Celeste Wilshere
Charms professor • Speeding through life • Dueler


Personal Information

Full NameCeleste Clair Wilshere
Birthday5th of September
Age22 years old
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHomosexual
Romantic OrientationHomoromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceLondon, UK
Living SituationWilshere Cottage
Languages SpokenEnglish

Magical Information

Blood Statushalfblood
Wand WoodBeech wood
Wand Coredragon heartstring core
Wand Length12 ½ and reasonably supple flexibility
PatronusBlack Stallion
BoggartLosing her sense of self


Celeste is every bit of her parents and then a touch more intense. Competitive, driven, she's a leader and she knows it. While Cedric might be considered to be the father of the family, Celeste might be the mother of the family. The Susan Pevensie of the group. Celeste will boss her siblings around without a touch of guilt. Of course, if they insist on messing up then that's on them but Celeste did warn them and she's not afraid to say 'I told you so'. However, though she fashions herself up as this figurehead, this leader, she never quite fills those shoes. For starters, mostly no one actually listens to her and she's usually speaking to thin air. Next thing is that, well, Celeste is a hypocrite and is actually one of the most irresponsible children in the family. She just hates to see her own bad habits be turned against her in other people. And she's trying her best to put herself back on the right path. Therefore she totally has the right to tell people what to do. You can't even say Celeste means her best cause who knows if that's the case. Celeste is an enigma who expects more from the people around her than what she expects of herself. Celeste will lecture someone about not doing the dishes even though she's never done dishes in her life. Even though she's incredibly active and sporty, she's rather lazy when it comes to other things, like household chores. It's why Celeste has never bothered moving out of home–she doesn't want to actually start cooking or cleaning for herself. Celeste is the person who says one thing then does something completely different and she does this without remorse.

Though a slob, Celeste isn't a complete failure at life. No, she's one of the best duelers in the country–maybe not as good as some of her siblings–and she will make sure people know it. However, unlike most of her siblings, she can be quite versatile with what sports she likes. Celeste can hold her own in a game of football and can easily break a man's nose–even though he's twice her size. Celeste likes contact sports. She likes to feel the adrenaline. It's the one thing she resents about dueling. How far away they are. She'd rather wrestle someone to the ground than send a spell their way. She compromises by sticking their wand up their ass. Joking. Celeste wishes she could, though. Some people in this world deserve it. Regardless, give her a wand and she'll rip her opponent to shreds. She likes challenges. She likes competition. She likes feeling the rush of winning. In this regard, she can be a perfectionist. Celeste can push her body to the limits, spending hours upon hours in the gym, making sure her body is in peak physical condition at all times. Celeste also has incredibly little patience for people, especially when they're fumbling. Snappish and blunt, Celeste also has the mouth of a sailor. Perhaps not the best combination in the world. Celeste has been known to swear at people she's mad at, leaving her in tight situations.

Celeste doesn't really care for what people think of her though. Hell, she doesn't really know what she thinks of herself either. Celeste has never stopped to think about her own place in the world. Whether she's putting in positive vibes or negative. It'd just slow her down and hold her back. Celeste is very much on the move. She hates to take her time. With little patience, do you really think she'd think long term plans? No. Celeste has no plans for her future. Celeste barely has any short term plans. She takes it day by day. Though not witty, Celeste can be incredibly cruel with her words if her mood drops. One good thing about Celeste though is that she can be protective. In her own right. Though she'd expect people to be able to hold her own and won't step when the other is around. She'll break a person's arm if she hears them talking smack about someone she cares about behind their back. Celeste hates gossiping, honestly. If you have something to say about someone then grow a pair and tell it to their faces. If you looked up toxic masculinity in a female you'd probably get Celeste's name and picture.

Celeste is incredibly forgetful and often mistakes dreams for reality. Namely, with coming out to everyone. She'll swear up and down that she came out to her family that she's into woman and it hasn't quite hit her that she hasn't done it. She came out to her friends. Her teachers. Strangers. Everyone but her family. And she's been living under the impression that she had told them seven years ago. However, her own sexuality was never something she was scared about. Celeste, even as a child, was always secure in herself and her identity. If her family didn't accept her for who she was, she'd reject and disown them before they had the chance to do it to her. Celeste is stubborn and has the perspective that they just have to accept her for who she is, flaws and all. She won't change herself for anyone. Let alone her sexuality. Not that she really cares. It's a pain in the ass when men hit on her though. Speeding through life, Celeste struggles to stop and think about how she might be affecting everyone around her.

Celeste isn't stupid though. No, even though she could be considered a stereotypical jock, Celeste is incredibly smart. But works more under pressure. Celeste was the student who never seemed to be paying attention then get everything right the moment the professor called her out. The one who never studied but walked out with 98% and she only lost the 2% for grammar. It can be incredibly frustrating to people but it's allowed Celeste to coast through life. Works for her. Her humour is quite nihilistic though and she can be quite morbid. This mentality is a dangerous mix with Celeste and one might think she was the one who created the phrase 'yolo'. Because nothing really matters, does it? So you may as well go jump off a plane. For fun, of course. Celeste tends to be the loudest in the room and has the loudest laugh. It's one of the first things you notice about her that when she laughs, she laughs. Of course, she'll actually have to find something funny first. She won't force it. If you tell a stupid joke, she might just stare at you (obviously judging you) before moving on. Celeste also has a level of playfulness though that you often never quite know if she's teasing you or being serious. Yes, she can be incredibly bossy but put a drink in her hand? She'll become the biggest jokester in the room. Once, when she was nineteen, she dressed up as her father during his birthday party and went around pretending to be him. It was almost a spot on impression. Almost.


Never in a million years did the Wilshere family think they'd attract so much attention all over Europe for doing something they were so passionate about. Football, along with dueling, has been a part of them for as long as they can remember. Muggle-born matriarch Sienna Wilshere, née Hawkins, hails from a family closely involved with different European football teams, mostly based in the United Kingdom with several key exceptions. On the other hand, Atticus Wilshere is a magical native with a family that carries a long history in the arts of dueling. Expectations ran high for both of them ever since they were born; they needed to do this, be good at that. While Atticus' displays of magic, and consequent acceptance to Hogwarts, put him on the right track, it put Sienna at a disadvantage when compared to her brothers and one sister. Her family was understandably perturbed, and for the years between her manifestation of magic to her leaving for Hogwarts, it affected her training to join the professional leagues once she became of age. This left her embittered, resenting her immediate family for being a hinderance on her professional development. She likewise resented Hogwarts, magic, and wanted nothing to do with it; she purposely flunked on her classes and picked fights, hoping she'd be expelled and could return home to focus on her true passions. Unfortunately, her Headmaster at the time saw right through her, and instead of giving her what she so desperately sought, became an avid supporter. He offered her advice and encouraged her to pursue her dreams while also focusing on her studies; she could make lasting change if she was successful as a football prodigy and a Hogwarts student. Perhaps she could be the key to integrating muggle culture to the wizarding world.

Being so used to living in the limelight, it came as a surprise to Atticus when he realized the attention that would normally be spent on him was being allocated elsewhere: to a muggle-born Gryffindor that hoped to integrate muggle culture with wizarding culture. Hah. He could see her failure coming from a mile away. Detesting this lack of focus on him, he grew to detest Sienna, and often went out of his way to disrupt her peace, throw her off her game when practicing with other muggle-borns, and ensure she failed academically, whether it was by misplacing her books or stealing her assignments. He just knew he needed to get rid of her, he didn't care how. From here, their hateful relationship was born. It was based on pettiness, and from it, came many arguments and hex exchanges. It wasn't uncommon to find one or both of them in the Hospital Wing, nursing wounds delivered by the other. Students often encouraged this behavior, wanting to cause as much riveting drama as possible, whereas professors wanted to put an end to it. Collaborating with their parents, who hated the idea of their children focusing on anything other than their academic success and success in their respective athletic fields, the Potions professor at the time assigned them to be partners for the entirety of their third year. The goal was to get them to work together instead of against each other. They had brilliant minds. They'd be unstoppable, if only they stopped being at each other's throats long enough. During third year, another two things happened: spiteful Sienna made the dueling team, solely to get back at Atticus, and he founded a football club at Hogwarts to revel in the feeling of denying her entry to it. Things were definitely not getting better. Until they did.

Come the end of third year, the sharpness to their arguments and impromptu dueling sessions dulled out. Their competitive streak had dimmed considerably and become a more friendly affair. Where glares once war, confused and nervous glances remained. To anyone that wasn't them, it was clear there were newfound feelings they were struggling to cope with. And struggle they would, until their fifth year. Their friends were tired of seeing them skirt around each other and sleep with others to avoid dealing with how they felt. It was time they worked through their emotions, hence why they devised a plan to get them together: set them up on a blind date, and block off the exits to the restaurant. They'd get together by the end of that evening, yes or yes. Would it work? (It did.) In spite of what everyone thought, though, they weren't that cute power couple everyone suspected they would be. They were toxic. They detested their relationship, and it quickly became an on-and-off thing where talking about their emotions was taboo, they insulted each other constantly, relied on alcohol to drown out the other's voice, and stumbled into the arms of others. What they had was unhealthy, but it wouldn't be for seven months after their blind date that they called it quits - for good, they'd said. After their break up, they went their own ways, their friendship group fell apart, and nothing was ever the same. They both thrived in their own ways during seventh year. Atticus threw himself into dueling, having become captain for Slytherin, and quickly was scouted to play internationally as a UK representative. Sienna devoted herself to football, and ended up graduating already committed to a renowned muggle football club as a forward - the first female to ever play for them, they'd said, and probably the best player to grace their main roster. Take that, Wilshere.

They were both incredibly successful people who, throughout the years, had dated other people and made other friends. They were in each other's pasts, a constant reminder to always be careful with the people you fell into a romantic relationship with. However, this "reminder" went to shit the second they ran into one another at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor one hot summer day. They were instantly attracted to one another, unsurprisingly. They'd always had that fiery chemistry. They were understandably wary of reconnecting, let alone getting back together, but they took things slow. They'd matured significantly, and it showed. They were always communicating about how they felt, they were very respectful, they didn't make backhanded comments or sleep with other people, etc. Together, they made it through a lot: petty exes, disapproving parents, and judgmental fans being just some of these obstacles. At 25, they got engaged. At 27, they had an extravagant ceremony with a stunning reception and killer after-party. They didn't have kids immediately afterwards, though. They felt they still had more to give in their careers. Thus, it wasn't until they were 30 that they started thinking about kids and actually began trying to conceive. After many furniture christenings in several countries, they conceived their firstborn: a beautiful little girl named Erin. After her came Evan, Celeste, Cedric, Duke, Zachary (Zack), Zeke, Briar, and Wyatt. Because it was one kid after the other in such a quick succession (truth be told, only Erin and Celeste were planned; the others were instances where they forgot to use protection), Sienna was forced to quit playing football, though she did continue to work by coaching professional teams, until she began going up the administrative latter. Nowadays, she's president of UEFA, while Atticus trains aspiring duelers/people struggling with magic, and coaches professionally.

Celeste was meant to be the youngest child. That's what was planned anyway. However, her parents were terrible at protection and she ended up being the third eldest child. Celeste has the distinct suspicion that her parents wished she wasn't so close in age to Evan. Between her and Evan, rules were constantly broken and it was whoever could cook up the best story that time that one managed to escape getting caught. However, it was often Evan who won and Celeste often taking the fall. Of course, more often than not she actually did do the crime but still. As a child, Celeste wasn't an easy one. She cried constantly and hated sharing attention and her toys. Not a good thing in such a large family. Easily one of the most headstrong within the family. She also had a habit of being rather violent with stories of her constantly head butting her older brother constantly being brought up. Nothing particularly interesting happened to her as a child growing up. She flocked to sports and was very much her parent's daughter. When she was seven she had her first magical incident. She made Cedric's birthday cake fly into Erin's face because of a silly argument she was having with her. Namely who got the first slice. Neither of her parents knew whether to scold her or throw another party in celebration. They ended up doing both.

She was sorted into --- when she arrived in Hogwarts and Celeste quickly became one of the most popular people in the school. She joined the quidditch team, the dueling club and constantly made a nuisance of herself. It wasn't even the first day when Celeste found herself taking on a fourth year. She won but got a months worth of detention. It was worth it, even when she got a howler from her parents. As the years went by, Celeste became an infamous figure in Hogwarts. Some people despised her. Some people loved her. Depends if she liked you or not. Celeste got into so many fights through the years that her parents gave up in lecturing her and told her that if she got expelled then she had to find somewhere else to stay. Luckily, Celeste never managed to get caught. Considering she had the one of the best grades in the student body and mostly no one told on her, she evaded being in too much trouble. It was when she was thirteen did she realise she was, well, gay. It happened in a game of seven minutes of heaven and she was paired with a girl. Though initially they were just going to talk, one thing happened and the next they were kissing. Or whatever you would consider kissing for thirteen year olds. Though nothing really came from it, it did make her realise she was gay. Celeste told everyone she was friends with. She thought she told her family too but the entire dinner ended up being a dream. Unfortunately, she never realised it was and to this day is still under the impression they know. Somehow it never came up. Not like she's ever dated anyone seriously enough to bring them home.

When she was sixteen, Celeste joined a boxing club. It was recommended to her by a professor who thought it might help curb Celeste's habit to take on every other bully in the school. And the professor was right–Celeste flocked to it. Her time was split between fighting and dueling. The amount of times she came home with a black eye and bruised skin was more than enough to last a life time. During that time, she kept on being friends with the girl from the closet (Esme) and whilst it wasn't anything serious, Celeste knew she harboured a small crush on the Boleyn girl. Too bad she was in a relationship with a d-ckhead. At the beginning of seventh year, the boyfriend tried to make a move on her and Celeste was having none of it. She ended up breaking his wrist on the arm that grabbed her. Celeste was suspended and her friendship with Esme broke apart. Esme believed the boyfriend's story that Celeste was the one to make the move and broke his wrist when he turned her down. Quite frankly, the story was ridiculous. When Celeste came back, people treated her with caution. Most kept their distance and gone were the days of popularity and being queen bee. Celeste didn't care–she never needed to be popular. She never cared if people liked her or not.

After graduation, Celeste continued boxing and dueling, winning tournaments in both sports. However, Celeste started drinking and mucking around with all sorts of things. It was always a strange environment and Celeste fell head first into it. Most of her time was spent making sure no one in her family realised. She made sure she was there for every family dinner. Made sure she was mostly sober during it. She had enough money to move out and so she did. It was easier that way. Life was fine. She just...drank a lot. Got into a lot of bar fights. Got into drugs. It was a fun life. A dangerous life. Celeste was always one to live on the wild side, to look for that next adrenaline hit and it was what everyone else seemed to be doing too. It was only when she was nineteen did she realise she was an absolute mess. It took a trip to St. Mungos for this to happen after drinking too much before a fight and getting her ass absolutely handed to her. Nasty concussion and she probably wouldn't be able to walk again if it wasn't for magic. It was a slap of reality that made Celeste take a look at her life and decided she needed to go down a different path.

Celeste moved back in with her parents, saying that the place she was renting expired and she couldn't find anywhere else. She didn't tell them about St. Mungos. She was only in there for a week or so and only missed one family dinner. Of course, she kept one foot in. Celeste still boxed but this time it was at a different club. A lot safer one. And it wasn't for competitions. She even coached some kids on the side for extra cash. However, after six months, she realised she needed to do something else in her life. That working odd jobs weren't going to cut it, especially with her parents beginning to start asking questions. So she applied to Hogwarts to be a professor because...why not?


Face ClaimJodie Comer
Eye Colour
Hair ColourBrown
Voice TypeMelodic
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim

Family Information

Full Siblings
Half SiblingsN/A
Other Relatives


Significant Other(s)
Best Friend(s)

Name Etymology

Given [ Celeste ]heavenly
Middle [ Clair ]clear
Surname [ Wilshire ]Unknown


Favourite ColourBlood red
Favourite MovieThe Lawyer
Favourite Song
Favourite FoodFish and chips
Favourite DrinkTequila
Likesdueling / boxing / gym / coffee
Dislikesstudying / movies / waiting
First KissLady Esmerelda Boleyn
First CrushLady Esmerelda Boleyn
First LoveNone
First Time
Sports PlayedDueling, boxing, soccer
Instruments PlayedNone
GoalsBecoming a professor
AchievementsWinning tournaments
Biggest HopeNone
Biggest RegretLetting her life become a mess
Best MemoriesWinning a tournament
Worst MemoriesThe suspension
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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