Fab Five dynamic

This dynamic involves five openly queer men who, for five days (in character), attempts to try and help improve their customer's lives through different aspects. These aspects include: food and wine, fashion, grooming, design and culture. It is based off the show 'Queer Eye' which I'm sure most of you are at least a little bit familiar with. It's on Netflix, if you haven't watched it, I'd recommend it. It's so inspiring and actually makes me want to get my life together. But enough of the shameless advertisement. Basically, in-character wise, these people would be great friends, as close as brothers, and would run a business together.

Now, in regards to the actual business aspect. The five would be famous throughout the wizarding world (to a degree, some people might not recognise them, but those in the LGBT community probably would) for their show, which is sponsored by LBC, that helps straight men get their life together. However, this show is more in the background and not really RPed. This is just a dynamic of a group of gay men who just really love and support each other and want to give off a positive outlook to the world around them and preach acceptance and tolerance.


  • The character has to be male and queer.
  • They have to be at least nineteen (age range 19-23)
  • The character has to be knowledgable in the position that they hold.
  • It is possible for them to have other jobs on the side. For example, the food and wine specialist might also run a wine tasting company or a restaurant on the side as well.
  • NOTE: The characters do NOT have to have the same personality type as they do in the show. For example: the fashion expert of the group doesn't have to act like Tan (let's be real, Festus is nothing like Tan because Tan is holy and pure and Hephaestus is an ass).

The Magical Five

  1. Ck, Spencer Kipling, Food and wine
  2. User, Character, Design
  3. Hannah, Casper Amesbury, Grooming
  4. Soc, Hephaestus Black, Fashion
  5. Time, Hussein Nazari, Culture

Credit for the original idea goes to the one and only Time <3

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