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Celesta Bellona Black Swan Small
Healer Trainee
Hufflepuff Graduate
This character was adopted by Rabbitty

Celesta Bellona Small
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Height Average
Skin Fair
Birthday October 30
Age 21
Accent English (Lincolnshire)
Home The Small Household
Signature File:CelestaSig.png
Species Human, witch, Metamorphmagus
Pet Clover (hedgehog)
Wand Willow and unicorn hair, 11 ½ inches
Blood Unknown Pure-blood
Patronus Hedgehog
Boggart Being abandoned again
Family Derek Swan (Adoptive Father)
Melissa Swan née Willard (Adoptive Mother)
Ken Small (Foster Adoptive Father)
Holly Small née Hensley (Foster Adoptive Mother)
Jacques "Jake" Small (Foster Adoptive Brother)
School Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House Hufflepuff


Celesta's witch mother placed her for adoption as a newborn baby. The woman didn't give her own name, nor the name of the baby's father, but she gave the baby's first name and middle name: Celesta Bellona.

Celesta, like her mother before her, was a witch. And unlike her mother, a Metamorphmagus. She didn't use her Metamorphmagus or magic powers as a baby, due to the emotional shock and upheaval or being born and losing her mother, all she had ever known, and being put in an orphanage. But she didn't stay there for long. Before she was a year old, a muggle couple hoping to adopt, Derek and Melissa Swan, came. They adored her.

Celesta had a happy life with her adoptive parents, in Lincoln, England. She had a group close friends, Mei, Flora and Siena. Mei was her best friend, very best friend. Mei, like Celesta, had been adopted as a baby. They understood each other perfectly, partly due to similar experiences, and partly because they just correlated so well.

Celesta magical powers devolved later than many other children’s, so she didn't do much accidental magic. Her parents did their best to ignore what magic she did do, and tried to find logical explanations for it, like muggle-borns' parents do. They also tried to find logical explanations for her Metamorphmagusing.

The first time she was able to consciously use her magical and Metamorphmagus powers. She was just laying on the grass and then suddenly, for a moment, everything stopped, and made sense. And she was in control of it all.

When she was 8, Celesta and her parents finally had to face that fact that Celesta could sometimes change her appearance. Her parents didn’t mind however, because they knew Celesta was special.

The summer when she was 10, she did a big display of magic, and the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad came to fix it. Usually, muggle parents are told that their children are magical when their children are 11, right before they go to Hogwarts. But since the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad was their anyway, they told Celesta and her parents that Celesta is a witch. Her parents were upset and scared to learn that magic exists, and that Celesta had it, so they put her in foster care. Celesta went back to the orphanage where she had lived as a baby, and stayed there for about a month until the Ministry for Magic could line up a foster home for her.

Her foster parents are a wizarding couple named Ken Small and Holly Small, a muggle-born witch and a pure-blood wizard. They live in a house out in the countryside in England, near the Welsh boarder, where they can do magic without fear of being seen by muggles. One day, they saw Celesta morphing, and they knew it wasn’t ordinary accidental magic. They told Celesta about Metamorphmagus, and explained that she was one. Celesta was surprised, but pleased. She turned part of her hair white, but let the rest of her stay the way she was. The day after that, she got her acceptance letter from Hogwarts. The Smalls took her to Diagon Alley to get her Hogwarts things.

She spent 3 years at the Smalls'. During her 3rd year at Hogwarts, the Smalls' asked her if she'd like it if they adopted her. She said yes, and they started the process of adopting her.

Late in the summer before Celesta's fourth year, the Smalls took into another foster child: a little boy named Jake, who was put in foster care by his wizarding parents because they were pretty sure he's a squib. After they took in Jake, Celesta started to be a little better — she felt that she had to be strong for Jake, and there she found strength for herself, too. When Jake would wake up in the night and start crying, she would do what she could — make him hot chocolate, and read until he fell back to sleep.

After her fifth and before her sixth year, her adoption was completed. Jake's was completed soon after, because as it became clear that Jake was a squib, and his biological family quickly gave up the fight.

Celesta graduated Hogwarts, and is now a trainee at St. Mungo's, what she calls in her head "wizarding medical school". Growing up, she always thought she'd go to a university, and at Hogwarts she always thought she wouldn't have a chance to — but now, as far as Celesta's concerned, she does.


Celesta is a complex person, with many layers and quirks. She is noble and humble. She doesn't trust easily, but she is kind to people, even if she doesn't quite trust them. She absolutely hates being dependent on anyone, seeing it as a chance for then to betray her and let her down. This means that she never asks for help, even when she desperately needs it. She often has trouble connecting with people, and when that happens she turns inward on herself. She also has some serious abandonment issues, and some minor self-confidence issues.

Celesta is very humble and modest, and absolutely can't stand arrogant people.

She is self-destructive. She wallows in the past, and holds onto it, and feels sorry for herself. In the end, she's hurt herself more than anyone else ever has.

She's a bit of a poet, she has lots are poem that she started writing. But she could never seam to get to the end of the poem. She always thought she was not a music person, but after being exposed to wizarding music she reevaluated that opinion; she does like wizarding music (her favourite is Lisa Green).


Celesta is a metamorphmagus, so she can bend her appearance to be whatever she wants. She likes using her powers to make nail-polish-like designs on her fingernails for fun. In her childhood, before she learned about magic, she had black hair, blue eyes and fair skin; her "natural" appearance. For years she didn't use her powers much. Now days, she favours either her natural black hair and blue eyes, or all-out metamorphmagus colours.

Celesta likes clothing that is made of solid colours rather than prints, and only a few colours at a time. She has her own style, usually classic things with a little twist.


Clothing Celesta mostly wears muggle clothes, as that is what she is used to. She finds robes annoying, and the big sleeves always get caught on everything. She she has mostly muggle clothes, plus a few sets of robes, and her school uniform. She has a little bit of simple muggle jewellery, mostly silver coloured. She doesn't have any dress robes, and wears a muggle dress for fancy events.

Camera Celesta has an interest in photography, and she has a little camera that she's had ever since 9th birthday. The Smalls got it enchanted to take moving pictures and work without electricity. Sure, it's old and scratched, but she knows how to use it, and she'd never want a new camera.

Books Celesta has several novels. Most of them are muggle, but a few are wizarding. She also has a notebook. She's terrible at writing poems, but it helps calm her, so she writes them anyways.




Right before she left for her third year at Hogwarts, the Smalls got Celesta a pet: a hedgehog. She named the little girl Clover. Celesta loves her little hedgehog dearly, carries Clover around in her pocket during the day when she can.


Celesta was given up for adoption under very strange and mysterious circumstances. Growing up, she never thought a whole lot about them, except during the longs summers when she went with her adoptive parents to the moor. Then, and when Celesta and Mei would go on long walks, and talk about their birth parents.

Hate, anger, and hurt. How can you adopt someone, care for them, love them and be their family for 9 years, then give them up because you don't like magic? But they put her in foster care, they didn't put her up for adoption. After that, she waited 3 years, harbouring a hope that they might someday want her, although she knew in her heart that would never happen. During her adoption, when the Smalls asked the Swans for Celesta's custody, they handed it over without any reluctance.

They've been Celesta's family since she was 10, and she has come to feel at home with them. She loves them and is grateful for them. They're her family. But even so, they didn't raise her, and she finds it hard to see them as her parents, because by in the time she was living with them, it was mostly just the summers, as she was at school the rest of the year.

Her brother's a bit different. Her foster brother, Jake, is 7 years younger than Celesta. He was put into foster care several months ago because he never showed any signs of magic. Celesta did her best for him, remembering what is was like to be in almost those exact shoes. Rather uncharacteristically, she accepted him as her brother almost instantly. They are very close. She always watches out for him and protects him.

Caleigh Silvera
Caleigh is Celesta's friend — her best friend from school. Caleigh is a Metamorphmagus too, and thought she never talks about it really, Celesta to believes that she doesn't have the greatest past either, and for that Celesta thinks she's more trustworthy for that.



She's always had a knack for charms, and it was her best class at Hogwarts. This is because charms is less ridge than many class, more room for creativity and personalizing.


  • Went they gave her up, Celesta's biological parents told the orphanage her first name was Celesta and her middle name was Bellona . When she was adopted she became Celesta Bellona Swan. After the Swans gave her away, she was still legally Celesta Bellona Swan, but she didn't like the name Swan anymore. For a while when she was in foster care, she had some conflicts about what name to use. She then she started using the name Celesta Small when she could, only using her legal name when she had too. When her adoption was completed, her name was legally changed to Celesta Bellona Small — a name that she loves.
  • She is pure-blood, but she never knew.
  • She often feels like a muggle-born because she was raised by muggles, without knowing she was magic.
  • She was born before her twin, and they were born on different days because they were born on ether side of midnight.
  • She did martial arts for a little while when she lived with the Swans, but she had to stop when she left.
  • She went to muggle primary school. She had just finished primary school when the Swans gave her up.
  • She used her Metamorphmagus powers to keep her hair from getting tangled.
  • Celesta has very nice, neat handwriting that slops to the left. She always makes the letters look just how they are supposed to. She writes in printing rather than cursive.
  • Celesta loves writing in her colour-changing ink. Reading stuff written in it is rather distracting, though.
  • She an on-and-off vegetarian. She tries to be vegetarian, but has trouble sticking to it.
  • She's a strong advocate for Pluto's planethood.
  • Her favourite flavour of ice cream is pumpkin-firewiskey. She tried it the first time just to prove that she could and would, but it was a lot better than she expected and it really grew on her.
  • She does poorly under pressure.