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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.



Full Name: Cathryn Emmanuella de Stella (formerly del Bosque)
Born: 7 October
Age: 26
Status: Single/Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: Italian
Ethnicity: Spanish-Italian
Accent: Spanish-Italian
Blood Status: Pureblood
Orientations: Bisexual biromantic

Father: Dante del Bosque
Mother: Cerise de Stella
Siblings: Emelia del Bosque (younger sister)
Other Relatives: Luciano Vargas
Family Background: The de Stellas are underground information brokers while the del Bosques are noble Italian families
Most Important Person Before: Emelia del Bosque
Most Important Person Now: Tie between Emelia and Piero

School: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
House: Ombrelune
Best Core Class: N/A
Worst Core Class: N/A
Electives: N/A
Quidditch: Nope

Wand Wood: WIP
Wand Core: WIP
Wand Length: WIP
Pets: None
Animagus/Patronus: N/A / Grass snake
Boggart: wip
Amortentia: Her house

Occupation: Underground info broker
Loyalty: de Stella family, Caracciolo family
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic neutral


Hair Colour: Black
Hair Style: Wavy, often loose
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Colour: Brown
Ethnicity: Spanish-Italian
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Voice: Soprano
Eye Sight: 20/20
Health Status: Healthy
Clothing Style: Classy
Most Notable Accessory: None :D
Distinguishing Marks: None!
Body Style: Curvaceous
Takes After Which Parent?: Equally from both parents
Posture: Elegant


As pretty and elegant as a calla lily, but just as deadly. Cathryn de Stella is the face of sophistication with class befitting of a queen. Her words are sweet as honey and as complicated as a British pureblood family's family tree. She exudes a leader aura and motherly aura at the same time and is always in her best behaviour around people. She is always holding her head up high and greeting even the harshest people with a gentle smile. Cathryn is that one person who you'd think would do no wrong, seeing as how much she loves lending people a hand and is always exuding a rather warm aura. This is from her father's influence, and it would've been her true personality if not for the divorce.

But underneath all that, Cathryn is a skilled wordsmith and a cunning individual. She is very direct on the matter at hand and is always a no-nonsense woman. Because of that, she doesn't really like those who joke around and will reprimand them when necessary. Her mother hand taught her how to use manipulation to get what she wants and to have a very sharp silver tongue. Once, she would always gave a hand to people and took favours without ever asking for anything back. Now, she would lend a hand and took favours to ensure that she would have a large array of resources. These skills had helped her a lot during the past few years.

Cathryn is more mature than most of the people her age because she was forced to grow up early at the wake of her parents' impending divorce. She had to act as a parent to her younger sister Emelia because Dante and Cerise were too immersed in their arguments to properly care for their children. It broke Cathryn when Emelia was separated from her after the divorce and vowed to find her again.


Dante del Bosque and Cerise de Stella are two people who have very similar interests who met in Beauxbatons and promptly fell in love. They were the 'it' couple in their year, having a perfect relationship history and nigh zero fights. It helped that they were also two of the top students of their generation, so everyone expected them to marry and become one of the most influential couples of Italy. They were right. However, no one ever thought what would happen after they marry.

The del Bosques' first child was named Cathryn Emmanuella del Bosque, a beautiful girl with shiny brown hair and bright brown eyes. For the first few years, everything was fine. Everything was a wonderful, peaceful family life. That is, until the topic of what kind of woman Cathryn should grow up to was opened. This was the first time that Dante and Cerise had ever disagreed on anything, and thus was the fuel of their first fight.

Cathryn loved both of her parents equally, but a part of her preferred her father more. She didn't like seeing them argue into the night, which was why she was very relieved when their fights ceased when Emelia was born. For a few months, the arguments were forgotten and they lived happily, but then they came back at full force. Her parents argued over everything that can be argued over, forgetting to properly care for their daughters. Sure, they still provided them with their physical necessities, but the children felt as if they were orphans. Their parents were always emotionally absent, so Cathryn took up the mantle as Emelia's parent.

Their family completely shattered when Cathryn turned 9. Cerise had brought home divorce papers and slammed them so hard on Dante's office desk that the two children were tempted to peer into the office. They saw their father sign the papers with only the tiniest hint of hesitation, so tiny that they mistook it for a pigment of their imagination. With the blink of an eye, Cerise packed her belongings along with Cathryn's. This was met with absolute refusal from both children, but Cathryn and Dante were adamant at separating the children. Despite Cathryn and Emelia's efforts, Cathryn was still plucked out of her darling sister's arms.

Things changed a lot since then. Cerise had returned to her home in Valencia, Spain and met a new lover, Luciano Vargas. There was still a small part of Cerise that loved Dante, seeing how similar Luciano was to Dante, but Cathryn paid it no mind. She started to secretly loathe her parents for taking Emelia away from her, but she can't do much of anything. She tried to persuade her mother in contacting Dante in hopes of being able to contact Emelia, but Cathryn never gave in.

Cathryn kept her hopes up, knowing that she and Emelia were bound to go to the same school together; Beauxbatons. Though, she never encountered her sister at the school, which greatly dampened her time there. Her seven years of schooling passed without much event and eventually, Cathryn was an adult, which means it was time for Cerise to introduce her daughter to the de Stellas' underground business. Turns out, the de Stellas were famous information brokers who have a knack of sticking their noses in others' businesses and somehow escaping unscathed.

This was how she met Piero Caracciolo once again. Cathryn and Piero were acquaintances when they were young but lost contact once her parents had divorced. Imagine Cathryn's surprise at learning that Piero was also in the underground business. It wasn't long until Piero became Cathryn's favourite client. Cathryn became fond of his adopted daughter and her Metamorphmagus abilities, but never had the chance to look after her while Piero's gone because she had her own businesses to deal with.

She didn't know when her own fondness for Piero became affection and affection became love, but it did happen without her noticing. Knowing that beating around the bush won't help her, Cathryn decides to well, just confess to Piero. And by confess I mean stating it outright to him and asking him if he feels the same literally a few minutes before he goes to probably his last mission. He promised her he'd reply when he gets back, but he never did come back. That asshole.

Cathryn, knowing that Emelia (Piero's adopted daughter) would be sent to an orphanage due to the lack of a legal guardian, now ventures to England to adopt her legally. Piero owes her one.


Cathryn Emmanuella de Stella is a Spanish-Italian Beauxbatons graduate who is from a family of underground information brokers. Forced to grow up quickly to take care of her younger sister in the wake of her parents' divorce, she is now looking for said sister along with her friend/would-be lover(?) Piero Caracciolo. Putting aside those quests for now, she ventures into England to become the legal guardian of Emelia Caracciolo.