Sixth Floor

Wikia DARP - Sixth Floor narrator

Sixth Floor student


ere you are at last. Agh, it is the Sixth Floor, going to take a while, I suppose. And it's not like I haven't been first, in my time here. You know, when we did things alphabetically, by language. You see, Afrikaans is my huistaal, my home language. But just like you, I had to find my way, pluck up my courage, as you say, and ask the mense van hierdie – hereabouts – to help me get where I was going.

The Sixth has always been my favourite – I'm sort of a boekwurm, but only really old stuff no else can read, which might be why the hattjie, the Hat, put me in Slytherin. Still, here on the Sixth I found my real home – Ancient Runes. There's the classroom, and just over there is the Professor's, agh, kantoor, uh, office. Here you'll find every kind of glyph and hieroglyph, every form of graphic representation of what we, as wizards, are all about, focus of power, concentration of might.

Ja, Speaking of might, you might need the toilet, but I don't recommend the ones here – you'll have to try the batch round the corner.

Apart from that, it's pretty quiet, you know, what with waiting for the new teacher to move into the Large Office, and the caretaker's rubbish all down the hall there. Somebody said there's a cupboard back there, but I can't see it. I mean, if there is a closet, why is his stuff all over the place, hey? Gooiegenaade!

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