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A vampire is a magical humanoid that is famed for biting people on the neck and sucking their blood. They are part of the family of beings known as the Living Dead.

  • Vampires cannot be killed using the killing curse as they are classified as living dead alongside Zombies.
  • Vampires and werewolves are ancient enemies and have been long depicted as fighting but often avoid each other, preferring to avoid the long-ago forged tension between the races.
  • Fangs may be sheathed in gums and extend on command.
  • Vampires can eat muggle and wizard food like pastries and lollipops but it all depend's on the vampire.

  • Vampires have unusually long life (Approximately 200 years).
  • A dhampir (half-blood) can be created through reproduction involving one pureblood vampire parent.
  • Dhampir's may attend Hogwarts as long as they have at least one wizarding parent as they continue to keep their magical abilities.
  • Both vampire and dhampir have heightened senses.
  • Vampires may change form into a bat and back at will.
  • Both dhamphir and vampire are stronger, faster and can withstand more damage that a muggle or wizard. They can be healed through blood, but only depending on age and strength (dhampirs only heal minor wounds).
  • Vampires are allowed to enter Hogwarts during school-based events as long as they have a guest who attends and permission from the headmaster/headmistress.

  • A vampire's bite is incurable like that of a werewolf's.
  • Both vampire and dhampir are pale and gaunt.
  • Both vampires and dhampir eyes will turn red if they are hungry or angry. This may be concealed with a spell.
  • Vampires are the living dead and do not have beating hearts.
  • Vampires must drink human blood to survive. Dhampirs do not need blood but will often been exhausted and weakened without it.
  • Vampires have an aversion to garlic and can be kept at bay by it's presence.
  • Vampires cannot go into the sun unless they have a magically enchanted item that protects the wearer from the sunlight. Vampires can be destroyed by sun if the item is found and destroyed.
  • Both dhampir and vampire can be incapacitated through regular means (paralyzing, loss of limbs, bound by magic) but can only be destroyed by direct sunlight and being staked through the heart with either aspen or ash wood.

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