Cedric Macmillan
Slytherin Alumnus • Puddlemere United Chaser
Age 22
Birthday June 27th
Nationality English
Accent English
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Sexuality Questioning
Roleplayer Elsa

Cedric Macmillan
Slytherin Alumnus • Puddlemere United Chaser
Species Wizard; Human
Gender Male (cis)
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Model Julian Morris
Height 5'11"
Weight -

Cedric Macmillan
Slytherin Alumnus • Puddlemere United Chaser
House Slytherin
Year/Occupation Professionial Chaser
Wand -
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Snake
Boggart -
Affiliation England, Puddlemere United


Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.


Cedric Adrian Macmillan is a pureblooded Slytherin alumnus from England who plays as a chaser for Puddlemere United. His family is one of the 'Sacred 28', which is still a source of secret pride for him.
Slytherin Crest (Gif)


Cedric is a name invented by Sir Walter Scott for a character in his novel 'Ivanhoe' (1819).

Adrian is a form of Hadrian, from the Roman cognomen Hadrianus, which meant "from Hadria" in Latin.

The etymology of Macmillan is unknown, but it could possibly mean "Son of Millan" or similar.


Cedric and Adelaide Macmillan were born to the pure-blood wizards Lillian and Phillip Macmillan, the youngest of seven. Growing up, it was repeatedly drilled into them that their family was one of the sacred 28, and that they would keep it that way if they knew what was good for them. Their parents would keep them on the family estate whenever possible, so as to discourage them from becoming blood-traitors, unless they were visiting pureblooded friends. By the time the Hogwarts letters arrived, both were set to follow in their parents' footsteps in terms of supremacy.

This was the case when they began their first year at Hogwarts, being sorted into Slytherin and forming a clique with their childhood friends. It was the case throughout their second year, when Cedric joined the Quidditch team and would 'accidentally' barrel into muggleborn Hufflepuffs with his broom. By the end of their third year, however, Cedric had begun to realise that blood didn't really matter that much. Not that he told his siblings or parents that, of course. So he let the bully in him gradually die, and focused on Quidditch, where he honed his natural talent until he was as good as any of the star players at school.

Upon graduating, Cedric immediately started to pursue a career in Quidditch and was almost immediately snapped up by Puddlemere United, where he still plays as a chaser today.


Cedric is generally good-humoured and as kind as he can be, though he often comes across as condescending or sarcastic. He's quite self-preserving and sometimes acts selfishly or spoiled, though he doesn't mean to. When it comes to Quidditch, Cedric is as calculating as many Slytherins are in day-to-day life, and good with strategy. Cedric is an overachiever, and often jokes he'd have been put in Ravenclaw if he hadn't wanted Slytherin so badly at the time, and has a charming disposition. Of course, old habits die hard, and he still accidentally calls muggleborns "mudbloods" sometimes, but he's working on it.





Lillian Macmillan - Mother
Phillip Macmillan - Father
Adelaide Macmillan - Sister

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