These are the characters in the Grey Family. They are roleplayed by User:Peislandgal.

     The Grey Family is a well known, pure-blood family in London, England. The family has never been rich, as most of the family works in lower ministry positions, but is recognized for their positive attitude.


     On a warm summer day, Daniel Grey, a pure-blood wizard, married the love of his life Lynn Prewett, a pure-blood witch. This young couple lived in the heart of London, England.


     The surname Grey is derived from the place named Graye, in Calvados. This place-name was derived from the Gallo-Roman personal name, Gratus, which means welcoming or pleasing.

Family Tree

                      Daniel Grey = Lynn
                 |                  |               |              
      Nora = Phillip               Rose = John      Jacob =  Kelly             
            |________________           |____                 |
                |            |               |
     Sarah = Robert          |             Annie                         
          |                  |    
          |                 Brian = Kara      
   |    |      |      |     |
Sadie Damon Elijah Olivia Violet

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