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Catalina is a Spanish variation of the name Katherine which means 'pure'. kah-tah-LEE-nah
Sofía is a Spanish variation of the name Sophia which means 'wisdom'. so-FEE-ah
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Catalina Ibañez was born on October 30 to Fernando Ibañez and Ava Richards in Mendoza, Argentina. Fernando was a recent Castelobruxo graduate when he and Ava met. Ava herself wasn't a witch and had no knowledge of the Wizarding World. She was on vacation in Buenos Aires the summer after she had graduated from college at Stanford University. Ava was walking through the streets of the urban city when someone snatched her bag away from her. It just so happened taht Fernando was walking near Ava when her bag got stolen. He chased the thief down the street (and may or may not have subtly cast a curse or two to make him fall) until he was close enough to get in a good punch, knocking the thief out. Fernando was quick to return Ava her stolen purse- you could say it was fate. Ava insisted she repay her knight in shining armor by taking him out to dinner.

It was pretty much love at first sight. Ava and Fernando knew they were meant for each other the moment they took their seats at a small pub in the middle of the city. Needless to say, Fernando ended up paying despite it being Ava's treat. After much convincing, Ava decided to extend her trip and go back with Fernando to his hometown in Mendoza. Little did Ava know she wouldn't return to the States for years. The pair began dating fairly quickly, and Fernando proposed to his partner just after 4 months of dating. Sure they may have been moving fast, however they were young and in love.

Ava and Fernando ended up putting their engagement on hold after finding out that Ava was pregnant with Catalina. The pair were ecstatic to finally have a child together. About 7 weeks into her pregnancy, Ava found out she was carrying twins- a girl and a boy. Fernando and Ava were as happy as could be, that is until Ava went into labor. It had been tradition in Fernando's family to have a home birth, and Ava was happy to comply with her soon to be mother in law's request to go give birth at their home. It all began normally and everything seemed to be running smoothly. The first twin, Catalina, was born at 3:17 AM. Catalina's younger brother, Jorge, was supposed to come shortly after.

Ava had had a past with high blood pressure, however she was sure she had gotten over it and it was no longer an issue as it was only a problem for her in her highschool years. The trauma of childbirth had caused her blood pressure to increase dramatically causing her to fall into a seizure shortly after delivering her first child. Fernando's mother who also happened to be Ava's midwife did everything in her power to deliver the second twin because it was dangerous for both Ava and her son to stop the procedure. Much to everyone's dismay, there was little that could be done without proper equipment. Ava and her unborn son ended up passing at 4:01 AM due to complications during labor. Fernando was devastated, to say the least. Despite being heartbroken, he knew he had to compose himself and remain on his feet so he could take care of his newborn daughter.

Growing up without a mother proved to be quite difficult for Catalina. While she loved her father dearly, there are just some things he couldn't provide for her that a mother could. She never really had anyone to go to when she had a crush on someone or when she wanted to go on a shopping spree. Fernando always did his best to be not only the best father, but also be the best mother he could possibly be to Catalina.

Catalina grew up with full knowledge of the Wizarding World, however she didn't display her first magical sign until she was 6 years old. Fernando had taken Catalina out to the park to teach her how to play football along with her older cousins whose ages ranged from 9 to 15. While they included her at first, they eventually started picking up the pace to the point she couldn't keep up. Catalina was frustrated that no one would pass the ball to her which she quickly made known to her relatives. They decided to let her be the goalie so they wouldn't have to slow down to play with her. This didn't please the young girl in the slightest. Just as her oldest cousin was dribbling the ball down the field and about to kick in her goal, the ball mysteriously flew up and hit her in the face instead. At first Catalina and Fernando thought this was a mistake on her cousin's part, however everytime someone would try and score on the 6 year old, the ball would fly to an unexpected place- at one point, it even landed in the tree above her. Fernando quickly realized this was Catalina's first sign of magic.

Now that he was sure she was a witch, he decided to teach her how to play quidditch. Fernando himself had played on the Argentina National Quidditch team, so Catalina inherited his skills with the sport. It came fairly naturally to her, and it didn't take long for Catalina to become a Quidditch junkie. She was accepted into Castelobruxo when she was 11, and made the Quidditch team as Seeker her first year there.

Throughout her schooling at the South American wizarding school, she focused mainly on her Quidditch. Catalina knew as soon as she got there that she would grow up to be a professional player. While her grades were never the best, they were enough for her to pass and graduate. After graduating Castelobruxo, it didn't take long for Catalina to get recruited to play for the Argentina National team as Seeker, much like her father.


Catalina is a fairly reserved person.

She doesn't go out seeking attention and tends to feel quite uncomfortable when she is complimented or happens to draw attention to herself. Catalina doesn't have a problem with talking to people, however she isn't really one for big social events. As a result of not engaging in conversation too much, she is an extremely observant person. She doesn't let things go unnoticed, which is probably why she is such a good seeker.

Catalina is exteremely motivated and ambitious. She never had anything handed to her as a child and was taught to work for everything she wanted. Catalina isn't just good at Quidditch because her father was- a great deal of her success comes with her understanding of commitment and working hard. Even as a child, she would spend hours in her backyard practicing Quidditch and would never stop until she achieved her mental goal.

While it's great that she is ambitious and knows what she wants, Catalina needs to loosen up sometimes. She knows that she has a tendency to be a little uptight, although she would never say it aloud. Catalina has never been one for parties and is always one to stay near the walls and drink punch the entire time. She doesn't like getting distracted from what really matters. Her life revolves around Quidditch, and sometimes she just needs to take a breather.

Catalina has the tendency to come off as stuck up, however she doesn't intentionally look down on people. She simply looks down on the dumb decisions others make. In reality, Catalina is an extremely sweet girl. She just needs to stop putting her career before her own personal needs.


Although she'd never admit it herself, Catalina is incredibly beautiful. She has a face that will stick in your mind and big, blue eyes nobody can forget. She absolutely can't stand when people tell her how 'pretty' she is. It drives her insane because she doesn't want to be just another pretty face. She wants to be remembered for more than just her appearance. Catalina's model is Odeya Rush.







  • Catalina is a neat freak.
  • She likes to eat healthy not to stay skinny but to maintain her athletic physique.
  • Her favorite drink is her infamous 'special smoothie'.
  • Catalina has innate athleticism.
  • She has an accent when she speaks English.

"i'm too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener"

Catalina Sofía Ibañez
RPer alex
Age 19
Birthday October 30
Nationality Argentinian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Species Witch
Blood Half-Blood
Orientations Unsure
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue
Faceclaim Odeya Rush
Height 5'4"
Weight 54 kg
Schooling Castelobruxo
Year Graduated
Occupation Seeker for Argentinian National Quidditch Team
Wand Cherry, Veela Hair, 12 1/4"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Cheetah
Boggart Failure
Affiliation(s) The Ibañez Family; Castelobruxo; The Argentinian National Quidditch Team
Location wherever her team is
Most influenced by Fernando Ibañez
Languages Spanish, English

Model: Odeya Rush

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