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The Bagman Family

The Bagman family is a Pure-blooded Wizarding family that, following the death of their parents, Timothy and Anna, reside at Prince Castle.

Charity PH3

Charity is the oldest, and recently got married. She worries about her siblings far more than is necessary, and she feels responsible for them all, especially now that their parents have died. She works as a Healer at St. Mungo's, primarily in the Spell Damage Unit.

Thomas 6th year

Thomas is the second oldest. He's a seventh year Gryffindor. He's got a fiery temper (when it's set off) but he does care about his siblings. He's played on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team since he was a 3rd year, as a Beater.

Faith Bagman 5th Year

Faith is the middle child. She's in Slytherin, and a sixth year, after doing both her fourth and fifth years at once. She's very quiet, but she's also very intelligent, and she loves to read. Stay out of her way, and the two of you will get along just fine.


Mark is the fourth born. He's a fourth year in Hufflepuff, and while he is soft spoken he is also rather distant, and saying that is an understatement. He identifies with the other students in Hufflepuff well, but he refuses to admit it is his true house.


Melinda is... I'll let Bond fill this out. :P

Charity Thomas Faith Mark Melinda
Charity - He's growing up, there's no doubt about that. It seems their relationship is on the mend, and she sincerely hopes that it continues. She's not quite sure what to do. The more she gives her space, the better their relationship... but it feels weird to pull away. She trusts that Thomas has him under control, otherwise he might be a bigger worry... Heartbroken. She hates seeing Melinda rebel against her, when they were so close for so long. She hopes that their relationship will one day return to the closeness they had... but if Melinda's going to just be playing her, she's not really sure she would want that.
Thomas He really hopes that now that Charity is married she'll leave him alone. He also knows that once he's out of the house, and officially now that he's an adult, she doesn't have any say over him. None. And he'll be sure to remind her of that. - He admires the way she just chases after school, since not a lot of that comes easy to him. He knows that he just needs to back off, and let her come to him, and he's more than willing to do so, and so far, it seems to have worked. He feels Mark sort of pulling away, and he's not sure if that's because Mark is a teenager, and Thomas is an adult, or if it's because of their parents. He'll never forget their promise to start a Potions shop together, and hopes Mark won't either. He's really not sure what to think. He's sort of starting to wish Charity would just... tighten her rein around Melinda, but at the same time, he knows how much he hated that. He hates how she pushes his buttons so well, but hopes that she just won't kill herself over the unicorn.
Faith Charity seems to be respecting her space more. If it continues... they might start to mend their fences. But Faith definitely prefers Ash to Charity. She's not really sure what to think about Thomas. He cares... but his temper is a little ridiculous to her. But of her siblings... she sort of prefers him. - She knows he prefers Thomas, and she's fine with that. She has enough siblings checking up on her without needing Mark in her business, too. The scales are tipping in Melinda's favor. She oddly respects Melinda for playing Charity all these years, and as long as Melinda doesn't bug her.... their relationship is mending.
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