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Castor Peschevech


5th Year Student

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Castor Peschevech
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Important Facts
Gender Male
Age 17
Family Alyssa Fior Peshevech (Mother), Tazlic Castor Peschevech (Father)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 6'0
Affiliation Family, Durmstrang
Wand 10'1/2 Mahogany, Unicorn hair
Home Peschevech Manor (Sweden)
Blood Purity Pure-Blooded


Castor grew up with his father, His mother was killed by revenge. His Father  Col. Tazlic Paschevech was operations commander of the Soviet Union because of this he needs to carry his father's remarks. He was trained to be tough to conquer anything. His father decided to send him to durmstrang after they moved to Sweden for his mother's sake back when they got married. His mother went to hogwarts and his father to durmstrang but he never did finish his term because he wants to join the union rather than being a wizard. Castor became tough developed by his father's hands his skills and wiseness came up and became most likely like his father. The letter came and he was accepted. He's father was so proud so is castor.


Castor isnt any regular person. He wants power. Being arrogant, serious and unfriendly are his nature. He is brave and will do anything to conquer obstacles and problems. He's not the kind of person who allows people to beat his way. If he wants it he will get it. Once he is focus to what he's doing he'll get it done without hesitation.



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Skills and Magical Abilities[]

Strong, wise and excels at electricity-spells