  • art is his world, art is his life
  • even before relocating to france, the pyeongs have always been a prestigious pure-blood family
  • they were known in magical korea as a force to be reckoned with, and rarely was their authority ever challenged
  • in the late 1900s, the family relocated to france in search of more than the complacant society of magical korea
    • in simpler terms, they wanted a challenge
  • joining the elite of the french pure-blood society proved as one of their families greatest feats, and living among the french elite pleased the heir to the fortune, étienne alexandre woojeon pyeong
  • étienne, much to his parents' delight, never strayed from the path set out for him before birth
    • so when he was presented the woman he was supposed to marry, he had no qualms
  • their marriage was a fine one for the few years they were together
  • their third year, delphine, his wife, fell pregnant and gave birth on the eight of january, to twins
  • the twins made their lives just a bit more exciting, but nothing was more exciting than the sharp turn étienne took at the crossroads after approaching five years of being married to delphine
  • étienne met a man at a dinner party, a man who changed his life for ever
  • charles was a refreshing splash of color to the usual scene of the france's pureblood society
  • he livened everything with his charm and charisma, and quite quickly, étienne fell heads over heels in love, unable to comprehend the strong emotions he was feeling
  • it took him three years to finally realize how he really felt about this strange, charming man, and went after him, divorcing his wife just a month after the decision
  • the seven-year-old twins were the flower boys at their fathers' wedding, and castiel, curious of the elated atmosphere, let his excitement take over him
  • flowers that were once in their baskets exploded into the sky, showering the crowd and the grooms, a perfect conclusion to a perfect union
  • with charles around, castiel noticed just how quickly the atmosphere in their own stuffy home changed
  • charles brought with him many things, one of which being art
  • once never an option for him, it soon became everything castiel wanted to do
  • charles would spend hours working with castiel on basic brush strokes and every technique in the book until he could replicate whole paintings
  • he'd play the piano and castiel would sing along, and as he grew older, take over and outdo his step-father
  • castiel had been writing before charles entered their home, but charles transformed his writing into something even castiel found himself in awe at sometimes
  • not to mention, it seemed there was a lot more laughter and joy in this once cold and silent home
  • it's safe to say, no one regretted a thing
  • the older castiel grew, the more he noticed just how well the chemistry between étienne and charles was
  • he began to want something like that for himself
  • he daydreamed about such a relationship for hours every day until it happened
  • étienne introduced castiel to a pure-blooded girl his age, who attended beauxbatons (castiel had opted to attend hogwarts instead)
  • nicolette was sweet and quiet, something castiel didn't have an issue with
  • he spoiled her everyday, stayed up to talk to her, climb up to her balcony and sing her songs
  • but after a few months, it occurred to him that this didn't feel... right
  • he couldn't leave her though, he'd gotten attached, he felt as if he needed to commit to it, even if it wasn't what his fathers had
  • nicolette ended it before he could, and castiel was devastated
  • after a week, it seemed he had completely recovered but he still carried the weight of his failed relationship for many more months after that
  • he kept trying, though, but every single one didn't feel right
  • he'd get attached, refuse to let go, get dumped, and the cycle would continue
  • eventually it got to the point where he started controlling the cycle itself
  • he'd date a person for a month, and a month only, a taste of romance, even if it wasn't the right one
y'all are clowns
  • if you think i'm going to add anymore. i'm a tired clown.
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