Callum D Speaking
★Callum Dane
[ sixteen years old // ravenclaw 6 year // Taken ]
Callum Dane is a broken boy who's been through a lot in his life. He's currently the Quidditch captain for his house at Hogwarts and is dating a wonderful girl who keeps him on his toes. Without the support of his adoptive mother, he would never be where he is right now. Despite his brokeness, he's somehow still intact.
Callum D Speaking
Oliver Talking
★Oliver Lancaster
[ twenty four years old // hufflepuff alumni // Taken ]
Oliver Lancaster is a professor at Hogwarts who's currently dating a wonderful man. Despite having been through some horrible breakups in his life, he's found happiness where he is and is making his life how he wants it. He's a kind man who wears his heart on his sleeve, no matter how many times he gets hurts.
Oliver Talking
Freddie Drink
★Fredrick "Freddie" Spencer
[ seventeen years old // ravenclaw 7 year // Taken ]
Freddie is an American boy thrown into a British world. Despite his exotic nature, he's a sweet boy who tries to be good to those around him. His smart brain has helped him excel throughout school and will further help in his career at St. Mungo's once he graduates. He has a good life set out before him, even if he's been through some hard times.
Freddie Drink
Dahlia Glance 2
★Dahlia Griffith
[ nineteen years old // ravenclaw alumni // Engaged ]
Dahlia is a kind person who's been through her ups and downs, especially with the new minister and his policies. Living on her own and supporting herself has been difficult since being disowned, but she's making ends meet and is saving up for her wedding... Whenever it comes.
Dahlia Glance 2
Flynn Suit
★Flynn Petterson
[ twenty five years old // gryffindor alumni // single ]
Flynn is the Chief Investigator at the auror office in the ministry. He's single and lives with his dog, Coco, in a small apartment despite the vast amounts of money at his disposal. He's living comfortably yet he is lonely, and his job keeps him busy when he isn't home. He's trying to find a bigger meaning to life, hoping that includes a special someone.
Flynn Suit
Cheol Glasses
★Cheol Min-Seung
[ sixteen years old // gryffindor 6 year // single ]
Cheol is a hard-headed teenager who has a bit of a temper. Despite his harsh exterior he has a soft core and is a big teddy bear. He acts tough because he doesn't want anyone to get too close to him, but he knows deep down inside he truly wants someone to cut through his tough exterior.
Cheol Glasses
Sebastian Smile
★Sebastian Hall
[ thirty two years old // gryffindor alumni // Dibbed ]
Sebastian is a Medi-Wizard at St. Mungo's who specializes in being a surgeon while also being an Obliviator on the side for the ministry. He's currently dating a wonderful woman, yet is having a bit of trouble connecting with her son. He wants the realtionship to work, and hopes that sooner than later he can join their small family.
Sebastian Smile
Benjamin 8
★Benjamin Stuart
[ twenty one years old // slytherin alumni // Dibbed ]
Benjamin is a charismatic history buff who travled the world teaching history. He hopes to be a professor in Hogwarts and is looking forward to seeing where life takes him next. He also is thinking of pursuing a special someone, especially after their interesting encounter.
Benjamin 8
Adrien cutie
★Adrien Bonnefort
[ eleven years old // hufflepuff 1 year // single ]
Adrien is a shy boy who has strong emotions. He loves everything to do with space, but is so shy that he doesn't have many people to talk to it about. He's exctied for his first year at Hogwarts, and can't wait to see what happens.
Adrien cutie
Rosie Glance 2
★Rosie Ollivander
[ thirteen years old // gryffindor 3 year // single ]
Rosie is a shy but kind girl who tries her best to have a smile on her face. Despite still getting used to London and Hogwarts, she's done well for herself and has made sure to stay out of trouble. As for her sister she can't really say the same...
Rosie Glance 2
Daejeon Smile
★Kang Daejeon
[ fifteen years old // hufflepuff 5 year // single ]
Daejeon is literally the embodiment of nice and sweet. He's the purest person on the planet despite having two really rough and a little bad brothers. His smile could melt the heart of the coldest person, and despite having strong emotions and being very sensitive he's actually a very smart and well put together boy.
Daejeon Smile

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