Wikia DARP - Seventh Floor spirit

Seventh Floor spirit

Approach, and be tranquil. Many are drawn here, both flesh-clothed and in purity of spirit, and this concordance of planes is thus most meet for a mapping of the material needs which currently beset you.

To this place you have come, seeking, and we shall together divine your true destination, for spirits like I strive still to assist the living. These rooms have resonance for us, and hence have been set aside for the Divination of which we spake, a Congress for the tyros, Chamber for the Practitioner – Professor, I have likewise heard it said – and many accoutrements of penetrating the spirit veil and Seeing . . .beyond.

There is likewise to be encountered here worldly, wizardly wisdom, for this is the refuge of the First among the Seekers – of Knowledge, that is. Again these cumbersome labels intrude, but I seem to recollect the eaglebearer was referred to as “Head of Ravenclaw”.

Such matters need not concern us, but your apparent discomfort brings to mind another issue. If you must cleanse yourself, there are no facilities here. Such as there were have been harvested by the scythe of Time.

There is an uncouth locale, named in the manner of the German for our kind, through which the winds waft once more, but having never been, I am loath to be drawn as to its particulars. It is said to contain some unusually fine paintings.

Among the many amalgams of pigments in this place is one with a strong inclination to impertinent inquiry, a “Fat Lady” as I have heard her called, who makes the business of others the essence of her every moment. Not having lingered in her vicinity, I know not what else may there be found.

Indeed, and on the periphery of our ken as spirits, there remains one further location, though that term in itself misleads, for the bubble in the timestream of which I speak is not tethered to any one mooring in your reality. I have, however, gleaned its most common appellation - “The Room of Requirement”. All further needs you may have, it should address. Until we meet again, fare well.

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