The Di Sena e Bonaparte Family is a pure-blooded Italian family that boasts lineage from two great Italian families. The connective between the two, the Di Sena e Bonaparte's aim to further both legacies.

The Di Sena Family is an extremely wealthy Italian pure-blooded family with a large control in the tourism of magical Italy. Known for creating some of the most elaborate architecture with an extravagance seemingly unmatched, they have been contacted across the wizarding world for buildings and monuments. Though pride courses through their veins - the desirability of any prospect of marriage to a Di Sena boosting that - no member of the family has forgotten the humble beginnings of Lorenzo Di Sena; a bricklayer in early medieval Italy. Marrying Lorenzo's dedication with the creativity of his sons, the Di Sena family have able to create a fortune with excess, solidifying their place as an important family in magical Italy's history by the early 1500s.

The Bonaparte Family, both in the muggle and magical worlds, have historically ruled the First and Second French Empires. Although the magical Bonaparte's were much quicker disposed and replaced, the momentum they had gained was fuelled into the politics of their resident country. Thanks to political prowess, the Bonaparte's have been able to boast control at various points in history as the French and Italian Ministers for Magic. A Bonaparte could hold so much power that, at times, it could be questioned if a new Empire had formed. Much to the gossip of the magical public, some members of the House of Bonaparte continue to style themselves with the disposed royalty titles, adding largely to the family's ego and sense of pride. In recent years, the Bonaparte's have looked to extend their reach into more cultural elements of the daily wizarding life, leading to the perfect business marriage of a Di Sena and a Bonaparte.

With the creation of the new Di Sena e Bonaparte family, the matriarch and patriarch have chosen to set their eyes on the publishing world. Each moving to Britain at a young age, they have quickly acquired key publications within magical Britain. Plans to extend such interests into other business is in discussion but, for now, the family remains content with where their power lies.

The current family is as follows:

Lazzaro-Jacquemin Bonaparte (patriarch) • Isabetta Di Sena (matriarch) • Zuana (daughter) • Lavinia (daughter) • Cosima (daughter) • Elias (son) • Percival (son) • Gawain (son) • Rowland (son) • Cecilia (daughter)

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