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Celeste Marie Emerson
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Charles Emerson who was a Slytherin was a charming boy, he was also immensely popular and was the captain of the Quidditch Team. Sadie Clark was a kind-hearted Ravenclaw chaser who was extremely shy, she had only a couple friends but was loved by all. One day when they were in their 7th year Charles was playing a quidditch game and was doomed to fall when a bludger came his way, Sadie quickly saved him with her fast reflexes. They fell in love and dated for the rest of that year. Afterwards after they graduated they quickly married, and Sadie died giving birth to Celeste.

Charles and Celeste lived quietly in a big house located in London, Celeste was home-schooled and Charles taught her many spells and Celeste studied hard for Hogwarts. He, being the former quidditch captain taught Celeste many new tricks and coached her daily. The day she got her letter was the happiest day of her life, her father was so proud of her that he bought her a brand new broom. In school, she made a few friends who talked to her maybe once or twice a day. Celeste was painfully shy and was considered a freak in school, though teachers were very impressed with her wit and intelligence.

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Celeste loves literature, and spends her free time reading great books from biographies to fairy tales. Her fear is her friends and families dying because of her so she shuts herself from them for their own sake. But once Celeste gets comfortable around you she is a compassionate and loyal friend.

Celeste is also a painfully shy girl and is kind of a loner, during her free time she spends her time in the library reading books, when she reads books she feels that she is the only one in the world. Celeste is a sweet and loving girl and will try to help her friends be happy again after something bad or sad happens to them.